Dokhta House

Dokhta House

Near Kharsha

<p>A 200-year-old house nestled in a quintiles’ village lost in time but haven’t lost I charm. Witness the hospitality of Gullar family in a house that’s as big as this family heart.</p>
Starts from Rs 499/ Night

Guler Heritage Site, once the residential palace of the erstwhile Guler State is a perfect weekend getaway to relive the royal life. Guler lies majestically on the foothills of Dharamshala town. The Heritage site is on the hilltop overlooking the splendid Maharana Prathap Sagar Dam (Pong Dam) on one side and thick tropical forests on the other. Guler is the birth place of Miniature Paintings popularly known as Kangra Kalam. Pong Dam is known for its rich vegetation and migratory birds during the winter. Visiting the wetlands to witness peacocks and red jungle fowl is a unique experience. One can also visit other heritage monuments such as monolith temples of Masrur and Bathu Temples ( Bathu Ki Ladi ). For sometimes life needs lavishness And we at NotOnMap knows how to bring a 147 old house for your weekend experience. Want this exclusive NotOnMap stay just for yourself.

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