Abode 1000 Acre

Abode 1000 Acre

Near Udaipur

The perfect farmstay for your family, while you love the village life of Rajasthan.
Starts from Rs 449/ Night

How it feels to live in a village?
It is a place where life is gently swirled around, with perpetual ebb and flow of people, scurrying in every direction. The village is a living organic entity, with blood flowing through its veins and with a definite pulse and a heartbeat.
We all have that one fantasy to live a village life once in lifetime. We yearn for that peace, unity, warmth, wholesomeness and most importantly a natural and a beautiful life.
Abode ‘1000’ Acre stay is one such place that has kept the same charm and cordiality of a typical village in their farm.
Lying between Udaipur and Jodhpur, the Bankli village is a small yet rustic Rajasthani village and in those interiors lies ‘Abode 1000 Acre’. The flora and fauna of the surrounding, the natural plantation, the farm and most importantly the scrumptious food is itself an awe inspiring experience of lifetime.
The unique experience of Leopard safari around Jawai Leopard conservation area where the leopards and natives live in harmony with each other, observing various migratory and local birds, going on picnic on a wetland are few out of many experiences one can experience in this rural yet modern village of Rajasthan, which can make your visit to Rajasthan, an indelible one.

Spread in 130 hectare of land, ‘Abode 1000 Acre’ stay is private property which has everything you wish to experience in a village. The property has a 4 room bungalow which does not have those five star facilities but has that rustic and royal charm which signifies the real Rajasthani culture. The rooms are wide and spacious where each room can be shared by 2-3 people at a time and if you are a big happy family then there big hall is room is exactly designed for you where 7-8 people can live at a time.
The rooms are rustic and royal with each room having antique and old paintings, lamps, lights etc. All the rooms have attached washrooms and A.C’s.
The window in each room is designed in such a way, so that you get a complete view of the whole farm and enjoy the renewed breeze of that rural settings and if you sleep with the windows wide open, the fresh breeze during the night can be a pure bliss and yes, if you wish the morning rays of sun to wake you up in the morning, then sleeping near the window side would a perfect idea.
The paint and curtains of the rooms completely compliment their Rajasthani theme and their lighting makes the rooms a complete suite to spend few days in the countryside. The rooftop of the farm is an ideal location to witness that incredible sunset.

Well, they say “There is no love sincerer than the love of food” and ‘Abode 1000 Acre’ stay completely understands the love of food. They are known for their wholesomeness, freshness and taste of food among the best farmstays of Rajasthan.
Out of many reasons, their drooling food is what attracts tourist to this place. They grow fruits in their farm like mango, pomegranate, guava, berries, red date etc and also spices like cumin seeds, sesame seeds, castor oil seeds and even crops like wheat, moong dal and mustard during the winters. Every dish has the lip smacking taste of purity and love with a sprinkle of Rajasthani culture. Of course the dairy products adds to the taste of food.
To begin with,
In the breakfast they offer their farm fresh fruits, juices, bread toast with butter or jam or omelette according to your preference. Their poha and upma are a must try dishes.
The lunch contains authentic Indian food like Kofta curry, veg jaipuri, Jeera aloo, rice/dal, farm fresh salads, pickles etc and the dinner contains those Indian cuisines like papad ki sabzi, Rabodi ki sabzi, vadi mangodi ki sabzi. Yes, of course these cuisines sounds different because these dishes are typically Indigenous Rajasthani cuisines which are nowhere present in the big five stars you dine in.
The homemade dal bati with the garlic and mint chutney is something which cannot expressed in words which is prepared in typical mitti (clay) utensils. The food is purely organic food devoid of any toxicity.
You’ll get to have the famous Indian and Punjabi dishes as well at the homestay but what make them distinctive is their Rajasthani delicacies.
Already drooling over the taste of those cuisines ?
They serve their dinner at their picaresque rooftop with snacks coming in and you enjoying the outdoors of the village at the best farm stay of Rajasthan.

Fill your life with experiences because in the end all you have is memories.
‘Abode 1000 Acre’ has a complete package to offer you as an experience which you can’t even gather after travelling the whole Rajasthan. It has a small yet complete world in it.
Talking about the farm stay, this village farmstay has everything from beautiful pond with ducks, swans, local birds like woodpecker, dairy farm with cows, farm with fruits, various spices to their very own mustard farm.
If you come here in winters ,the lush yellow mustard plantation all over the farm is a real treat to eyes and thanks to DDLJ (Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge), that you can’t stop taking pictures here for hours. You can have the joy of eating the hand plucked fruits from their trees,which you cannot even think of doing it in cities and try milking the cows.
The joy of driving their 25 year old jeep is also an experience in itself. They even have four natural wells. These open wells, are rare to see these days. These wells are the only source of irrigation for their farms which are 100 percent pure and natural water wells. You can also take a stroll over the local village, observe the village life and meet the humble natives who are always happy to receive you.
There is a lot to experience around the area of the farm. The Jawai Leopard Conservation area is in proximity to the farmstay which has many leopards and what’s interesting is that those leopards are so human friendly that the natives and the leopards live in complete harmony with each other in the village area. Going for a leopard safari and having the experience of watching those leopards is something you’ll experience only here.
You can go around to observe variety of migratory and local birds like woodpecker and Kingfisher. There are many natural caves around the area of the farm. This farmstay is among those very few village stays in India where you can live the typical village life with a modern stay.
Going for a Cave excursion in the jeep which is located close by the height of 150 steps is also one the experiences you can have.
Ranakpur Jain Temple is one the wonders of Rajasthan which is known for its marble and stone carving. To see 1444 carved pillars is breathtaking. The temple lies around 60 km from the farm but who wouldn’t love to drive when you get their classic jeep to drive on? The beautiful lakes around the area is also a good sight.
The nights are equally exciting here with the element of thrill. They even provide night farm safari where you can often sport blue bull. Watching its black eyes shining due to attached search light on the jeep can be a new adventure.
Finally, their outdoor dinner at their rooftop with that cool breeze can be the perfect end to the day.

What’s makes this place the best village farmstay in Rajasthan is that even your GPS system cannot locate it because it is nowhere present in the lanes of the map. To reach Abode ‘1000’ Acre you need to get in touch with humans GPs folks at Not On Map. Cheers.

Mr. Sooryavansham, belonged to a family which is rich in culture and history, a pure Rajpur. He has done his studies in tourism only because he was truly connected to it. According to him, if one wants to explore real India then one should and must visit Rajasthan. Keeping this thing in mind he started with a homestay where he can tell people about his Rajputana culture, its heritage and lifestyle. He takes photography tours to different unexplored locations in Rajasthan specially across the tribal area.
He has written thesis on Rabari tribes and takes keen interest in Geology.
He basically believes in sharing his culture with the guest who are coming to them.

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