Tundup Zangla House

Tundup Zangla House

Near Zangla

The last trodden village in Zanskar valley.
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Ladakh and Zanskar are famed for dogs, big and small, but nowwhere are there as many per family as in Zangla. They include some Corgi lookalikes that appear on the roof of one of the house of the king of Zangla. The old king, who was such a delightful host to trekking parties, died in 1989.

Although for a century the king had held only a nominal title, his lineage can be traced back to when the royal lineage in Zanskar was split. One side of the family ruled from Padum, and the other from Zangla was able to reach an accord which allowed him to retain a nominal rule over the nearby villages of Honia and Chazar, and the villages of Hanumil, Pidmu and Pishu on the far side of the valley. The head monk at Spitok is related to this family, and also administrators the Zangla monastery, which is on the cliff just beyond the village.

Shaping a circular segment of customary homes around a wide hover of terraced grain fields, Zangla is the last real street connected Zanskar town east of Padum. On an exposed precipice at its southwestern corner is the little ridge post royal residence, and at the most distant end of the town, there's a little, neighborly Buddhist religious shelter from which an option trail drives north to Km33 headed straight toward Pidmo Bridge (5km past).

Zangla makes a fine if uneven half-day jeep trip from Padum. On the way, appreciate scenes of land strata and make the winding outing 2.6km up to Stongdey Gompa for morning perspectives of the radiantly rough mountain skyline.

Tundup House is a old mud contrasted house with two well lit rooms both viewing the moutaian. The bathroom is common so sharing is caring. The kitchen is very tradition and showcased the the living of Zanskari people. As the house is made of mud, the room stays warm all day long.

Simple home cooked Ladakhi food is served. From tradition firewood Dal Chawal to Mom Mok. Please don’t expect any fancy food as this is not being served here. You can also participate in cooking and learn some recipes from Ladakh.

Zangla is the nodal point on the popular Padum-Strongdey-Zangla-Karsha-Padum round trip, which covers most of the cultural sites of Zanskar. The old rope suspension bridge spanning the tumultuous Zanskar near Zangla - a rare feat of folk engineering - is no more in use, but still visible. The river is now crossed by a temporary footbridge for approaching the left bank, along which the trail to Karsha follows. Zangla is also the take-off point for the Padum-Markha valley treks

By Air -
Both Srinagar and Leh Airport can used to reach Kargil.

By Road - From Kargil, buses leave for Padum every other day at three in the morning.It takes two days to reach Padum with an overnight halt at Rangdum.From Padum, Zangla can be reached on a horseback(5 hours) or jeep(1 hour)

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