Youndak House

Youndak House

Near Shargole

The granary of Ladakh, a valley so green you will question such existence on earth.
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The most beautiful villages in Ladakh are unseen and their beautify is seldom rare to be seen.

Back in 7th Century when the Shargole monastery was being built none of those travellers thoughts they will leave a beautiful legacy here.
A valley so picturesque and culturally mystic that you will be questioning is this what I destined to see?

Shargole is a picturesque village about 35 Kmts on the right side of Kargil- Leh road with a mixed population of Buddhist and Muslim. The main attraction is a small monastery perched on a cliff.Shargole Monastery is a small gompa near Kargil,which is perched in the heart of a granite cliff.The monastery follows the lineage of the Gelug that is a Yellow Hat sect of Tibetan Buddhism.

An idol of Avalokiteshvara – the Mahayana god of compassion and mercy is present inside this shrine. Three wooden images of Hindu Goddess Tara also adorn the interiors of this monastery that have been meticulously carved by Tibetan artists.

From the balcony of this gompa, visitors get a view of the Cantilever Monastery that adds to the spiritual experience. A small Buddhist nunnery is also present below the Shargole Monastery.

Youndak House is located on the corner of a vast field of wheat. During summers this place gets camouflaged due to the surrounding colours and during winters the snow is 7ft tall that you can’t see it only. The rooms are open and warm, don’t get shocked if you see entire room has windows on all fours sides as that keeps the room warm. The stench is as traditional at it gets and this where you eat your food with the family itself. The people of shargole are way different that Ladakh though both being Buddhist’s, they are more influenced by the people of Kargil a that’s their domicile. The house is made of mud and the temperature doesn’t fluctuate all day long. The house has its own organic farming so you eat what they reap.

Simple home cooked Ladakhi food is served. From tradition firewood Dal Chawal to Mom Mok. Please don’t expect any fancy food as this is not being served here. You can also participate in cooking and learn some recipes from Ladakh.

Shargole is quite a little hamlet, you can’t expect much to do here. Most of you will surely visit the Shargole Monastery, once that’s done go for a village walk and understand the deep lying culture there. See and understand how the crops are being done, help the family with organic farming. An exciting four - days trek from Shergole leads,to Suru Valley passing Safi La and Rusila Passes,into the Suru Valley.Safi a high - altitude village,has a mixed Muslim –Budhist population and lies between the two passes.From the Rusila one can trek either to Sankoo or,southwards,through the glacier - rich Rangdum Pass, to the Rangdum village and monastery.

Please call us before reaching to Shargole, as it won’t be easy to find this house.

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