Solitary Delight Organic Farm Villa

Solitary Delight Organic Farm Villa

Near Munnar

A homestay that will make you fall in love with solitude
Starts from Rs 399/ Night

“A valley that offers solitude can provide an exhilarating experience for the soul.”
And we have exactly found a place for your exhilarating solitude. The place is called ‘Solitary delight organic farm villa’. Located in Muttam in the region of Kerala, 48.3 km from Munnar, ‘Solitary delight Farm Villa’ is a perfect place to enjoy the solitude from the urban hustle. ‘Solitary delight farm villa’ is an 80 year old ancestral property, located in a completely secluded area with a very few population around. Surrounded by lush greenery, coconut, banana and pineapple trees Muttam is arguably the ideal starting point for exploring the unfathomable diversity and beauty of Kerala. The place has completely embraced the organic way of life from their own fish farm to growing all the vegetables in their own farm. You can spend your days here, enjoying the relaxing Ayurvedic massage or visiting the nearby Rubber plantation or just rejuvenate your soul in the lush green atmosphere.

‘Solitary delight organic farm stay’ is a two room cottage. Both the rooms are widely spacious with each having separate washrooms. The cottage is double storey with the upper portion dedicated to organic farming. In the backyard, they have a peaceful sitting area for enjoying the serene breeze coming from the nearby forests. Each room has two single beds and each room can comfortably accommodate 2-3 people. Lying in 12 acre of area, away from over populated area of the city, this farm villa satiates one’s desire of reconnecting with nature and self.
The flora and fauna around farm will make you forget about your internet connection. No books or mp3 players will tempt you at this place as you’ll be at peace with the soothing lullaby sung by the vibrant colors of green.

Known as the “Land of spices”, the food of Kerala is fresh, aromatic and flavored. Kerala cuisines are a combination of Vegetables, meats and seafood flavored with a variety of spices.
As the villa is entirely separated from the family residence, and independent from each other, they have completely utilized their wide area. From various fruit trees like coconut, pineapple and banana tree to various spices like pepper, cinnamon etc everything is grown in their own farm. Their own fish farm offers the best fishes, and if you are lucky enough to catch a fish for yourself, then you might be served with your own caught fish.
To begin with,
In the breakfast they offer typical South Indian cuisines, Dosa or Idli with Sāmbhar or western meals like bread butter or jam, omelet etc.
The lunch is called Sadhya which means the food is served in traditional banana leaves. In Sadhya, there is variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The vegetarian dishes may be Payasam, putt, avail, appam. The non vegetarian dishes may contain fish curry, chicken curry or any dish made of crabs etc.
The dinner has Chapati with vegetarian or non- vegetarian curry.
As its Kerala, therefore the food is rich in coconut and coconut oil and spices which enhances the taste of each dish and gives a drooling thrill to taste buds.

Spending few days at this quaint bliss you can enjoy the days with no qualms but plain calmness. Spend your hushed mornings while basking in the sun in deep retrospection of oblivious things or just lose yourself self to relax, meditate or just immerse in the beauty around.
You can laze around or spend your time while reading or writing or just observing the serenity in the atmosphere or just rejuvenate your tired body with the relaxing Ayurvedic treatment offered by the hosts. The Yoga lessons are also something not to miss at ‘Solitary delight’. For a better service feel free to book the services in advance.
The short itinerary at ‘Solitary Delight’ also contains some adventure activities like trekking to nearby Hilly Rubber plantations and experience the processing of Rubber latex. In any case you feel bored sitting at the property for long, feel free to ride their cycle to vicinity. Go for an escorted farm walk with one of the family or staff and experience organic farming of fruits and vegetables and rearing of Cows, Sheep, Rabbit, Love Birds, and Fish etc.
While spending few days at his place you might get disconnected from your internet connection but we assure you that you will surely reconnect with you inner self with the nature around.

Coming by flight? ‘Solitary delight organic farm villa’ is just 70 km’s from Cochin Airport and you are welcomed to the beautiful rapture. As the house is a real not on Map gem, please call us before coming to ‘Solitary Delight Organic Farm villa’.
Happy travelling.

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