Mud, Desert & Life

Mud, Desert & Life

Near Bikaner

Mud houses, dunes and a quiet life.
Starts from Rs 449/ Night

‘Kesariya Balam Padharo Mhare Desh’ (Welcome to my Land).
The word rings out from the desert and palaces of Rajasthan . It means ‘welcome’, welcome to a land famous for its chivalry and its etiquette and even more for its spirituality and when it comes to Rajasthan, Bikaner deserves a special mention.
Known as the “Camel Country”, Bikaner is home to world’s best riding camels , breeding farms as well as known for having its own unique temple dedicated to Karni Mata at Deshnok called the Rats Temple.
Away from city’s throng, if you want to enjoy the real camel safari scene and wish not be treated like a tourist, then ‘Mud, Desert & Life stay’ is a complete package for you. ‘Mud, Desert & Life’ lies in the village called Raiser in Bikaner. A visit to Rajasthan is partial without a camel safari. Therefore, ‘Mud, Desert & Life’ is at 24*7 services to provide you the best camel safari experience of your lifetime.
Starting from village camel safari tour to enjoying the mesmerizing sunsets and entertaining evenings filled with dance and music, this place is enough to give you the real flavor of Rajasthan.

Nothing can hoard one from the scorching heat of Rajasthan. But what if you get a chance to stay at mud houses where there is no need of A.C ? Yes, ‘Mud, Desert & Life’ also provides mud houses and tent accommodation.
They have 5 huts and 4 tent accommodation for the guest who plan to stay after the Camel safari.
The rooms stay cool during the summers and warm during winters and the roof of the huts is made using local wood which helps in regulating the temperature of the rooms.
The tent accommodation is also available; each tent can be shared by two people at a time.
They even have provision of solar light which helps a lot when there is no power in the village.
There is also availability of separate kitchen with each room, if you wish to cook your food yourself and if anyone wishes to cook non –veg of their own, they have special chullah (stove made of clay) in the backyard.

One of the most prominent features of Indian culture and hospitality are sweets and whom else can be better hosts than the Rajasthani folks. It has always been customary in Rajasthani culture to welcome their guests with sweets and who does not know about the drooling World Famous Bikaneri sweets? Also how can we forget about the famous Bikaneri Namkeen (snack) which is famous for its delicious taste and quality throughout the country? Here at ‘Mud, Desert & Life’, you can experience the real Rajasthani culture from their huts to their food.
Enjoy the Rajasthani special Poha, Jam toast, egg toast, Paranthe, tea, coffee in the breakfast. In the lunch they offer Dal ice, Rajasthani ke sangria achar (pickle), Raj Besan, gatta, Tawa roti (Indian bread) under the shed of trees.
In the tea time they offer the Bikaneri bhujia, Rajasthani sweets along with tea or coffee.
The nights are even pleasant with special dinner and entertainment. In the dinner, they offer vegetable,dal ,salad, chapatti and ker sangri on demand. Enjoy the local folk dance and songs while enjoying your dinner.

When in Rajasthan, Why ride a car or jeep when you can have the joy of taking a ride on camel.
‘Mud, Desert & Life’ gives you the true joy of Camel Safari.
Start your day by grabbing appetizing breakfast offered by us and then start the village tour in the camel safari which is way better than overpriced camel safari’s offered in Jaisalmer. You can even witness various desert animals on the way like Fox, nilgai etc, small sand dunes on the way, explore the photographer in you, interact with the natives and enjoy the sunsets of desert.
The nights are equally pleasant where you can enjoy the traditional Rajasthani folklore performances around a Bonfire along with a scrumptious dinner with a blend of culture and love. After the dinner you can take a stroll of the nearby village area and enjoy the beauty of night . Hence, ‘Mud, Desert & Life’ is the perfect destination to spend your diwali and Christmas vacations as the temperature is most favorable between October to December in Rajasthan.

Reaching ‘Mud, Desert & Life’ is simple. You can enjoy driving on long and smooth highways by preferring to bring your own car.
The village Raiser lies 18 km from Bikaner, where you can easily guided by the ‘Mud, Desert & Life’ folks till the destination..
Coming by Train? We have even better provisions for it. If you are coming by train, then we provide a pick and drop facility included in your package which is quite affordable.

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