The Liberation

The Liberation

Near Jaipur

Live the purest of village life in 100 acre Organic Farm.
Starts from Rs 1500/ Night

Jaipur known as the ‘Gulabi City’ (Pink City) is India’s one of the most colorful cities. The exquisite architecture, the hilltop forts, the royal culture, massive gardens and courtyards makes the capital city the gateway to India’s most vibrant city. But, few km’s away midst of eminence and glow there lies “Green Oasis” of Rajasthan in a place called ‘The Liberation’.
‘The Liberation’ lies in a small village called Maheshpura which falls in the outskirts of Jaipur.
Spread in 18 hectares of land, “The Liberation” is home to Organic Farming and a rich rural life.
Away from conurbation and fumes of the city, this rural farmstay has been able to preserve its natural charm and make best use of its resources. From lush green forests to rustic mud houses, one can completely embrace the organic way of life at ‘The Liberation’.
At ‘The Liberation’ lot of crops and vegetables are been sewed all year around. This place has 1800 Amla trees. You can Volunteer here to learn framing basics, like learning how to make manure, how to sew, how to pluck the tree’s etc.
Spend your serene mornings listening to the sounds of hundreds of birds, engage in farming, cooking, reading or interacting with locals during your afternoons and enjoy campfire or just lay there and witness the halted time at “The Liberation”.

While spending your days at ‘The Liberation’, you will feel every touch of typical village life. The place is mostly built with mud and cow dung, as it helps in temperature fluctuation, one common intimation to Rajasthan. The roof is made of local thatch which is not something you will see there as it’s really difficult to make these days, cause most of the raw material required to make this is hard to find.
The beds have been made by the local artisans in the traditional style and to top it all even the swimming pool which is an eye pleaser, situated in sea of green is cleaned and maintained by organic methods and if you wish the tranquil raze of morning sun to wake you up ,why not sleep under the sky?
The rooms of the cottage are constructed with love and care keeping in mind the style befitting the environment of organic farming. The rooms stay cool even in very harsh summers and remain warm in severe winters. Each room has been constructed in conformity with the nature even the furniture provided to the guests and volunteers is not polished by chemical paints and varnishes, it is processed by the old theory followed from the olden times in Rajasthan using organic oils and stuff found naturally. Rural mud huts with attached bathrooms with solar lighting is also available where you can even charge your digital equipment. Independent mud cottages are there for those who seek isolation.
There are dormitory style cottages who allows budget seekers and volunteers likewise. All the stay, be it private cottage or dormitory, are nearby at ‘The Liberation’ we believe in a community life.

Here at ‘The Liberation’ one can return to nature where everything is still untainted and raw.
Since, ‘The Liberation’ has totally adopted organic way of life, the food served is purely organic food everything from their organic farm and dairy.
Biodynamic preparations are used for improving the fertility of the soil and for growth promotion. The folks at the ‘Liberation’ are doing ecotourism that is making a positive impact on the surrounding including land and people.
You can experience the taste of fresh raw milk of cow, the taste which is nowhere in the packaged milk. Here at ‘The Liberation’, everything is grown in their own farms like bajra, chana, wheat, methi ,amla, peas and even peanuts making it the best farmstay of Jaipur. The taste of real Rajasthani cuisines can be experienced here with the perfect blend of culture and purity.
In the breakfast they provide Bajre /chane ki roti , and trust us nothing in the world can beat Bajre ki roti with the home made curd and ghee as they have their own dairy-cows & goats.
The lunch contains Dal rice/chapati, sabzi and in the dinner you may be offered with typical rajasthani cuisines which are not at all present in the five stars we all prefer for our fine dines but they will be the traditional cuisines which are known by the inhabitants of the village only.
What else?
How about preparing your meals yourself?
The ‘Liberation’ provides the facility of preparing meals yourself as they have separate kitchens in each of the cottage. Guests can prepare their own food with the help of the local staff, so that they can learn finer points about the local cuisine and learn their skills, basically having good time with natural habitat thrown in.
You can even spend your evenings “We hours” with friends and family while having special organic tea from their sister plantation in Assam and enjoy their farm’s peanuts. You can spend a perfect week or even more at this homestay in Pink city, Jaipur, tasting the authentic cuisines prepared by warm and caring natives.

‘The Liberation’ can reminisce one of the rural village life which one dreams of experiencing once in lifetime where the neighbours are like family, meals are prepared by using all farm crops and plants, where there is no city pollution and hustle and humble natives. At this village stay of india, you can feel close to nature while contributing your bit to it.
Start your day with the welcoming sun, listening to the chirping of various birds. You can witness variety of birds here like woodpecker, cuckoo and many more. They even have bird nests to invite owls who are keeping rat population under control.
Spend your day practicing organic farming, Watering, jutting, maneuvering and pesticide spray, engage with the local farmers and learn Biodynamic preparations used for improving the fertility of the soil and for growth promotion.
Help in dairy activities like milking the cows, collecting cow dung, help in feeding the cows and goats etc.
You can even plant a tree on your own name and feel the joy of it growing each day.
The tranquil environment of the village is perfect for reading and writing.
What adds to the beauty of ‘The Liberation’ is their organically maintained Swimming pool with Neem (Azadirachta indica) leaves. What a heavenly feeling would it be to float in water mixed with neem leaves.
This place is also a perfect destination for fitness freaks. Spend your serene evenings meditating and doing yoga as they provide Yoga classes on demand.
Go on a visit
ari riding on a camel or explore the village life and interact with humble natives on your bicycle.
Yes, they do provide bicycles as well. After a heck of day, the nights can be equally exciting. Enjoy the evening entertainment by locals around a bonfire and witness the clear sky and beauty of night.
The best time to visit “The Liberation” is between December to March as most of vegetation is done during this period and no place is better than Jaipur for spending your winters.

‘The Liberation’ is situated 22.5 km from Jaipur and main situated off national highway no.11 (Sikar Road). This a NotOnMap location, so we urge you to reach out to us after you go ahead with the booking.

Mr. Ashok Dhariwal, who had roots with farming since the time he was born came to Jaipur with a passion for making new crops grow on the barren desert of Rajasthan. Surrounded by 1000 of acres of tree gardens this farm stay is one of kind stay. Ashok thought to never charge for stay or food but allow quality people to come and learn the art of farming .

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