Dhora House

Dhora House

Near Hunder

The room has direct view of the dunes and trees. The family is very hospitable and loves when guests are open to different activities.
Starts from Rs 499/ Night

The room has direct view of the dunes and trees. The family is very hospitable and loves when guests are open to different activities. The community hall type kitchen is where you eat your food with the family itself. During winters it will get chilly here, even the house is made of mud.
A beautiful but remote village, Hunder quenches the coldest desert’s thirst Though the area surrounding Hunder is arid and desolate, the village, is a vast expanse of green and is abundant with cultivable land. ‘Leh Berry’ also known as seabuckthorn which is a medicinal plant rich in bio-molecules, vitamins and nutritive properties are found here.
Nubra valley is a blast of lush greenery in Ladakh's dessert slopes, Snuggled between the Karakoram Range and nurtured by two rivers, Nubra is brimming with Sea buckthorns and Alfalfa.
Samstanling Monastery is in Sumlur village and was founded 140 years ago. The monastery houses 50 monks and this is the main monastery of the region.
Hunder sand dunes- The Hunder sand dunes of Nubra valley with its Bactrian camels are a photographer's delight and a familiar sight in all travel magazines and posters.

Dhora house is a well maintained traditional Ladakhi home with only one room for the guests.; we urge you to be aware of the climate when ever you are traveling to Hunder valley.
Your stay will be comfortable and providing you an opportunity to fully take in the redolence of the valley without any disturbance as this homestay is located at a safe distance from the chaos of the touristic locations.

This remote, windswept desert land suffered centuries of isolation. Cut off from the outside world, Ladakhismake good use of the available resources and use only locally-sourced ingredients. This leaves a doubt in the mind about the taste and quality right? Well fear not! You will be surprised at the culinary skills that you come across that have rich taste.
Groves of apple, apricot and walnut trees can also be found in these fertile river areas. In the warmer months, vegetables like potatoes, beans, radishes, spinach and carrots are grown.

Simple home cooked Ladakhi food is served. From tradition firewood Dal Chawal to Mom Mok. Please don’t expect any fancy food as this is not being served here. You can also participate in cooking and learn some recipes from Ladakh.
HunderGompa, the Buddhist monastery of the Hunder village is one of the oldest in the Nubra valley. It has some old frescos and a statue of Buddha. The monastery is also the best place in the village for a view of the dipping sun.
Cham dance whichis an ancient culture can be witnessed here during the celebration of the festival of Hunder. Display of traditional arts and sports can be witnessed at this village too.

Nubra Valley can be easily reached from Leh City. It is at a distance of about 150 kms from Leh and can only be reached by road via world’s highest motor able pass, Khardung La.
Nubra Valley closest airport is situated at Leh and is known as BakulaRimpocheAirport.It is also one of the highest commercial airports in the world. From Leh, one has to take a cab, tempo traveller or a state run bus to Nubra Valley.
The nearest railhead to Nubra Valley would be at Jammu Tawi, which is around 750 kms away. In order to reach Nubra by train, one has to first travel from Jammu to Leh and then from there to Nubra.
Leh City is well connected by road to Nubra Valley. One has to take the route via Khardung La, world’s highest motorable pass to reach Nubra.Leh City is well connected to Srinagar, Kargil, Manali and Delhi.

Menthok is your humble host who was previously a land owner and the Panmik bridge was constructed by him. Menthok is quite a popular man amongst the villagers as he loves to mingle with everyone.
He has been living in the village for most of his early years and plans to continue living here for the rest of his life as he considers this to be his home. He has good knowledge about the whereabouts of various unseen and undeveloped areas that hold the true natural splendour of the village and you will be able to explore the same along with him.

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