The Innovation House

The Innovation House

Near Jaipur

Live the culture of typically Rajasthani Village right here.
Starts from Rs 1200/ Night

‘The guest is equivalent to God’.
This line epitomizes the true spirit of the people of Rajasthan who in spite of being proud of their lineage and cultural heritage welcome to their city with an equal amount of humility and love. “The Innovation House stay” is continuing this legacy of being excellent hosts. ‘The Innovation house’ is the best farm stay in Jaipur.
It lies in the village of Katrathal located in the east of Sikar City in Rajasthan.
If you want to experience the real Incredible India, then ‘The Innovation House stay’ is the perfect choice for it.
Here you can practice the complete home like feeling in the rural village setting which is like a home away from home.’The Innovation House’ stay has completely embraced the organic way of life. This modern yet traditional place has made cow as their basis of life. Their animals like cows and horse have immense value in their life. For them bhakti (devotion) is the synonym for cow and shakti (strength) is the synonym for horse in Indian culture and with the contribution of them,they are blessed with a healthy and prosperous life.
From their rooms to their food everything has an organic touch. They are particular about making use of natural and healthy products in their lifestyle. This quaint little village stay in Pink city, Jaipur makes us feel so close to nature and makes us realize about our rich indigenous culture, which is still alive in these village stays of India.
Everything here ,from the walls plastered with cow dung, the cow urine used for making bacteria free surroundings, solar energy resources and accommodations complementing the weather and nature has been constructed ,expressly keeping our mental and physical health in mind.
You can spend your days exploring the village life of Katrathal and exploring the surrounding historical palaces and temples Like Ghatu Shyam temple, Shakambari temple various forts with architectural paintings carved in it and of course the desert safari. To top it all you can learn horse riding as well at “The Innovation stay” which can be one of the best things to do in Jaipur.

The guests to ‘The Innovation House stay’
are not mere tourist, they are treated as kinfolks only.
To meet the comfort of guest they have constructed the home stay according to the inclination of their guests.
Every room is different in its own way.
Some are made of using raw slabs of their own chimneys, some are made of using wood of their own forests while others are made of using cow dung instead of cement on walls and the floors and Vedic cement in which there is no trace of modern cement. The roofs are made using local thatch.
‘The Innovation House’ has 11 rooms all different of one another and one big hall.
As every room is different in its own way ,therefore some rooms have attached washrooms while others have not. Every room is constructed to meet the comfort of their guests and every room has its own specialty.
You’ll get every type of room here from wooden rooms, rooms made of slabs of own chimneys to rooms made of using cow dung instead of using cement. In the local language these rooms are called ‘Jhoopdas’ .
Few rooms have attached washrooms while others are without attached washrooms according to the comfort of guests. Few rooms have the facility of A.C while in the other rooms have only fans, coolers as the rooms are made of special clay, woods and cow dung, the temperature of the room remain favorable to the weather and we bet you, you’ll need a blanket while sleeping in the night, because the rooms turn extremely cold during the nights.
There is an ayurvedic theory behind construction of each room.
All the rooms stay cool in the summers and warm in winters. According to people of “The Innovation House”, the Vedic cement used in the construction of one of the rooms is free of all toxicity, the other room is made of pure wood of the farm which has medicinal qualities. The fragrance coming from these woods is believed to heal the body and soul with purity.
You know what is special about this room? Can you recall those special glasses used in five stars where you have the advantage of peeping out your window but the outsider does not?
Yes, this room has the same concept but not the same glass. The construction of the room is in such a way, that you can feel the cool breeze from outside and peep out the outer world from those small spaces of the wood sticks.
There is even a special concept about there washrooms. The roof of all the washrooms is open. There is a belief in Indian mythology that a human body requires air and sunlight while taking shower for complete rejuvenation of body and soul. This is the reason why people in the west spend hours sunbathing during day time at seaside.
Already daydreaming about the how great is this place? There is a lot more to know about this place.

Food is what makes ‘The Innovation House’ distinctive.
If you want to taste real home cooked and drooling Rajasthani delicacies then you should definitely visit this place.
The home cooked authentic food where everything is straight from their farm and dairy, cooked in mouth watering traditional style. There special indigenous kitchen is made using cow dung as cow has a religious significance in Indian culture and ,where every meal is cooked in ‘mitti ke bartan’ (utensils made of clay) ,the taste of whom is on the other level.
Their kitchen is called “Laxmi Ghar” ,the name after goddess “Laxmi”. Here at “The Innovation House”, they have everything grown in their own farm. From wheat to all vegetables, from nuts like almonds ,cashews, coconut and even Chandan.
To begin with,
In the breakfast, they offer Poha, Sprouts with pomegranate and to top it all Bajre ki roti with homemade butter and curd which is full of protein and fibre. The buttermilk in the end of your breakfast made of the cow milk is enough to complete your meal.
The lunch contains Rajasthani Kadhi, pulao, dal and fresh salad from their farm. Don’t forget to put ghee on your dal.
If you have a habit of snacking in the evening then they have homemade Besan pakoras ,bread pakoras to offer with tea. Like everything, besan is also home grown.
What makes it different from other kitchens is the food here is made in traditional choolaah (stove), which adds to the scrumptious taste of food and served in traditional style. They do not have those fancy dining halls; instead the food is served with love and care while sitting on the floor.

No five star hotels can satiate your wish to experience the real Rajasthan which “The Innovation House” can. From organic farming to learning horse riding you can experience everything here.
‘The Innovation House’ has been recognized for the organic farming practices throughout Rajasthan.
Their organic farming practices attracts farmers and tourists from all over the country. So, why not learn few farming tricks from the place for which people long to come?
Here You can learn various farm tasks and learn about organic methods of farming, interact with village artisans to understand and participate in craft activities liken pottery, bangle work, dyeing, weaving and woodwork, learn to make traditional delicacies from the locals, learn horse riding and camel Safari. Their ecotourism practices are benefiting both the land and people.
Wake up early in the morning to welcome the colorful sunrise , go for a morning walk in that fresh morning breeze away from city hustle and when you return back the farm fresh cow milk is all ready for you.
That’s not all, you can even do yoga here as they arrange yoga classes on demand.
Take a trip through the village in a camel cart or camel safari or try horse riding. Katrathal has history which dates back to 400 years and can be witnessed through historical monuments in and around the village. Even a month in Katrathal is not enough as the place has so much to offer.
You can visit the old monuments to harsh hills, the second highest mountain peak in Rajasthan, haveli’s with ancient paintings in it and also temples like Ghatu shyam temple and Sakambri temple. There are even many sand dunes in the desert area of the village which are known for its beauty. It’s picturesque beauty during sunsets is something to notice. In a period of few days, you will develop a bond with all the family members of The “Innovation House”, which makes the place even warmer.

Village Katrathal is situated on the eastern fringe of the Sikar town on Sikar- Jhunjunu Highway in the state of Rajasthan. There are minute to minute bus service from Jaipur to Katrathal, from where the folks from The ‘Innovation House’ picks you up for the house in their car.

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