Dreamtime Bungalows

Dreamtime Bungalows

Near Jaisalmer

Live beside the most haunted village in the world and explore the ruins of an old forgotten place.
Starts from Rs 449/ Night

Kuldhara, the ancient and abandoned village in Jaisalmer has stories to deliberate . It is said to be one of the most haunted places in India where people love to visit. But, behind the Kuldhara village, there lies a unique and majestic complex of ‘Dreamtime Bungalows’. Located about 18 km west of Jaisalmer, the homestay is a pure bliss, tranquil and a perfect terminal to know the real Rajasthan.
The ‘Dreamtime Bungalows’ falling in the interiors of Rajasthan is one such place that is away from hustle and bustle of the city, full of tourist and crowd, waning the real colors of desert. This place exposes you with the extreme sand dunes which are still untouched from human hands and the real indigenous culture of Rajasthan. The traditionally constructed rooms, with hammock and cots in the courtyard is a perfect setting to give you a feeling of village stay which everyone wishes to live once in a lifetime.
The Bungalow has everything you wish for spending few days, to fulfil your quest to explore the village life of real Rajasthan. This rural farmstay has everything you wish to experience in a village. From their hospitality to the rustic mud houses everything has a perfect blend of culture and folklore.
With variety of flora and fauna around the area of ‘Dreamtime Bungalows’ there is no chance that you’ll feel bored and miss your city life.
The place has variety of Oasis, beautiful peacocks and the famous Kuldhara Heritage Village. They say there are thousand years old fossils and a well which is 150 steps down. The beautiful oasis and sand dunes around this area are still undiscovered by tourists.

You’ll get to experience the real village feel of typical Rajasthan, the moment you enter ‘Dreamtime Bungalows’. There is no proper road to this property, walk on the sand and enter the dream like ‘Dreamtime Bungalows’.
The property has 9 cottages, each with separate washroom and a small verandah (balcony).
These cottages are constructed specially to suit the hot weather of Jaisalmer.
Made of mud and clay, the roof of these cottages is made using local thatch which remain cool during the scorching summers and warm during the winters.
In the Verandah, a hammock made of local wood and threads is a real pleasure to spend your relaxed afternoons lying in it. Around the Verandah area there are variety of shady trees, so that taking a leisure naps in your hammock during the afternoons is hassle free.
Each cottage is constructed keeping in mind the privacy of its guests. Therefore, there is around 70-80 feet difference between two cottages where there is no one to intrude into your privacy.

We all know that food is a fine art form in Rajasthan.
Rajasthanis love their food and it is evident in their preparations. They have all the facilities in their resort to make your stay worthwhile. From traditional lip-smacking authentic Rajasthani food to the continental delicacies they have it all in their restaurant. Yes, you heard it right. They have their own restaurant where they prepare all the meals in the special choolaah (stove) made with clay with wooden fire. The food served is purely Organic.
In the breakfast, they offer omelette, toast, butter, paratha ,honey, yogurt and of course everything is from their own dairy farm.
The lunch contains drooling dishes like Kaju curry, Paneer curry, dal ice, mix vegetable, rajma and their chefs are always there in your service. Order any item and they will present it an hour.
That’s not all, if any time of the day, your gluttony hits you, then their menu is always up. From different shakes, juices to fruit chart, they have everything. If you a non-vegetarian and wish to have special non vegetarian cuisines then don’t hesitate them to order a few hours early.
What will make your nights special here is there barbeque dinners, where you can chill under the stars and enjoy those scrumptious barbeque grills and if you love your privacy that much why not cook your meals yourself?

We often yearn for privacy and pause from our urban lives and this place is exactly the place you fantasized where you could spend days with self in countryside. Away from the city fumes, this place is ideal to explore the real unexplored Rajasthan and going for those expeditions which you cannot even think, if you join the crowd of tourists in Jaipur and Jaisalmer.
There is a lot to explore in the surrounding area of ‘Dreamtime Bungalows’ where even a month will not be enough to completely explore it. Exploring about the unexplored Rajasthan can be one of the best things to do in Jaisalmer. The Heritage Kuldhara village, the hidden facts about it and how it got abandoned are one of the ancient stories in the history of Rajasthan.
An ancient well which is 150 steps down is said to have lot of haunted and interesting stories. The beautiful oasis and sand dunes around this area are still undiscovered by tourists. Those lakes and rivers which is a clear contrast to that harsh desert, is something you’ll witness only here. The beautiful peacocks around the lake area adds to its splendor.
But if you are not an adventurous soul, then also this place ideal to tranquil your swish soul.
Here at ‘Dreamtime Bungalows’, days will flow doing nothing because sometimes doing nothing is all you need.
Spend your afternoons reading books or writing while lying in your hammock under the shade of trees or cooking meals for self or just enjoy the hospitality of ‘Dreamtime Bungalows’ folks by enjoying their drooling meals and if by any chance you feel bored, don’t hesitate to take their motorbike and go for a stroll of the village. The camel Safari to the picturesque sand dunes and witnessing the magnificent sunset is also an option can be the best thing to do at this rural farmstay. Hence, 'Dreamtime Bungalows’ is one of those village stays in India that are rustic and unexplored with thousand of stories hidden and unheard.

The 'Dreamtime Bungalows' lies 18 km from Jaisalmer. Take a bus or a cab from Jaisalmer and just when you reach behind the Kuldhara village you’ll see sign of Not On Map board welcoming you to their paradise. Easy enough?
So why not plan your next vacation to live your dream once in The 'Dreamtime Bungalows'.
Happy travelling !!!

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