Discover Chamba

Discover Chamba

Start from INR 5,000/ Per Person

Nestled on the south bank of the river Ravi, the scenic town of Chamba completes over 1000 years of its existence.From the splendour of its temples to the unspoilt greens of its valley, the place is a treasure- trove for tourists, historians and archaeologists alike.
Discover Chamba itinerary is designed in a way that you are fully immersed in cultural and experiential travel. NotOnMap lives by the concept of Live.Like.Local, and for this very fact,all through the trip, we are living in the village and not in any hotel or resort. We are away from the city light all thought this trip.
This trip is designed over the landscapes of Chamba and hospitality of it local folks. The stays in this trip are authentic NotOnMap places where comfort, culture and healthy living comes into perspective.

Day 1 Relax.Rejuvenate.Refresh

Come to H20 by afternoon and settle down. Witness the architecture of this place, did you know these are 100-year- old houses? Listen to the sound of water flowing under your rooms. Today there is nothing much to do, and we want you to relax from the tiring journey you took. Go walk by the river or the river beyond that, there is a reason why we call our property H20 house. See working of the Garhat(Local Mill) which is our speciality, and you will know about it when you eat the bread at night; you guessed it right it was grounded just below your room. As the evening hits and the colour of the sky fringes away to mellowness, we lit the bonfire and serve the snacks. In between your talk’s, don’t forget to look up and wonder at the stars, millions & millions of them. Sleep in your cottages, and take a good rest, tomorrow we take the NotOnMap experience.

Day 2 The Experience

Get up with the sun or the birds, you wish. Freshen up and greet your host for your morning. Meet Rafi, he is from the gujjar community and here to take you to his house for breakfast. It’s a small hike of 2 km so don’t mind that. Rafi’s house is very rustic and traditional built. Savour some amazing breakfast with he narrates your story about his lifestyle. After the breakfast, Rafi will take you for another hike up the mountains, don’t worry it won't be daunting. After the trek, come back to H20 house and your lunch is set by the river, but wait; first, you have to catch the lunch! Experience angling right across H20 house, and have it grilled across your able. Don’t worry if you not good at it, we will still give you an awesome lunch.
Post lunch, we will take you for a village visit to Saho. There is a beautiful temple devoted to Lord Chandershekhar in the heart of Saho village. Your evening tea will be at a local villager’s house, where you might visit the village kids and they will shoot you with their 1000 questions. It’s dinner time, so come across the river back to H20 house and see your candlelight setup. Enjoy local Himachali food with the sheer pleasant wind and sound of the river. We are sure you will enjoy this day of yours.

Day 3 Leh The Exploration

Say Adieu to H20 house, as we move ahead with NotOnMap exploration. After morning breakfast and basking the sun we move to Watt, a high altitude place with vast biodiversity Jungles. We take a long but simple hike across the amazing landscape of flora and fauna provided by nature. The richness and diversity of our flora can be gauged from the fact that, out of total 45,000 species found in the country as many as spices (7.32%) are reported in the State.
More than 95% of the spices are endemic to Himachal Pradesh and characteristics of Western Himalaya flora, while about 5% (150 spices) are exotic, introduced over the last 150 year. Your guide for today would be Sankhu, an expert in this region and expert in any mountain rather. The lunch will be served in the forest itself and won’t that be lovely? No one to wander across your region, as you are so deep in the forest. After our trek, we move out to least explored the place in Chamba, the Chamera dam. s vast landscape with the blue horizon crossing across your eyes. Calm and yet daunting! This is our so-called sunset point.Enjoy the gushing breeze of the river(dam); tonight we will be a mystic place of NotOnMap called Clay Muse. The ‘Clay Muse’ is an ancestral house which is renovated and rebuilt to give it a beautiful blend of old-world charm and modern comfort. Devoid of urban noise and hustle, this quaint and veiled paradise is enough to soothe a traveller soul like you. We end our day with local Himachali food and folk songs.

Not On Map destination are not crafted but curated from Local Villagers who wants travellers to witness the real Hospitality of the Himachali people. In today’s era of Commercial Homestay, Guest houses and over charged Hotels, Not On Map stays are authentic, genuine and allows you to love directly with the local people.
Our beds might not be comfortable like other Hotels but we made sure the views and the authority of the family make up to it. We might not have modern houses but we make sure that our houses are built with mud and a century old. Cause modernization is not Not On Map friendly and rusticity is the new trend with us.
Our kitchen is not typical ‘Serve the guest’ types but you sit with he local folks and have food in community style. Every Destination we have have different menu based on their local taste and we want you to savour that. Last Not On Map stay are not commercial so our prices are cheap ad traveller friendly.

-NotOnMap stays for all 3 nights.
-All Transport by Non Ac Vehicle (Scorpio or similar vehicle / Tempo Traveller ).
-Local sightseeing to be done in separate costing and car.
-Veg / Non Veg food on entire tour as mentioned in the itinerary.
-Experienced tour escort on tour.

-Service tax as applicable.
-Expenses personal in nature like Mineral Water, Cold Drinks, and Laundry etc.
Cost for extended stays or change in itinerary on account of factors beyond our control (e.g bad weather,civil disturbances,change in flight or rail schedule etc)
-Any Items not mentioned under Cost Includes.

Please note:-

-Team Departures with bookings of less than 5 passengers will be organized on Customized basis.
-Extra person in a room will be provided with Mattress and not bed.

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