The Wild

The Wild

Near Jaisalmer

Disconnect, yourself from the life madness. Be in wild, engulf the wild, explore the wild.
Starts from Rs 449/ Night

If you have seen 2007’s Hollywood’s hit movie ‘Into the Wild’, then visiting ‘The Wild’ will give somewhat a related experience like the protagonist, Christopher McCandless.
Walking into the dry biome of Jaisalmer, is like stepping into one of the bizarre locations the actor had undergone during his expedition.
With no life close to 15 Km’s, no internet, no mobile towers and even no source of power, you can actually feel content with isolation from the outer world and witness the thrill of living off the land at this Homestay of Jaisalmer.
Well, who wouldn’t love to disconnect him or her from the world for a while, where there is no boss to boss around, no husband or wife to yell around and no mother who keeps on calling every minute? and to top it all you don’t even need to care about your expenses and your heavy wallet because there is nothing to spend on, at
‘The Wild’, only three huts, few windmills, the desert and you.
At ‘The Wild’ you can meet yourself again, the self who is lost somewhere in the conventional and digital world.
Those mud huts, the temporary isolation from your daily routine, the desert and the picturesque sunsets can be one of the most bizarre and indelible experiences of your life.
This village stay in Rajasthan is among those places that is involved in ecotourism and improving the well-being of the local people.

Even if you haven’t seen ‘Into the Wild’, ‘The Wild’ is still something to experience once in lifetime.
This rural Homestay situated, 21 km away from Jaisalmer has 3 huts falling in the midst of an absolute desert where there is no trace of life or people living around.
In the midst of the desert, the huts made of muds and roofs made of local thatch is like pure bliss. These huts made of clay and mud keeps the temperature favorable according to the weather. Each hut can be shared by two people.
The only source of water is a water tank, no source of electricity but the traditional lamps are always there to guide you through the dark.
Bizarre enough? Let’s move ahead, this place has lot more to offer.

The food they offer is basic Rajasthani authentic food prepared by natives of the village. As the property is an isolation from the village, the food for the guests is brought from the nearby village.
The food contains basic bread toast, omelette, dal/chapati, rice and non-veg dishes on demand and if you have decided to cut yourself from the outer world why not cook yourself ? They have a chulha (stove) in the backyard where you can cook your meals yourself.

You will surely not regret spending few days at ‘The Wild’ as the serene silence, those tall windmills and the desert is something, your soul requires to give your hectic life a break for a while.
Look as far as you can, there is no trace of life around 5 km’s. Be yourself to the fullest as their no one to search for you. You can even shout as loud as you can and listen to your own echoes in the core of the sand at this Homestay in Rajasthan.
After enjoying the perks of being alone in the desert you still have a lot more to experience at this place. A visit to desert is worthless without a desert safari. Take a stroll of the nearby land on a camel or spend your hushed afternoons thinking something profound while observing those tall windmills, reading a book or even writing.
Who knows you may come out with some interesting piece of writing at the end of your trip ! and finally how could you miss that incredible sunset which you longed to witness in city life?
The nights can be equally serene and enjoyable at the same time. You can witness the clear sky with a bonfire . The shining sand is something to see during the nights.
Visiting The ‘Wild’ once in a lifetime can be daunting thing but it can surely turn out to be the best of your travelling expeditions of your life, which you will not stop bragging about when you turn into your 80’s.

This is a Not On Map isolated place 15 km's from Jaisalmer. It would be hard for you to find this place and locate it over GPS, so NotOnMap team shall guide you till there, once you book it.

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