NotOnMap FAQ

Is one NotOnMap Place is only a single house?
No, we are a community based Homestay. So, there are multiple houses that can accommodate various guests at a time. One Homestay can accommodate two guests (in minimum), but the number can rise depending upon the capacity of a house.

Does the host family speak English or any other international languages?
Most of the family NotOnMap Stays are owned and operated by the local villagers, who - mostly - are uneducated. However, the NotOnMap has been providing English classes to the local villagers as a monthly project in the various communities. Now they are at least able to speak Basic English, but for now, they are not able to speak any other international languages.

They can have a normal conversation in English language, welcome you and explain you around their houses and the town as well. In most of the Homestays, the children (school going children) act as a translator between the guest and the host family.

Since I am living with a family, do I have to buy gifts?
Well, a few gifts wouldn't hurt. Pen, or story books for the children, or something related to the kitchen works will make the women of the project, happy. But, it is not mandatory to bring gifts.

Is tipping required?
No, it is not mandatory. However, if you are delighted by the hospitality and experiences from our host family; feel free to delight them with a tip. There are not any minimum requirements for the tipping. You can offer anything to your heart's content.

How can I be a host?
If your Homestay/guest house/resort is a community-based Homestay, or if your community would like to open your doors for the rest of the world as a, you can list your Homestay project on our website by signing up on our host application page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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