Kongma House

Kongma House

Near Abran

Abran is the entry village of Zanskar and this village though not many know of it but it is the trekkers delight for the adventurous ones that wish to enter Rangdum or the Pangi valley of Himachal from here.
Starts from Rs 499/ Night

Abran is the entry village of Zanskar and this village though not many know of it but it is the trekkers delight for the adventurous ones that wish to enter Rangdum or the Pangi valley of Himachal from here.
The homestay is located in this village and has 7 glaciers surrounding it.
A typical Zanskar family runs the homestay that was a part of the valley run by self sustaining communities who lived off of rearing cattle and farming
There are 7 glaciers that are adjacent to Abran and the host can arrange for these treks if you are interested.
Rangdum village hike can also be one of the things that you can experience along with the village tour where you can interact with the village elders.
The host can take you to the 2 acre farm that he maintained for years where you can learn about farming skills.

Abran is home to very few people and the place to be for travelers who are looking for authentic Zanskar culture that comprises of years of isolation.
The homestay is located in a quiet surrounding far away from the tourists chaos and clustered activities. You have the comfort of knowing about the culture naturally here instead of having it forced on to you with a time constraint.
There is one room with a common washroom here that follows the dry composting system to save water.
You can experience the authentic Ladakhi food items here for example: Paba that is a type of roti made from Barley, where The flour of Barley is roasted and kneaded in a little oil and eaten with some sugar. Another way to eat it is with Tangthur and Zathuk which is butter milk. Paba is mixed with Tangthur and other vegetables and eaten. Papa thukpa is another local dish that can be had here, if you like home food and like the standard north indian thali then they serve that here too.
All food is cooked over a slow burning firewood.
You can also participate in cooking and learn some recipes from Ladakh.
Take yourself on the desolate mountains where the isolation does not advertise captivity.
You get to experience the things that you would not be able to if you were on a tight schedule. For example the wild dandelions that have the most sharp smell connecting the barren earth to its vibrancy.
The seemingly unknown family will become your family here. The valley that is spread across the Suru valley is surrounded by beautiful Gompas that you can take a day out to visit. The spiritual relevance of Ladakhi’s is very different compared to a lot of other beliefs and you will be able to comprehend this much better after a detailed trip to one of these gompas.
Experience the rare spectacle of the rivers carrying copper sediments that is also one of the reasons why the place is named as Zanskar due to the finding of copper in the water bodies here.
The hidden kingdom of Zanskar has a lot of myths and lores attached that you can find out from the host.
By Road:
Zanskar valley is 250 kilometers from Kargil. So as to reach here, one needs to first reach Kargil, which is 213 kilometers from the Leh. From Kargil, hire a SUV to reach Zanskar, which takes 8 hours. Also, there’s a weekly service that runs from Leh till Padum in Zanskar. It halts for the night at Kargil. If tourists are opting for the Manali route to reach Leh, then the Zanskar would be one of the regions they will come across.
The host has been living in the challenging climate of this village for a very long time and has built a comfortable house that keeps him and his family warm. Abran Kongma is the host whose peas cultivation makes him very special, a farmer by profession he manages to cultivate the best tasting vegetables in the harshest of conditions.
The hosts have designed the house in the most authentic way using the skin of yak’s to keep the bed’s warm and using the fresh milk from the cattle for the preparation of their tea

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