Reclamation Stay

Reclamation Stay

Near Jaisalmer

What will you do when there is no cellular network, No wifi, no electricity. Only thing you have is life, few good friends and vastness of Solitude.
Starts from Rs 449/ Night

The variety of destination of NotOnMap, Rajasthan are awe inspiring. Definitely, the most colorful state, Rajasthan has historic cities and forts scattered all over the vast Thar desert. But what after visiting those historical monuments right from smaller palaces to sprawling multi-layered palaces filled with tourist crowd?
What if you still your hippie soul wants to rest for a while after exploring all those eminent destinations?
Then, ‘Reclamation Stay’ is one such place you are searching for. The place is as interesting as its name which will surely satiate your wandering soul which is always in search of something unseen and unexplored. Situated in the midst of Thar desert, with no population around 5 Km, ‘Reclamation Stay’, you can actually feel content with isolation from the outer world and witness the thrill of living off the land.
At ‘Reclamation Stay’, you can meet yourself again, the self who is lost somewhere in the conventional and digital world. Those mud huts, few books, a beautiful green plantation in the dry land, sleeping under the sky, visiting the nearby gypsy village can be one of the indelible experiences of your life at this rural farmstay.

‘Reclamation Stay’ is a farm stay located 35 km from Jaisalmer which has 5 huts falling in the midst of an absolute desert where there is no trace of population around 5 km’s.
Each hut can be shared by 2-3 people and the these huts In the midst of desert the made of clay and mud is a pure bliss which keeps the rooms favorable according to the weather with a common washroom for all the huts.
Since, it’s a no fancy resort or a bungalow, therefore the simple settings provide you all the freedom to be yourself and when you are living like a hippie nomad for few days, why not sleep under the sky, gazing the stars throughout night? or sleep in your own tent in the sand and feel like home away from home.

The food they serve is the basic Indian plus authentic dishes making the best use of their resources.
In such a solitude and a rough land, it’s a daunting task to grow plants and other crops, so the hosts have managed to grow few vegetables using the organic manure prepared from human waste. From their organic farming they are successful in growing vegetables and fruits which have more water content like cucumber, pumpkin and watermelon. Therefore, the food served is purely organic food. Since ,water scarcity is the major problem in a desert ,therefore they have resolved to make proper use of water by rain water harvesting which is used for irrigation of their plants and other household activities.
The food they offer is basic like butter toast or omelet, dal ice, few traditional Rajasthani cuisines. The meals are prepared in fire on a chullah (oven) and if you want to eat more traditionally made local Rajasthani cuisines, you can visit the local village to have meals with the local villagers.

You will surely not regret spending few days at this NotOnMap farmstay as the serene silence, authenticity of the place and the desert is something your soul requires to give your hectic life a break for a while.
There is lot more to explore around the vicinity of the farmstay. There is Gypsy village near the farm with a lot of nomadic population where you can know about their hippie culture, their dance form and other entertainment.
Spend time with the natives and enjoy the local cuisines they offer, interact with them, enjoy their famous “Kalbelia” dance and folklore which can be the best things to do in Jaisalmer. An ancient shiva temple around the area is also a sight which unexplored by tourists. The peacocks around the area add to the beauty to the place. During the evening you can visit the nearby sand dunes to witness the intriguing sunset in their own Jeep or go for visit to local craftsman and weavers and see how they work on those traditional weaving machine to prepare clothes and if you plan to stay back, the serene and silent surrounding is perfect to read a book or write or explore the musician in you while playing some of the music instruments they have in their home stay.
The nights can be equally pleasant where you can even plan to party like a village gypsy, in the midst of the desert area or just enjoy the night sky around a campfire and enjoy the music and karaoke nights with friends.
‘Reclamation Stay’ is one of the best places in Jaipur which you will surely not find anywhere on map or internet. This is the reason this place is still raw ,away from all the commercial tourist spots and promoting ecotourism.

‘Reclamation Stay’ is 40 Km away from Jaisalmer and a pure no GPS location. Once you have decided to stay in such rawness, we will guide you all the way to this isolated place called ‘The Reclamation Stay’.

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