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An apartment stay nestled in the lapse of nature
Starts from Rs 499/ Night

A panoramic hill view embellished with fog, a mild breeze kissing your face, vast stretches of lush greenery and melodious chirping of birds are few out of many things you will experience at Birdsong home. Situated on the foothills of Mirik, in Darjeeling ‘Birdsong Home’ is a Homestay that will beckon you with its calmness and solitude, solitude with whom you will fall in love with.
‘Birdsong Home’ being a hillside property with a lovely panoramic view of the Darjeeling hills is oriented in such a way that wherever you are in the property, you are never away from hill view and lush greenery. The apartment stay nestled in orange orchards, tea gardens and jungle in Mirik, Darjeeling will surely accomplish your a reverie of feeling like home in the lapse of nature once in lifetime.

Here at ‘Birdsong home’ they do not have rooms to offer you, instead they offer the whole apartment to you. Yes, Birdsong Home is made with apartment concept. They have three big and luxurious apartments at your service where the only thing you experience is nature and only nature.
The first apartment is named “Terrace apartment”, which has a master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, a twin bedroom, a TV-lounge bed, and a sofa bed. A second bathroom is attached to the large open plan kitchen and living room. The apartment has a day terrace attached to it and can easily accommodate 7-8 people. The kitchen is fully stocked with glasses, a fridge, microwave, kettle and cutlery to cook and eat with. A water filter is attached to the kitchen pipes that are supplied with underground spring water. The wide and spacious rooms and the kitchen with wide windows lets you inhale the fresh breeze throughout the day. The open balcony is provided with table and chairs which overlooks the view of town with floating clouds perfect for tea time.
The second apartment is named “Deck apartment “which is straight out your dreams. The ‘Deck Apartment’ has a master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, a double bedroom with second bathroom in hallway, large living room with extra sofa bed, TV and home theatre system and a private wooden deck with a view.
The apartment opens up to a stunning view of Mirik hills. The apartment is the best place to witness the town’s best sunrise and sunsets with birds chirping from the refreshing orange orchards.
The third apartment i.e. the “Studio Apartment” is like a gateway to heaven. To reach “Studio apartment” one has to walk down 4 flights of stairs to reach the house. Being totally secluded, it is ideal for those who want luxury with serenity and privacy. It has an open plan studio with 1 double bed and 1 single bed, private patio, wooden deck and terraced garden, one family bathroom with WC and shower.
With the full length glass sliding doors along the deck you are you are never away from hill view and lush greenery. The apartment can easily accommodate 4-5 people.
The rooms open up to the bird’s eye view where you can sit for hours and rejuvenate you exhausted soul with freshness and joy.
While living in the apartments at ‘Birdsong Home’ you will feel blessed by the nature as the only thing you see around you is calmness of nature away from the hustle bustle of city life.

Due to a varied mix of culture in Darjeeling, the local or ethnic food here also has a lot of diversity. The original residents of Darjeeling were Lepchas who are still existent. So as expectedly, the local food and beverages in Darjeeling too have had reflections of such diversity.
So, to begin with
In the breakfast they offer variety of western meals like, bread omelets, butter toast and Indian options as well like Poha, Dosa, Paranthas etc. They also have Tibetan cuisines like Momos, Thukpa etc.
The lunch and dinner contains normal home cooked Indian meals like rice, dal, chapati, one or two vegetables or sometimes some non vegetarian dishes as well. The thing that adds taste to it is that it’s fresh and home cooked devoid of any toxicity.
They also do barbeque at times. What’s exciting is that they have an open dining area where they serve their meals to guests. The open dining area faces the mountains and during night it gives the whole view of the town twinkling with lights.

Tranquility is just a byproduct of visiting Mirik, as the tourists rave about how they can’t get enough of the beauty. The well-manicured setting of the Birdsong home beckons all. Nestled between orange orchards, ‘Birdsong Home’ is a quick and refreshing weekend getaway.
Witness whirling trails, picturesque tea plantations, numerous trekking routes, monasteries, river valley and the hilly environs of Mirik. Elevated at a height of 4,905 ft, Mirik’s most alluring feature is the Bokar Monastery, which itself is located over 5,801ft. And if boating is one of your favorite activities, this natural stretch of a lake popular as Sumendu Lake of Mirik is the best place for it. The view of the entirety of Mirik while boating in this lake is quite astounding, and with the climate so pleasing and gentle, enjoying the town becomes even better.
The folks at ‘Birdsong Home’ also organize group tours to Mirik town where they let you experience the beauty of Mirik. The astonishing tea gardens of Mirik are also something to witness. The tea gardens themselves are quite the attraction to tourists and locals alike. If you wish to look at the tea gardens from above, the Tingling View Point is your best source. The village Soureni can be seen from this point, and the pleasant atmosphere of this region is quite satisfying to the mind. Through this point, you can not only get a panoramic vision of the tea gardens, but also view the lake.
And if you have decided to stay back, then also ‘Birdsong Home’ has a variety of activities to keep you going. Wake up to the melodious sounds of various birds with a welcoming sunrise. Indulge in farming activities as they have various fruit trees like kiwi, orange trees in their farm. They also organize set retreat yoga classes.
The Homestay is adorned with stretches of orchards throughout. During the time of full bloom, the oranges are the most adorable feature of this small town. Mirik, being the largest supplier of oranges in West Bengal, the town is filled with numerous such orchards that add to its charm. The picturesque surrounding of the hills and the lake can be prominently witnessed from the orchards of the Homestay, that is, if you’re able to take your eyes away from the oranges that you just can’t help but grab.

‘Birdsong Home’ is located in Pehlagaon in Mirik Busty. So, if you are coming by train, it is a two hour drive from Siliguri Junction railway station.
From Bagdogra Airport, Darjeeling it is a one and half hour drive to the property.
Since, ‘Birdsong Home’ is situated in a remote location, so transportation can be arranged by the host’s and also other essentials for you.

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