Whistle Stop

Whistle Stop

Near Sawantwadi

Escape the urban fumes and connect with nature and culture at this rural farmstay
Starts from Rs 399/ Night

“Everybody needs time to reflect and contemplate and the most inspirational and peaceful place to do is nature.”
Thus the setting of ‘Whistle-Stop’ is going to bring your worn-out mind to peace. To escape the urban stress and pollution, periodic vacation to countryside becomes an important ritual and ‘Whistle-Stop’ is the perfect Farmstay in Maharashtra to spend a hushed weekend.
The unpretentious landscape of this farm house is spread in 12 Km of area where the 150 year old Konkan suits with Verandas in front adds an authentic touch to the place. The property is situated in Sawantwadi, the heart of rural Maharashtra. The rural farmstay is embellished by beautiful landscaped garden, field and forest, birds and butterflies which are rare to experience in congested Metropolis.

‘Whistle -Stop‘ is a spread in 12 km of area which was gifted to the Hosts by a king. Thus the Heritage property has 2 suit rooms that are almost 150 year old maintaining their rustic charm till today and 4 newly built suit rooms. The old suit rooms are provided with all modern amenities like A.C and hot water amenities while the newly built 4 suits are cool enough without an A.C as well.
The architecture of rooms is like typical Konkani houses where each room opens up to a Verandah. Each room can easily accommodate 2-3 people at a time.
The food is served in their separate dining area near to the kitchen are which is next to the suit rooms.
The farmhouse is spread with lush green plants and trees like coconut trees, mango trees, cashew, Papaya, Banana, and Jackfruit etc. The atmosphere of the farm stay is one of warmth and creativity, and a visit to the farm is a meaningful encounter with life on one of Maharashtra’s most far-flung frontiers.

Food is the next best thing to expect at ‘Whistle-Stop’ that attracts people from far off places. The purely organic food sprinkled with region’s best spices is what local food of Sawantwadi comprised of. The local cuisines of Sawantwadi are simple and organic yet authentic.
To begin with, in the Breakfast you are offered with traditional poha, amboli chutney, Ghawoli chutney and if you wish to have western breakfast then they also have, toast with omelet, butter etc with tea or coffee, farm fresh fruits etc.
The breakfast and dinner have options like veg thali, fish thali and chicken thali.
The veg thali consists of chapatti, Bhakri, veg curry, on dry sabzi, dal, rice and the specially made Banana and bread fruit chips which is the specialty of their kitchen.
The Fish thali has fried fish, fish curry, chapatti, rice and Bhakri.
The chicken thali has fried chicken, chicken curry, rice, chapatti and Bhakri.
The food served is purely organic food from vegetables straight from their farm made in typically local style, which is the major reason of the scrumptious taste of each meal.

‘Whistle-Stop’ is a sort of place that cleanses your soul, where you can breathe in the fresh mist while wandering in the temperate dense forest, , observe various birds or take walk In the farm.
Wake up to the melodious chirping of the birds and welcome the sun which you yearn to witness in your urban settings.
Along with the drooling food, there are plenty of nearby attractions around the property.
The town of Sawantwadi sits in lush green hills encircling a huge lake called Moti Talao. The palace gate and the imposing clock tower are reflected in the waters. One can take a round of the lake in a peddle-boat or can simply feast on the emerald beauty while walking in the lakeside gardens. Don’t forget to visit the Sawantwadi Palace on your visit to this place. Situated at Narendra Hills the Palace was built in 1755-1803. The Palace is currently the residence of the royal family of the present Queen mother H. H. Satwashiladevi.
Sawantwadi is close to Pinguli, a tribal art village famous for its art and crafts and home to the indigenous Thakars tribe. This tribe of artists, storytellers and puppeteers has been around for more than 400 years. The hosts can arrange for you the theatrical performance of Chitragathi and shadow puppetry at Pinguli.
The town is also famous for wooden craft. Its wooden toys, bamboo Craft, Pottery Art, traditional Art Paintings & Carved Bison Horns are world famous.
And at the end of each day’s adventure, how about returning to a barbeque at beach?
Yes, you heard right. They also have arrangements for a barbeque dinner at Venkurla beach to enchant your evening with sunset and a romantic dinner and the shores of the beach with a candle light.
Hence if you are thinking of living a village rural life with authentic local cuisines around serene natural settings then ‘Whistle-Stop’ is a perfect stop for you next weekend.

‘Whistle- Stop’ is that destination of NotOnMap which is accessible and remote at the same time. The property is situated in Sawantwadi which falls on Goa and Maharashtra Highway. If you are coming by air then the property is just 75 Km’s from the Goa airport. From Sawantwadi railway station it is just 8 Km.

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