Grandpa’s Abode

Grandpa’s Abode

Near Kottayam

“In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks”
Starts from Rs 399/ Night

Kerala the “land of beauty” is described as the favorite child of nature, and famous for its breathtaking natural beauty. From milky waterfalls, coconut trees to greenest of places, Kerala has everything to enchant one’s wanderlust heart. ‘Grandpa’s abode’ is one such quaint little delight in district Kottayam. It is famous for its rich heritage and literary tradition. It is renowned for its spice and rubber trade.
Grandpa's abode in Edamattom village is a 400 year old ancestral home of Kuruvinakunnel family. This old ancestral bungalow is called Tharavadu in their local language.The home is spread in 15 acre rubber and pineapple plantation.
The moment you step into Grandpa’s abode, you realize it is one of those places that capture you with a feeling you can’t describe into words. With the rubber plantation and long stretches of greenery around, you will fall in love with the sweet escape, a home away from home devoid of the city fumes. The bungalow is perfect for a family holiday where you will reconnect with each member of your family and cherish each other in the green emerald of nature.

Spending few days at ‘Grandpa’s abode’ will make you relive the life, which our ancestors used to live. Every portion of Tharavadu is a glimpse of old Kerala culture. From their rooms to the sitting room, everything has an ancestral touch revealing the rich culture of Kerala. The roof of the bungalow, wooden architecture, and furniture made with old woods, the doors, windows everything has the essence a period gone by and the rich culture.
The bungalow has two fully furnished air conditioned bath attached rooms. Out of two rooms, one room is a bit large and can accommodate 3-4 people together. It is called Grandpa’s abode because of its large space. The other room is slightly smaller than Grandpa’s abode. The rooms are spacious with large cupboards made of old wood. The walls of the rooms of depict the paintings of ancient era. The whole bungalow can easily accommodate 5- people.
The bungalow also contains a pantry, making it easy for the guests to have tea/coffee or snacks any time of the day or even midnight by themselves.
Outside the bungalow there is a large garden which is embellished with various trees like pineapple trees, mango trees, banana trees and various flowers etc. While taking a walk in the garden, the only thing you will see is green and only green.

God’s Own Country, Kerala seems to live up to the exquisite title that has been given to it as it takes you on a gastronomic journey of mind-boggling food items which are so tasty that they appear to be right out of ‘God’s Own Kitchen’.
The fresh spices grown in the farm of Grandpa’s abode, adds freshness to all the cuisines offered by them. The simple and homely cooked food at this place has all the rich flavors of Kerala.
To begin with,
The breakfast menu contains, Dosa or Idli and Sambhar, appam, veg stew etc.
In the lunch they have rice, vegetarian and non vegetarian curry, and to complete the meal paysum, a traditional sweet dish of Kerala is offered.
The dinner menu has a simple chapati, a vegetarian and a non vegetarian dish, with tomato rice etc.
The specialty of their food is that it is home cooked and fresh and this is what it makes is mouth watering and scrumptious.
Already drooling over the menu?
Well, then the best solution is to visit Grandpa’s abode and taste all the cuisines yourself.

The rustic villages, impeccable forests, the staggering greenery and unseen traditions of Kerala are still waiting to be discovered that are hidden in these small corners of Kerala.
While spending few days at ‘Grandpa’s abode’ you will realize that how very less is needed to live a happy life. Living in urban settings we often do not realize the value of nature.
With the lush greenery around at Grandpa’s abode one can return to nature and simplicity because with every walk of nature one receives more than he seeks.
Well to keep you enthralled, there are a lot of places to visit nearby ‘Grandpa’s abode’. Sunny’s Gramophone museum is definitely worth the drive from Kottayam. The Gramophone museum is just 3 km drive from the home stay. The expansive collection features vintage gramophones, records, vinyl sleeve art and historic information enough to turn any visitor into a music history buff.
The next is Marmala waterfalls which is just 2 km drive from the property. A small trek to the waterfalls exposes you with beautiful waterfall with crystal clear water. The water falls with an immense strength which creates a cover of mist around the waterfall. You can spend an entire day here, photographing or having a small picnic with family.
The waterfall is just 1 km’s away from Wagamon, a small and picturesque hill station. The place enchants one’s soul with gardens and beautiful meadows. It is a very ideal tourist spot surrounded by the greenery of tea gardens, beautiful meadows, deep puzzling valleys and dales. Grass covered hills; velvet lawns and the cool mountain air make Vagamon a perfect holiday retreat. A curious blend of religious mysticism and European legacies, this hillside village is a haven of equanimity.
Even if you wish t stay back at the home stay, there are a lot of things to experience. Special Yoga classes are organized by the hosts. The classes are given by a certified Yoga master. Or you can just relax and enjoy those drooling cuisines prepared with love and care. You can even take cooking classes by the hosts. Go for a village walk and nearby rubber plantation.
Explore the simple and peaceful village life of people around. Go for misty morning walk around the farm & estate, fresh organic vegetables & fruits that they serve from their own farm, the greenery around and it lets you unwind. The lawn is wide enough for your children too run around and plays games.

Well, to reach Grandpa’s abode,your GPS is your guide. Just turn the location on for Grandpa’s abode on your phone and you reach your destination.
From Cochin Airport, the homestay is just 70 Km’s.

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