Meghalaya is home to some of the most idyllic waterfalls, rain forests that seem to have an intelligence of their own and wildlife so abundant that it’s silent presence creates a sort of a symphony hypnotically calling you deeper. This is not a trip planned to sell a package deal for business generation. This is an experience of a lifetime that takes you through the most natural and undiscovered realm of nature’s best kept secrets.

Walking through the jungle in Meghalaya is not like any other jungle trek you can imagine, This is as grand as it gets. Pristine water bodies lined with water caught on giant tropical leaves and a natural orchestra that needs no fine tuning.


Meghalaya is an answer to those that wish to get lost in a world that needs no buffering, we don’t provide you with wifi passwords but we sure do have the passwords to unlock the route to ensorcelling views and experiences. Meghalaya is not only home to soaring mountains dressed in dense subtropical foliage and floating clouds but also a cultural pandora’s box. We say so because it is home to some of the very secluded cultures that explain the beginnings of communities tightly knitted together. As you live in a hyper- connected world, meghalaya opens you up to the realization of thousands of people who still live in uncontacted tribes, completely cut off from modern civilization.

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