Nagaland Innovation Centre

Nagaland Innovation Centre

Nagaland is easily among the best untouched places in all of the country.
Starts from Rs 2000/ Night

Located in the interiors of Nagaland, Farmer Innovation Center by Better Life Foundation and NotOnMap is a genuine effort to provide training for farmers to help them earn an alternative livelihood income and learn the ways of sustainable living.
The whole concept of building this idea was initiated by NotOnMap with Better Life Foundation and is totally crowdfunded.
Among the living indigeneous tribes are the Nagas, who still live by their age old traditions and practises. The Farmer Innovation Center is based on mainly 3 principles. They are
1. Sustainable Agriculture
2. Financial LIteracy
3. Grassroot Innovation
Considering these 3 factors, the center is built in such a way that it benefits farmers and the locals hugely while providing an opportunity for people to visit, stay and live here like a local. The property is entirely made up of bamboo and pinewood with maximum materials being locally sourced.

The structure made specially for the guests is entirely made out of bamboo and pinewood giving it a rustic and authentic feel to it.
There are total 3 rooms fully equipped with local artifacts and architecture. 2 single rooms to accomodate 5-6 people and 1 Double room with an attached bathroom.
The rooms are rustic and basic enough to go with the culture and the traditions of the place. Also at the same time, they are comfortable enough to give you the best sleep. The house has a garden next to it with organic farms enough to make you savour good food.

Being in the interiors of Nagaland, you will be served with some of the most authentic and simple Naga food. The whole experience of involving yourself in the cooking sessions in Kutch to savoring the food is indescribable.
For Breakfast-Locally baked bread with Butter and Omelette will be served for breakfast. Fresh fruits from the farms, rice with curry will served occasionally/seasonally for Breakfast.
For Lunch-Fresh Vegetables from the farms with rice and dal/ countryside chicken, salad and bread will be served for Lunch.
For Dinner-Akhuni ( Special Naga Dish) , Pork rice, salad and pickles will be served for Dinner.
*Seasonal fruits like kiwi, cherries, apples can be served on request. Ask us for seasonal Kiwi Jam.

At NotOnMap, we always believe that you never truly experience a place until you walk through the lanes, talk with locals, have local cuisines and much more. Nature trails and village walks are arranged on request, where take you through some of the most beautiful villages, farmlands and stream.
You can also spend a day at the farm learning about organic farming and then savouring the same food. The whole idea behind this is to make you conscious about the food that you are having. Learn about sustainable ways of farming and agriculture with real farmers.
It is also a different experience to learn about slow food culture in today’s age of fast food. We believe that when you arrive here as a stranger, you will certainly go back as a family to a place far, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

There are 2 mains ways to Reach the Innovation Center.
1. Reach Guwahati. Then you will need to take an overnight bus to Mokokchung. Upon reaching mokokchung, take a cab to Tuensang.
2. Reach DImapur. Then you will need to take a cab/bus from Dimapur to Tuensang.
The Farm Stay is located a few kilometers before Tuensang, so it is advisable to keep a watch on GPS. Ask your driver to notify when you cross Longkhim which is about 8kms away from the farm.

Setrichen Santham, who hails from Nagaland always a vision to encourage sustainable ways of farming and living.
After dropping out from law college he worked with UN for a few projects. With the changing ways of sustainable farming , he thought of doing something for the farmers of his village. Then, with the help of NotOnMap, Sethricham along with his Better Life Foundation started a community village. The whole purpose behind starting the project was to provide the farmers with alternative livelihood opportunities and make them self-sustainable.
Within the last few years, Sethrichen Ji has managed to work with more than 1000 farmers on ground level.
While you are here at Innovation Center to experience the whole atmosphere, Mr.Sethrichen will be more than a warm hospitable host. His ever smiling face will instantly make you happy and connect with him.
Also, the impact that we measure is into how can we bring change into someone’s life and also diversify income into the communities.

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