The house is surrounded by pine trees providing the coolest and purest air for the health on one side and on the other, enhancing the beauty of the place.
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THE SEMAL HOUSE was constructed in 1935, used as 'Sarai', guest houses in olden times, as the people coming from Lansdowne after trading their goods stayed there for short duration. The house is surrounded by pine trees providing the coolest and purest air for the health on one side and on the other, enhancing the beauty of the place. The place also gives a panoramic view of the beautiful mountains and hills.

To talk about the Semal House – It is the very symbol of “Back to Roots”. There are thick walls made of soil and wood, beautiful old style doors, construction of the house is such that there is no need for air conditioning or other. The house has six rooms. All decorations and articles are the reminder of antiquity. However, modern comforts too are there. One can see the wooden boxes containing beddings, bamboo lamps, antique utensils, and wooden chairs.

The food served is fresh and organic, containing garden fresh vegetables in a very traditional manner. The guest house also provides 'Pahari Thali' consisting of Fanu (Pahari daal), Chensu (Daal), Thichoni (vegetable), Mandoye ki Roti (Best for diabetic patients), Bhang ki Chatni, Dhavdi (Green Vegetable) and Jhangora Kheer (a healthy pudding). So the food has a perfect mingling of taste and health.
Food is prepared on the earthen hearth. There is Chakki, the traditional way of grinding grains. Be ready to have the most authentic and delicious tastes prepared in traditional manners.

'Livelikelocal' is the motto of NotOnMap organization. We are trying to reconnect men nature relation so one can experience living in the lap of nature, otherwise, too many western ideas and ethos have engulfed our lifestyle. To make your experience happy and satisfying there are provisions like Lighting of Diyas in the evening, Bonfire, Sunset point for witnessing beautiful sunsets. Bird homes are made and hung on the trees providing a rich experience of watching the colorful birds. Also enjoying their twittering, chirping and at times shrieking sounds, much more gratifying than the hoots and horns of the traffic in the cities. Pine cones are there to enhance your creativity by decorating and painting them. Picnics too are organized, carrying food in the baskets with radio sets and others to enjoy your day amid nature, experiencing its soothing effect.

You have to reach Lansdowne main square and from there one can take a cab or if have their own car they come to Dhura village where you can find a Signage of 'Dhura Village Home Stay'.

Lansdowne is the perfect weekend getaway as it is the nearest hill station from Delhi. Garhwal Regiment headquarters are located there. It is an army cantonment area, so army market, army school and beautiful cottages of the officers are there. ‘Kasam Parade’ by the new recruits is the site to be seen. Then there is a church, a lake, and other tourist spots.

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