The countryside Illam

The countryside Illam

Near Munnar

“Spending time in nature is a healing energy”
Starts from Rs 399/ Night

Sometimes Human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man. Kerala is one such state of India that has been blessed with nature. Beneath its lush greenery, and foamy beaches there are thousands of place still unexplored and untouched. Therefore, Notonmap has managed to find one more hidden paradise near MUnnar, Kerala.
‘the Countryside Illam’ situated in the hill top of Kanakakunnu, Machiplavu, gives the view of lashing hill tops and green expanse of nature. The architecture of the villa is a glimpse of traditional Kerala home called “Illam”. “Illams” are the typical Kerala style homes which replenish the custom and culture of malayalis which is made entirely in the art of “Vastu shastra”. Designed almost entirely in a rich wooden architecture, ‘The Countryside Illam’ is enough to give you a cultural tour of Kerala with a view.

The Countryside Illam, has 4 separate rooms, having separate washrooms and 24 hour hot water and wifi facility. The three out of four rooms are deluxe rooms which are quite spacious and wide to accommodate 3-4 people easily. The fourth room is a clubbed unit room which is like two small rooms put together in one room. The rooms are constructed using the old woods from the forests. The interiors of the room are in typical old styled Kerala “Illam” with having white curtains embellishing the rooms, wide windows giving you vivid frames of nature. The villa opens up to a courtyard with a mountain view and a lush green cashew, cardamom and nutmeg plantation. The villa is perfect a family or a good large group of friends to spend a few days in the natural world.

Kerala’s food reflects the history, culture, geography and religion of Kerala. The food at ‘Countryside Illam’ is simple and just how it should be-spicely cooked and full of flavor. The thing that makes the food drooling is that its simplicity and that it is cooked in the own kitchen of the host.
To begin, in the breakfast they offer typical Kerala cuisines like appam, veg stew, idiyappam, uttapam etc.
Mostly guests move out for a Munnar tour during lunch, but if you decide to stay back then they offer some Kerala curries, sambar, idli with white rice and boiled curd dish called “Kallan”.
The dinner has rice, chapati, veg curry, some non veg curries with a campfire and star twinkling above you.

Greenery, Mountains covered with tea plantations, forests, wildlife, valleys, trekking and mountains are the memories that comes in mind when you hear about best places to visit in Munnar.
Situated in the hill top of Kanakakunnu, Machiplavu, the ‘Countryside Illam’ gives the view of lashing hill tops and green expanse of nature. While living few days at the ‘Countryside Illam’ you will have variety of activities to keep you enthralled.
You can go for nearby Jungle safari in a jeep. The jungle Safari is arranged by the hosts in which you come across various shades of wilderness from spotting animals like dear, elephants etc to taking a dip in small forest stream. The off-road Jungle safari is an experience in itself where you go to lose your mind and find you soul.
You can also go for a small village walk nearby where you can come across the tribal settlements of Kerala and take a close look in their culture and customs.
The elephant Safari experience is also available if you want to see the forest while riding on a elephant.
The 1.5 hectare land covered with tea at Munnar is just 20-25 km’s from the villa. You can visit the tea gardens to savor the fresh breeze from the tea plantation to soothe your soul.
Along with tea gardens, Cheeyappara waterfalls and Valara waterfalls are there to get your heart and soul drenched with tranquility.
Cheeyappara waterfall is a seasonal one which is seen during monsoon. The major attraction of it is falling of water from a height of 1100 feet and falls down with heavy force on 13 rock slabs step by step continuously to fall hardly one foot close to the Cheeyappara Bridge. Even while passing the way you can enjoy the spray and bubbles of the fall which is lovely and fantastic.
Valara waterfall is just 1 km from Cheeyappara waterfalls. This is formed as a result of the entire Deviyar River suddenly falling down from a height of 200 feet downwards. Roaring sound coupled with foam create a misty atmosphere all around the waterfall along with cool breeze which will take you for a moment to the heights of happiness.
At last, dinner with a bonfire around and stars shining bright in the dark are perfect to end a day at the ‘Countryside Illam’.

In the times of GPS and Google maps you don’t rely on confusing directions to mislead you. Just turn your GPS on when you reach Cochin airport and let it help you reach countryside illam, disconnect you with digital life and connect with nature for a while.
Just to guide you to the path, the ‘countryside Illam’ is 230 Km from Munnar. Therefore you need to reach Munnar first from Nh-49 and then to ‘The Countryside Illam’.

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