Ernest heritage

Ernest heritage

Near Alleppey

A 200-year-old house nestled in a quaint erstwhile royal village.
Starts from Rs 399/ Night

There is a place where the sidewalk ends,And before the sidewalk begins,And there the grass grows soft and white,And there the sun burns crimson bright,And there the moon bird rests from his flight To cool in the peppermint wind.
If Shel Silverstein the famous poet of this poem “where the sidewalk ends” had set foot in Kerala, then this poet would have been completely addressing his poem to this phenomenal land without a doubt.
Ernest heritage lies 100 meters away from Arabian Sea. Spread in 15 acre of land, Ernest heritage is a Heritage home of ancestors which is about 300 years old. Surrounded by lush green coconut trees and deserted sandy beach with blue sky in the midst of the forest, ‘Ernest Heritage Is enough to leave you spellbound with its magnificent beauty. With rich homemade Kerala cuisines, natural environment which is still untouched by the touristy crowd, their authentic culture and of course the amazing hosts, everything here is a perfect choice to explore the real Kerala.

The Ernest heritage homestay is equipped with 5 fully functional cottage styled rooms along with 1 separate independent room called elephant cottage. Each cottage has a private washroom with hot water facility , A. C and a courtyard. All the 5 cottages are spacious which can accommodate 2-3 people at a time. Out of 5 rooms ,they have one big room for a family which can easily accommodate 5 people at a time. These cottages are called by the name heritage rooms and what makes these cottages different is its rustic and ancient styled construction.
The 4 out of 5 rooms have solar heaters while only one room has electric heater facility making you feel more close to the nature. The roof of each bathroom is open as it was a belief of our ancestors that a body requires equal amount of natural light and air while taking bath. As it is a 300 year old heritage property most of the construction of the rooms is done with wood from its floor to its walls. Even the antiques are also made of wood maintaining its ancient and heritage rich charm. Along with rooms there is a dining room where the meals are served. Out of the 6 rooms, one room is separate and independent, called elephant cottage, the entry of which has sculptures of elephants . Elephants are of religious significance in Kerala. All the cottage rooms are facing towards the sea which is just a two minute walk away. The sound of the enchanting sea is never far away when you are in the premises. Outside each cottage are 4-5 hammocks to lie in and spend your serene evening surrounded by the forest under the blue sky. Around the cottage area is their small plantation area with all tropical fruits like coconut,guava, cashew passion fruit, mango, Jamba, tamarind and Chico.

Food is the next thing in mind when you visit Kerala. Kerala has a rich and unique flavour of foods like seafoods, Banana dishes and cuisines rich of coconut. It is famous for its spices and its spicy recipes of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Here at Ernest Heritage homestay, the indigenous kerala cuisines with the unadulterated taste of food is something which is rare to experience in city lives. To begin with, in the breakfast they mostly offer Kerala cuisines like Putt, Idli, sambhar, dosa and also western choices like toast, eggs, honey, fruits, cereals, corn flakes etc and when you are in Kerala how can you forget to add coconut water as a beverage during every meal.
In the lunch they have Kerala rice with fish curry, chicken/meat and 2-3 vegetable dishes like bitter gourd, brinjal, small cucumber etc.
They also offer seafood freshly extracted from the sea nearby like lobsters, crabs etc.The tea time includes special Kerala snacks like Banana chips etc along with tea/coffee.The dinner has chapati,rice,fish,chicken and one veg dish and what add scrumptious taste to all these meals is that it is prepared in the personal kitchen of the owners of the property.The joy of eating the hand plucked guava, mangoes etc is also a different experiences which is impossible to experience in the city.

Spending few days in the midst of mist of forests, near to the sea, listening to sea waves every minute is something we all wished once in our lifetime. One can experience a lot while disconnecting him from the urban setting for a while. You can enjoy the serene and silent days while lying in a hammock, reading or just glancing the tall coconut trees while the smooth breeze kisses your face. There a plenty of activities to keep you going when you are at Ernest Heritage. They have 5 bicycles , so that you can ride along the seaside and explore the surrounding area yourself. They also have a special swimming pool with a kids swimming pool as well. Apart from this, a section of their land has been distributed for sports activities like badminton and football etc. They also offer elephant ride which you will experience only in Kerala.
They also provide yoga classes on demand. The yoga lessons are taught by a local yoga guru who has an expertise over all Asanas. What else? Aren’t you eager to know who are those magical hands by whom those drooling dishes are prepared? All the meals are prepared by owners of the house and not by any helper. She is an excellent cook and also provides cooking classes if you want to learn the secrets of her kitchen. The hosts also provide stitching lessons if anyone is interested to learn how the traditional Kerala outfits are stitched.
After spending enough time in the home stay you can head towards the sea which is easily approachable by two minutes of walk. You can experience boat trip with the fishermen to explore the seaside and get into the midst of the sea, or take a dip into the sea. You can also try your hands on fishing and if you are successful in catching a fish, then you’ll be served with you hunted fish in the dinner or visit the nearby fish market to see different types of fishes or see how fish marketing is done. The village around Ernest Heritage has completely embraced eco-friendly way of life. They are totally against plastic as it is the main pollutant of the environment. Instead of plastic water bottles, they serve water in glass bottles which is freshly extracted from the sea and then purified. The nearby area also has an ancient Catholic Church, and temples which Is also a good attraction.
Hence the place may not guarantee you as splendid facilities as your regular stays at five stars but it surely offers you the best of poise that your insatiable soul relishes for.

As Ernest Heritage is another not on map property therefore you won't find it on google maps. Ernest Heritage lies in the village named Chethi post in Alleppey,Kerala.Alleppey is easily approachable by road.

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