Royal Lineage Homestay

Royal Lineage Homestay

Near Mallapuram

Experience the royal culture of Kerala at this 150 year old Illam
Starts from Rs 399/ Night

After you have seen the gorgeous side of Kerala from panaromic beaches, to tropical forests, tea/coffee plantations and wildlife sanctuaries of Kerala, don’t you have the curiosity to know the vast history and culture of ‘God’s own Country’?
The culture of Kerala is deep rooted because it was adhered to by Unity, continuity and Universality of Keralites. Lot of importance is given to religion, education, philosophy, language, art and social organization In the history of Kerala.
Therefore, we at Notonmap welcome you to stay at a traditional Namboothiri Illam (Kerala Brahmin House-hold) which is situated in central Kerala at the foothills of the Western Ghats. ‘Royal Lineage Homestay’ is one of the last imposing structures with “pathinaru kettu” (4 courtyards) built in the traditional Kerala architecture and vasthushastra.
We invite you to stay , experience and understand the rich Namboothiri culture and tradition which is perhaps the only continuous lineage of the age old Vedic traditions which offers you one of the most original and unique experiences in “God’s own country”.
The 160 year old house is spread in 8 acre plot filled with coconut, cashew, mango, jackfruit, nutmeg, vanilla and medicinal plants where you can reminisce with culture and history of Kerala.

The’ Royal Lineage Homestay’ is a pathinarukettu (4 courtyards) and has a pathayapura (granary and guest house) which is a fully furnished 3-storey building where you will be staying as our guest. The guest house is double storey with 4 rooms on the first floor and a rice granary on the ground floor. The 4 room guest house is just at a distance of five minutes to the main Heritage House. Both the house and the guest house fall in the same compound.
The rooms are a glimpse of old Kerala ancestral homes. The rooms are wide and spacious with attached bathrooms. Three out of four rooms are having two single beds and one with two double beds.
When you enter the guesthouse, have a visit to their small and old rice granary and then those steep old wooden stairs take you towards your room. The antiques, wooden furniture, traditional and those old antiques take you to the time of our ancestors. You feel extremely happy to see such old culture preserved with such care and love. Hot water and wifi facilities are fully equipped for you comfortable stay. You will admire how the interiors of this property are a beautiful blend of old-world charm and modern luxury.
Behind the backyard is an old pond and the garden area is embellished with huge shady trees protecting you from scorching heat of sun.

‘The Royal Lineage Homestay is an embodiment of Namboothiri Illam (Kerala Brahmin House-hold) where you are served with the simple food devoid of any fancy dining. As it is a Brahmin house, you will be served only vegetarian food. They produce their own oil and have a diary as well.
The breakfast is different at different days and has scrumptious Kerala cuisines like at one day you may get Idli, sambhar and Dosa , uppam, Uttpam, Putt on the other day.
The Lunch contains the traditional ‘Sadhya’ meal which is served on Banana leaves. The ‘Sadhya’ meal has mostly rice and curry’s rich in coconut and cashews.
The dinner meal is simple with North-Indian food like tomato rice, a dry vegetable, dal and chapatti etc.
The milk, butter, ghee, paneer is extracted from their own granary which adds a drooling taste to the food.
While spending days at ‘Royal Lineage Homestay’ don’t expect a fine dine luxury treatment but a experience a glimpse of old Kerala culture.

Experience the royal history at this 150 year property with NotonMap.
The Royal Lineage Homestay will give you a time lapse to well preserve past of kerala, It gives you a glimpse of how our ancestors used to live in such surroundings and will make you feel more connected to our rich culture which present at remote corners of our country.
“Pathinaru kettu” (4 courtyards) built in the traditional Kerala architecture is one of the very last Brahmin house of Kerala.
The ancestral house is just at a short walking distance from the guest house. Though the guest house is as old as the Illam but the traditional house has a lot to witness. Inside the illam they have an old Ganesha temple where every day 50-100 devotees from far and near come here to offer their prayers and seek their blessings.
From the old brass utensils, to the doors, furniture and antiques everything has a rustic scent. A library with old manuscripts will keep you indulged.
In the home tour you will discover how our ancestors used to live, preach and eat, how they evolved etc. The history will echo in your ears when you reminisize yourself in each corner of the house.
Next, you will be taken to the rice and spice plantations of the host’s. A snake temple at the nearby snake sanctuary will tell you tales of great goddess of snakes.
You can also visit Nilambor , the oldest teak plantation in the world. It is among the gems of the State’s plantations and just 4 km away from the town lays the world's first Teak Museum.
Hence, spending few days at ‘Royal Lineage Homestay’ after you have visited all the picturesque jewels of Kerala, Royal Lineage will complete your trip to Kerala gifting you a rich glimpse of culture of Kerala.

From Calicut airport it takes around one and half hour to reach to Pandikkad where the property is located. From Cochin airport, it takes 2-3 hours to reach the property.

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