The ‘Endless’ Retreat

The ‘Endless’ Retreat

Near Alleppey

the secret of the Great Places is that they have no secrets.
Starts from Rs 399/ Night

Kerala “The God’s own country” is paradise on earth.
While visiting Kerala you must have come across those beautiful beaches, backwaters, lush Western Ghats, exotic wildlife and many more as a tourist. Now, imagine yourself walking into a place where you see greenery all around. Walk further and you’ll see a serene river, it gives the Endless retreat an exotic yet subdued feel. The chirping of birds, the sound of the river and the mist in the greenery is a unparalled treat to the eyes. Yes, this dream like place is called The ‘Endless’ Retreat.
Located in Alleppey, The ‘Endless’ Retreat stands calm and serene on the banks of river Pampa, laced with coconut trees on the either side.
Kerala is known “God’s own country” for its rich heritage, lively culture, lush topography and positive socio-political climate and The ‘Endless’ Retreat is a blend of all above making it a gateway to a heavenly experience.
Located in the midst of exotic wildlife and tranquil stretches of emerald backwaters, The ‘Endless’ Retreat reminds us of what Arundhati Roy tried to describe when she wrote ‘The God of small things,’ set in geography like this and with its exotic river front location, green paddy fields at the backyard , modernized rooms featuring traditional Kerala architecture, scrumptious homemade food The ‘Endless’ Retreat is a retreat into the soothing lap of nature which is a perfect escape from conventions of everyday life.

The ‘Endless’ Retreat is about 100 years old property which has couple of rooms converted from an antique granary, complete with original wood architecture and fixtures intact, retaining their original grandeur with river facing verandas. The home stay has three cottage styled room, all constructed in different and the best way possible in this hidden gem of Kerala. Each of the room has a different name with a special significance. The rooms are not like the normal rooms of hotels, they are much more.
The first room is called Padmadalam; the room is exactly constructed to treat you like you are living in a fairytale and we bet you’ll go gaga after entering the room. The room has a pond with lotus just in front of it. Open the doors of the room and then you see the beautiful lotus flowers blooming your day with a big smile on your face. In the backyard, there is a small private garden with beautiful flowers around. Along with the view the room is equally comfortable. The washrooms are well equipped with 24 hour hot water facility and the roofs of the washroom are open so that you get equal amount of fresh air and light while taking bath. The room is quite spacious with a bed and sitting area and a study table. The bed is cozy and comfortable which has very beautiful decorations made around it with white cloth giving you a queen like treatment.
The second room is called Pavitharam; this room is around 150 years old and this is the only room in the property from where the home stay started. Built entirely with wood, this room was a rice granary where the rice was stored from their own paddy field. This old yet rustic room has open verandah with a river view. The washroom has an open roof with all luxuries facilities. From the walls, floor to the beds everything is constructed with wood.
The third room is called Pranavam; the room is made with half wood and half bricks. This room has an upper deck also which gives a better view of the river. It is much wider and spacious, the upper deck makes it a perfect spot for leisuring around and glancing over the sea. As it is much closer to the river bank, you can hear the soothing sound of river all day. The washroom of this room also has an open roof making it airy and fresh.
All the rooms of the property are facing towards the river bank. The soothing sound of the river throughout the day lightens up your mood and rejuvenates the soul at the same time.
Near the cottages is a dining area where the meals are served. Covered with jute nets with beautiful lamps embellishing it, gives it such an ethereal and ethnic look. The lush greenery around the area and a fish pond besides the dining area is also one more attraction of this place. Just the gate of the property is the river area with a beautiful boat waiting for you to get into it and blend with its depth.
Waking up with such a view everyday will make you realize how these small portions of earth have still preserved their beauty. The beauty of their culture and topography is what makes The ‘Endless’ Retreat stand out.

We all are familiar with richness of Kerala cuisines. Kerala cuisines are so diverse from rest of India that the mouth watering flavors are going to keep you craving, long after you return from your trip. The intoxicating aroma of their spices is something you’ll get only in Kerala. The drooling tastes of culture with freshness will activate your taste buds from the dead at The ‘Endless’ Retreat. Served with love and care, food is something to be experienced here.
They have a separate paddy field in their property where special Kerala rice are grown. Variety of seasonal vegetables and fruits are also grown in their farm. They also have their own fish farm where variety of fishes is kept. As you in Kerala, therefore it is obvious that each meal is rich in coconut.Therefore,most of their cuisines have coconut in it and are mostly made in coconut oil giving it a totally natural and different taste a compared from North India.
In the breakfast, they offer South Indian dishes like Putt, Appam and western choices as well like bread, jam, butter, honey, cereals etc.
The lunch will be offered in special Banana leaves which is tradition of South India which contains various types of veg and non veg South Indian curries rich in coconut served with rice (remember the rice are home grown? )
The dinner contains one or two veg dishes with few non veg dishes with chapatti and rice. Already drooling over the menu ?

When was the last time you spent a quiet moment doing nothing - just sitting and looking at the river or watching the wind blowing in the trees or waves rippling on a pond flickering a candle or children playing in the park?
The best thing you’ll enjoy at The ‘Endless’ Retreat Home stay will be the nature. It’s something you’ll see 24 hours a day. The power of the Jungle is everywhere and this will give you a sense of freedom, peace and serenity. You can spend your days here reading a book or on short walks to feel the beauty of the place. Collect as many as memories so that these days never fade from your memories.
There is also a variety of activities around the area to keep you going. Just outside the cottages is the river bank where a boat is always at your service. Refresh yourself in the midst of water while taking boat ride.
They also provide the experience of night fishing where you’ll be taken on a boat after the dinner by local fishermen. He will guide you how to do fishing with bow and arrow, spear fishing and net fishing.
Alleppey is known as the ‘Venice of India’ because of the beauty of its canals. If you want to witness the beauty of those canals then a Canoe ride is also one of the options. You will be guided by a local boatman to the scenic places in the vicinity to witness the beauty of the land.
Allepey the land of backwaters hides its beauty in its villages. The paddy fields, canals, sky loving plants, children, local people all will tell you about Alleppey. The charm of the village is fully not yet gained by the concrete walls. Here the border line between each household is decided by paddy field. On the way you’ll meet students been taken to school in a school boat, various beautiful temples and churches, people taking bath on the bank of river etc.
You can even go for bird watching. Ride on a Shikara boat in the evening and by the sunset you’ll see various birds coming back to their nests. The main attraction is that these birds fly in a group which is a treat to eyes.
The local visit to nearby Champakulam market is also one of the activities. In the market you can see the magic of wooden crafting by local artists. You can even buy the local stuff from these artists.
If you plan to stay back and leisure around, there are still several activities you can do by staying in the property only. After tasting the food they provide you must be curious about their secret recipes to such drooling cuisines. The best part is you can learn cooking from their chefs and know those secret recipes and try out at your own kitchen when you return back.
Pampering yourself with a good Ayurvedic Massage is also an option. They provide massages like Nasyam, Abyangam ( oil massage), Shirodhaara, herbal pack and so on.
Hence spending few days at The ‘Endless’ Retreat is like living a dream in real life in the lapse of nature because there is nothing enticing, disenchanting and enslaving than the life at the sea.

Reaching The ‘Endless’ Retreat is a exciting as the place. Since, Alleppey is the land of backwaters and rivers so there Is no road up to the property. After reaching Cochin airport or the main station Allapura, get into a taxi to Champoklam and then you are taken on a two hour boat ride to fantasy like The ‘Endless’ Retreat where you’ll get exposed to beautiful lagoons, coconut trees and various birds etc.

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