Amchi House

Amchi House

Near Chikthan

The untold story of a 300 year house.
Starts from Rs 499/ Night

The untold story of a 300 year house’.Initiated by a buddhist family who lived in muslim community.The only family in the house who denied the Islamic conversion.Chikthan House is not just a symbol of history but proud untold story which is yet to be read.A house so hold that the walls won’t shy to tell you their tales of struggle for standing up to nature trauma and budding civilisation.Out of all the NotOnMap Houses we have, Chikthan is the most fascinating place.Back in times when muslim king wanted to convert buddhist into a muslim this family stood up and denied the trandesation of culture and religion.A fierce move that lasted 300 years and till today this family, this only buddhist family is the sole spokesperson for Chikthan Village. Let’s Keep rest of the story for when you come visit this.Once the prince of Baltistan took Shelter in Chiktan area, He was awestruck by the place and decided to construct a fort here; ‘Chikthan Fort’.Built in the 16th century by Balti craftsmen, the castle served as a royal residence for centuries despite shifts in rulers as the region was amalgamated with neighboring kingdoms.Today, the neglect and natural forces have reduced the fort to rubble.

Chiktan Castle is located deep inside a valley, by the Indus river, with the mountains in the background. It is composed of rammed earth and stone masonry with mud mortar. Following the designs of architect and carpenter Shinkhen Chandan, the castle used timber to support the ceilings of the structure as well as to frame the doors and windows.The Palace was one of the Masterpieces of Ladakh and Tibetan Architecture which was famous across Lhasa,Tibet.It reportedly had a rotating room which used to rotate with support of air blowing.

Borked windows, culled walls? What do you expect from a 300 year old house? Chikthan Heritage House is perfect example of Ladakh Architecture,perfect and enduring in due years.The walls are strong and beautiful,the alleys are lit and feels like heritage.The rooms are big with short roofs the way family lived 300 years back.The utensils are still the same how this family used to ear ages ago.We kept the house as it is as we wanted you to not use see history but to live in it.The guest rooms are comfortable,warm and gives entire view of the village.Wake up to the prayers of the masquer from the village corner while sipping hot tea in Ladakh style. We bet you wont feel such a culture charisma anywhere in Ladakh.

Simple home cooked Ladakhi food is served. From tradition firewood Dal Chawal to Mom Mok. Please don’t expect any fancy food as this is not being served here. You can also participate in cooking and learn some recipes from Ladakh.

Chikthan is quite little hamlet, you can’t expect much to do here. Most of you will surely visit the Chiktan Khar, once that’s done go for a village walk and understand the deep lying culture there. See and understand how the crops are being done, help the family with organic farming.

The area is very famous for its rich cultural heritage, particularly in the oral traditions. The folk songs, folk tales and folk lares are believed to be the treasure of history of the region. The oral traditions of folk songs and folk tales are transferred from father to son and are recited on all social occasions and during long winter nights when the elders of the family recite these to their younger songs and tales of coci-political system, way of life, passions, tragedies, political unhheavles, great occasions and heros of the bygone days. These may include the famous Epic of “ Kesar” saga which is still narrated with complete accuracy.

Chikthan falls under Kargil district, as there are no local transport that plies on this road. We suggest you to give us a call before you go ahead with booking at Amchi House.

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