Tufail House

Tufail House

Near Sankoo

Green meadows, sky hovering mountains and all around smiling hosts. That’s Sankoo for you.
Starts from Rs 499/ Night

Suru Valley, is a picturesque township surrounded with numerous villages and colorful rocky mountains all around. Lost in it’s essence is Sankoo, a quite little town that has been used for pit stops for year for people going to Random or Padum but with NotOnMap you can witness this quite little hamlet in its pristine vibrancy. Sankoo is 42 km south of Kargil located in a bowl-shaped valley drained by large tributary streams of the Suru River, the Kartse and the Nakpochu. As the richest flourishing and most verdant valley throughout the entire region of Laddakh, the village of Sankoo Valley is known as the Laddakh's own Gulmarg ('meadow of flowers').

Locally it is also popular as a place of pilgrimage to the ancient shrine of a Muslim scholar-saint, Sayed Mir Hashim, who was specially invited from Kashmir for imparting religious teachings of the region's Buddhist ruler, Thi-Namgyal of the Suru principality, following his conversion to Islam during the `16th century. The shrine is situated in the village of Karpo-Kharon the outskirts of Sankoo where the Chief had his summer palace.

Tufail House is situated deep inside Sankoo, the walk along the meadow is itself beautiful. Once inside the House one can see this newly built house in Islamic tradition. The Sunni’s built their house with richly decoded items and bright colours. The rooms are well lit, big nd have attached toilet. The use of Persian Carpets is prominent in this house. From the crocked to the pillow over you will witnesss ar here.

If you want to enjoy the delicacy of Balti food this the place to be. Non-Veg Savious, Tufail house is the pace to be. Please intimate the family before hand abut your food choices and they shall make you have it. If you enjoy the food, why not stay bit longer an learn it. We have specially cooking classes here at Tufail House.

From calm village walk to local cultural show, Sankoo has lot to offer. The village walk talks you back in history, walking thru the narrow gullies of Sankoo one relies how people used to live 1000 years back. You will found different species of trees such as deodar and willows. The place is popular among local travellers for a shrine known as Karpo-Khar Shrine. This shrine is dedicated to Sayed Mir Hashim, who was a Muslim scholar and saint. He was called to give lessons of Islam to a Buddhist ruler, Thi-Namgyal. In 16th century, Thi-Namgyal changed his religion to Islam.

Sankoo can be reached by availing bus services from Kargil, Leh, and places in Suru Valley. Special deluxe buses are available for Leh and Kargil from Srinagar. As the house is a real NotOnMap gem, please call us before coming to Sankoo.

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