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हर गाँव घर है

Find Long Stay ‘Anywhere’ @(Rural India)


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More about NotOnMap Long Stay

  • Hidden Location
  • Shift every week
  • Available Internet*
  • Homely Food (3 thali’’ + 2 Teas)
  • Laundry Service

What else do you need?

Why stay put when you can work on-the-move

  • *additional cost
  • *Item in thali would differ by cost and place
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Why opt for LONG STAYS: ('Ask one! We'll give you many')

  • Work from Home for an extended time.
  • Feasible, flexible, comfortable, and spacious.
  • Contritibe to Restart of tourism

*Long Stay start from minimum of 7 Days

Create a impact in the community

By opting for a long stay you would be helping the people from the villages to have an alternate livelihood in these difficult times. Work all day in isolation or learn a new culinary art from our hosts, Long Stay serves your needs in every way.

Create a impact in the community

Call us now to book your stay +91 844 844 5502

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