Vintage Vibes Homestead

Vintage Vibes Homestead

Near Alleppey

A vintage house that has an old charm with a fresh excitement.
Starts from Rs 399/ Night

Kerala, the ‘land of attraction’ has everything gorgeous from exotic Beaches, breathtaking hill Stations, enchanting waterfalls, beautiful lagoons, meandering Rivers and amazing natural scenarios. In your visit to Kerala you’ll be shown thousands of hotels, villas, and resorts depicting Kerala’s rich culture. But, we at Notonmap have found a destination which will not only expose you with the real Kerala culture and tradition but will also make you forget that you are tourist.
Here at ‘Vintage Vibes Homestead’ feel like kinfolk of the house, feel comfy stay experience in a traditional Kerala home which feels like a home away from home. The Homestead is strategically located in Ezhupunna, a picturesque strip of land in the Alleppey District of Kerala. The vintage vibes of the home stay, depicting the ethereal Kerala tradition satiates one’s curiosity to witness the old Kerala that is still alive at such small yet significant corners of the state.

‘Vintage Vibes’ is a 75 year old property. The homestead is a quaint old place which has still maintained its vintage vibes blended with all modern amenities. It has three rooms, two large rooms with A.C facility and attached washrooms. The third room is a bit smaller and without A.C and washroom facility. Since, it is an old house, the smaller room was earlier known as the “mango room” where the scented mangoes were stored after plucking from the trees. The rooms are wide and spacious with enough light and breeze entering the rooms rejuvenating your soul with freshness.
One can easily recognize the infirm house’s architecture from its old flooring and walls. It's a visual treat for any person who loves to have a feel of the authentic Kerala architectural elegance.
Enter the house and you are welcomed into their spacious dining hall where all the meals are served. The rooms are towards the left of dining hall. The house is embellished with old Kerala antiques, wall hangings, paintings, lamps etc.
Outside the house is their garden with lush green coconut tree, trees of seasonal fruits like mangoes, passion fruit, guava etc. The quaint little place has embraced the nature and its resources in best way possible. The serene surroundings and lush greenery will let you revitalize your worn-out mind and body from daily conventions.

‘Vintage vibes homestead’ basically has bed and breakfast menu. Since, there is so much to explore around the area, therefore guests prefer to leave the homestead after breakfast for scouting. However, as per the requirements of our dear guests, there are meals for any time of a day.
The home grown seasonal vegetables and fruits like chiku , mangoes, passion fruit, papayas, jackfruit etc adds to the taste of each cuisine. They even have their own cows and chicken in their farm.
The appetizing taste of homemade and organic food cannot be compared from the food of any hotel of Kerala.
To begin with,
In the breakfast, they offer Kerala cuisines in which there is stew, appam (made of rice powder), idiyappam and curry, putt or steamed cake made with rice powder, seasonal fruits and fruit juices.
If anyone wants to stay back for lunch and dinner then they you’ll be served with rice, two non- veg dishes (fish and meat) and 3 vegetarian dishes in which two dishes will be rich in coconut and one without coconut. The dinner has almost the same menu with just the addition of chapatti.
The food is prepared by Mrs. Mia, owner of homestead. Blended with love and care her food tastes the best compared from any hotel In Kerala.

Kerala, so much of untouched poetry.
Alleppey, hailed the world over as the Venice of the East is one of the most sought-after backwater tourism destinations in the world today. Alleppey, is blessed with a rather peculiar geographical feature of having the water at level with the land. Living at ‘Vintage vibes Homestead’ will expose you with real culture plus beauty of real Kerala. The lush greenery and serene atmosphere of the homestead is a perfect place to calm and relax from city hustle for a while. The prawn and fish cultivation near the homestead is something to witness. If you have no plans to go out then you can even spend your time while trying your hands on farming activities.
The surrounding areas have a lot to offer to keep you going.
Start your day with the appetizing breakfast and then head out for an enthralling day. Fort Kochi .steeped in the history and culture of all who have occupied it through the ages is just 17 km from the homestead. Its roots and essence are unique in its diversity. Stroll along the Fort Kochi beach and over the slippery sands, where you'll view the Chinese Fishing Nets. View exuberant waves washing off your footprints. Even the drive from homestead to Fort Cochin will expose with various colors of Kerala. It will expose you with beautiful lagoons, coconut trees and small fish markets.
What about ending your day with the most beautiful sunset ? Near to ‘Vintage Vibes homestead’ lies Kakkathuruthu. It is a tiny little spectacular island located in the famous backwaters of Alappuzha district in Kerala. It is accessorized by aquamarine emerald green water on all sides which adds to its ever youthful sprite. According to National Geographic channel ,It is the beautiful sunset one can witness alive.
Ending your day with such a view where waves will hit your feet and the sand is your seat with a perfect sunset to sooth your body and soul with tranquility is something we all crave for.
Hence, spending few days at ‘Vintage vibes Homestead’ and the nature around where you will receive more than you seek. You will realize the true value of nature and how we take our nature for granted. In the end heading back to the city live will make you nostalgic.

The ‘Vintage Vibes Homestead’ is 50 km from the Cochin Airport. So, just take a taxi from the Airport and you are welcomed to the paradise.

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