Lost Civilization

Lost Civilization

Near Jaisalmer

Get lost for no reason.
Starts from Rs 449/ Night

Do you remember your grandparents and great grandparents recalling the stories of their times ?
The time when life was much simple, stress free, less demands, they were content with less resources, where there was no source of electricity entertainment, television and of course no mobile phones. Their life had distraction free routines and no technological advances. They used to recall their past not because they were against progress, but they valued the importance of that time where everyone was content with what they had and where they lived.
It is near to impossible to live that kind of life in present era even in those villages of our country.
But what if we say that, there is still a place where you can go back to 200 years?
Obviously, there’s no such time machine that is going to take you back to our ancestors but there is place called ‘Lost Civilization’ situated at a distance of 21 Km from Jaisalmer, which can provide somewhat similar experience.
With no life close to 20 km’s, no internet,no mobile towers and even no source of electricity you can actually feel content with isolation from the outer world and close to nature.
Only a few huts, the farm, the desert and you.
At this rural farmstay there is not so much to do around but the typical village feels, where life is still sound and slow without all the comforts and luxuries of life, is a perfect isolation from our conventional and digital world for a while.
Living so close to nature in hassle free surroundings, devoid of technology and using only natural resources for survival without any luxury can give us the glimpse of living like our ancestors.
But if you are expecting luxury, fine dine treatment at this location, then this place is surely not your taste. Living in natural resources is all they have to offer. This quaint little place makes us feel so close to nature and makes us realize about our rich indigenous traditional culture which is still alive in these village stays of India.

Lost Civilization stay is a property situated in the midst of a desert where there is no population and life around 20 km’s.
The property has 5 huts and a spacious kitchen hut, each of the hut can accommodate 4 people at max. Out of 5 huts, 3 of them have attached washrooms.
There is a special concept in construction of their bathrooms. The roof of all the washrooms is open. There is a belief in the rural settings that the a body require equal amount of air and light while taking bath for complete rejuvenation of body and soul. The beds inside the huts are made of metal and stone which are more comfortable than the beds we have in our modern houses. The construction of these rooms is completely eco - friendly, where the rooms are made of a mixture of cow dung and clay. The roofs are made by using local grass.
The meals are prepared in wooden stove in their own restaurant, which is also like small cottage with one kitchen, living room and dining room. The large seating area around the kitchen itself offer to dine or just have chai (tea) and chat.
Since,there is no source of electricity therefore oil lamps, solar lamps are there to guide you through the dark during nights and when you are in village, don’t expect those luxury shower treatment. Take a bucket of water from their self constructed well for bathing. Yes, they have their own made well,which is used to store rain water. This well becomes the source of irrigation and other activities for the rest of the year.

The food they serve is the authentic Indian food from the region and additional own style of cooking and making the best use of their resources they have constructed a small underground oven outside their kitchen area where they bake their own fresh bread. The incredible experience of eating those freshly baked bread is a bliss in the midst of desert. To prepare the bread, they bake the dough and keep it overnight in their oven and then cover the oven in hot sand.
Exciting enough?
Along with their own baked bread they produce homemade noodles and pasta and most of the meals they serve are organic from their farm fresh vegetables and dairy products.
In the breakfast, you’ll be served with their own baked bread, cookies along with omelet ,butter, parantha, yogurt, coffee and remember these are from their own diary? They have goats and buffalo in their farm which produce an abundance of diary.
In the lunch, they offer dishes like mix veg, dal ice, pasta or noodles and other seasonal vegetables which are grown in their farm.
They often serve mostly veg dishes as there are variety of vegetables and crops in their farm so they don’t feel the urge to serve non-veg cuisines, but if you still wish to have chicken or mutton, they are always happy to serve them their best of your choice.
The dinner time mostly contains bajra chapatis which is a symbol of rajasthani food and of course a sweet dish in the end of your meal is the perfect end to the day which contains their local sweet dish with chapati or kheer or halwa.
Drooling, isn’t it?
But what adds to the taste of every meal is that everything is prepared in their wooden chulha (stove) as they do not have modern gas system.

Staying in such a remote corner of India which is obviously nowhere in the lanes of the map is itself an experience. Living in such a rural farmstay where you can listen to the inner “you” in such a tranquility, living in the nature where the only sound you’ll listen is the sound of birds and animals. Lying in one of the remote areas of Rajasthan “Lost Civilization” stay will give you every touch of typical village stay.
While enjoying the rustic charm of the village one can return to nature where everything is still raw and untainted. This place has been successful in maintaining its originality with the available resources. Cooking food in fire, baking in their own underground oven, preserving rainwater in their self constructed well are some of the factors that makes this place one of the best farm stays in Rajasthan With no fancy facilities, what attracts you at this place is its rustic charm.
You can spend your days here while exploring the nature of the “Thar desert” in your own camel, visit the villages in the vicinity and rest in the shadow of trees lying in the cot while having tea. There are also many sand dunes in the surrounding areas of the farm which has variety of stones of various prints and patterns and even sea shells.
Yes, you heard right.
There are sea shells in this enigmatic desert which was once said to be a lake centuries ago.
Collecting different shapes of stones and seashells is a great expedition, experience and showing it to your friends in the city would be really amazing. Spend your evenings in those relaxed dunes and witness the incredible sunset or spend those silent evenings reading a book or writing under the shade of the tree at this NotOnMap farmstay. Sometimes, spending few days without regular facilities and frills, living the kind of life our ancestors used to live and using only natural resources for survival is necessary to make us realize the true worth of our nature and to unite us with our own self, who is wandering in the escapism of the modern city lives.

“Lost Civilization” stay is one of those NotOnMap locations which is not present on the map. Away from the fumes of Rajasthan, the farm is situated 21 km far in the south-west of Jaisalmer. NotOnMap guides you will there once you go ahead with the booking.

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