Kakeporey House

Kakeporey House

Near Panikhar

The granary of Ladakh, a valley so green you will question such existence on earth.
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Panikhar is located in the Suru valley by no means it is a large inhabited area. It’s one of the least visited place by the travellers. For years Panikhar has been traced as pass by town while going to Zanskar. It is a good atmospheric place to take a break from the continuous journey to Padum. For Panikhar is a very pirretuqse valley, with lush green trees, crops and the mighty Nun Kun rising atop. If you are a photographer than you shall be mesmerised with the portraits here. Panikhar is mainly occupied by Tibeto-Darad (the Muslims who converted there Buddhist faith around the middle of the 16th century).

One of the most beautiful regions of Ladakh, the Suru Valley forms the mainstay of Kargil district. Lying nestled along the north-eastern foothills of the Great Himalayan Wall, it extends from Kargil town, first southward for a length of about 75 Kms upto the expanse around Panikhar, thence eastward for another stretch of nearly 65 kms upto the foot of the Penzila watershed where the Suru River rises. With its extensive tracts of alluvial floor and verdant hillsides that are intensively cultivated by a zealously agrarian peasantry, the Suru Valley serves as ladakh's granary.

Kakeporey House is a old mud contrasted house with two well lit rooms both viewing the mighty Nun Run Peaks. The bathroom is common so sharing is caring. The kitchen is very tradition and showcased the the living of Daradi people. As the house is made of mud, the room stays warm all day long.

If you want to enjoy the delicacy of Balti food this the place to be. Non-Veg Savious, Kakeporey House is the pace to be. Please intimate the family before hand abut your food choices and they shall make you have it. If you enjoy the food, why not stay bit longer an learn it. We have specially cooking classes here.

Prior to the Kashmir troubles, it was a minor trekking centre, at the start of the Lonvilad Gali Pahalgam Trail. It is a good atmospheric place to take a break from the continuous journey to Padum. These days the roadside collection of shabby stalls and poor mud-brick farmhouses spots very few tourists even during the season period. The stop is because people hike to the nearby Parkachik La for seeing vivid pictorial views of the glacier gouged north face of the mighty Nun-Kun Mountain. The track heads off on the far side of the Suru, crossed via a suspension bridge thirty minutes south of the village. It may look straight forward from Panikhar but the four-hour hiking may be very difficult to reach the top, particularly if one is not used to high heights. However even familiar trekkers may be frightened by seeing the sight when they arrive at cairns. The mountain is covered by cloud and the stream flows from its huge peak, the Nun situated over there go via boat 3500m above the valley floor.

Sankoo, Panikhar and Parachik are connected with Kargil with regular bus services, in summer even twice a day. A bus ride from Kargil takes 2 hours to Sankoo, 3 hours to Panikhar and about 4 hours to Parkachik. Rangdum is serviced by the BI-week bus service to Padum, which increases according to demand. Some trucks plying between Kargil and Padum also offers a lift in the cabin for the price of a bus seat. Cars and jeeps taxis can be hired from Kargil for visiting different places in the Suru Valley, including Rangdum and Penzila.

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