Middle Of Nowhere

Middle Of Nowhere

Near Poppalwadi

Leave your electronics at home and explore the Western Ghats with Middle of nowhere Homestay
Starts from Rs 299/ Night

While living in 21st century, have you ever imagined a life without your mobile phone? Or electricity? Or even water supply?
From intrusive email alerts to constant social media sharing, technology is an ever-present guest at our dinner tables, in our office meeting spaces, and on our morning commutes.
But at ‘Middle of Nowhere’ Homestay, escape the sometimes all-consuming digital world by venturing into a life without your mobile towers and your digital world. Situated in the Western Ghats, on the border of Goa and Karnataka, ‘Middle of Nowhere’ offers visitors a genuine break from conventional lifestyle.
With plenty of wildlife around, being covered by lakes, forest and waterfalls you will definitely not miss your cell- phone service. The Homestay disconnects you from mobile towers, internet, and even electricity. Instead, it invites you to reconnect with the sound and beauty of natural world. The place is a living example of how a beautiful life is still possible without a digital world which makes it the best Homestay of Karnataka.

One transverses thickly forested and a thinly populated portion of Western Ghats to reach this charming little farm which has little more than a few comfortable living and shared spaces. With only nature and nature around you will feel as you are living in a “Den” with the bounty of nature on full display.
‘Middle of Nowhere’ Homestay has three different types of accommodation to give you a completely rustic experience.
There are 2 fully furnished rooftop rooms with attached washrooms. The well-ventilated and grand rooms give a perfect view jungle all around. The room has a sit out overlooking jungle and then stream. The wide opening of the rooms let the fresh breeze from the forest rejuvenate your body and soul to the fullest.
The 2 stream facing cabin rooms can accommodate 3 single beds or a double and a single bed. This room has a sit out overlooking the jungle and the stream. Both the rooms have attached washrooms.
The third type of accommodation is the furnished tent, with a comfortable large room for those wanting a camping experience. It also has an attached washroom. Private and completely lose to the wild nature around, the tent accommodation is perfect for romantic night away.
Outside the rooms is a sitting area perfect for barbeque and bonfire in the evenings and they even have a special dining area by the stream.

At ‘Middle of Nowhere’, basic energy supply is predominantly solar and all other natural resources like solar energy is used for generating light , a waterfall for plentiful year round the water supply and firewood from the forests for cooking in oven, grills and stoves. The farm is covered with fruit trees like mangoes, chikoos etc and also various seasonal vegetables. Since, no modern means of cooking is used for preparing meals at ‘Middle of Nowhere’; wood fire is used to prepare food for the guests. And the perks of cooking on wood fire is their specialty of baking over-fired pizzas, homemade breads and anything that can be grilled or cooked on fire.
The meals are served in buffet fashion that contains Indian cuisines like Poha, Idli, sambhar, pranthas etc and western meals as well like homemade bread with eggs, omelet, jam, and toast etc.
In the lunch and dinner have Indian, Asian and European dishes with the essence on homely and fresh food using many locally found ingredients and of course anything grown on the farm. Their oven baked pizzas and barbeque is the “cherry on the cake” element while staying at ‘Middle of Nowhere’.
The meals are served at the dining table beside the stream during the day and by campfire during the evenings.

While spending days at ‘Middle of Nowhere’ Homestay forget connecting with the rest of the world and focus on connecting with the natural world. Since, the area is so isolated that you won’t be able to find a phone signal or internet. But, there are plenty of activities to keep you occupied without phone technology at this remote destination of India. Among the Homestays in Karnataka, ‘No Man’s Land’ is one such place that remains hidden in the lush greenery of forests taking you into a different world of serenity.
The wilderness around ‘Middle of Nowhere’ is a natural adventure playground for nature lovers. There are many natural waterfalls around the property which one can visit, one of which is at stone’s throw from the property.
Trekking here is the other ideal activity one can indulge in. Viewpoint trek is one of the treks which will take you through mixed forest and Savannah like grasslands and close range of the property makes such treks very accessible.
Instead of checking your messages on phone look for the many species of birds living in the Western Ghats. The place is also ideal for bird watchers. One can easily spot species like the Fairy Bluebird, Great Indian Hornbill, Grey jungle fowl and many more. The forest department also organizes guided treks to the top of Dudhsagar waterfalls which is Goa’s most attractive and ideal picnic spots making it one of the best holiday destinations near Goa.
They also have a pottery studio with a wood fired kiln taking shape where you can try your hands at pottery and making different shapes of utensils for you.
Hence, while spending your holiday at one of the best Homestay of India, you’ll need a backpack, your trekking shoes, and all your loose clothes- minus your tablet or cell phone and discover the region on foot or their bicycles. Yes, they do have bicycles too.
So, Plan to unplug while you are at ‘Middle of Nowhere’ and connect to natural world.

‘Middle of Nowhere’ Homestay is situated at Castle rock, Karnataka.
Most places in Goa are reached within 2 or 2.5 half hours. If you are driving from Pune or Bangalore to Goa, then ‘Middle of Nowhere’ is just 16 km detours from NH4A. Once you reach the highway, we will guide you to the location as even the GPS cannot tract the exact location.
For you convenience we can also arrange the pick and drop service from Mollem or Anmod if you are coming by bus.
If you are coming by train, then castle rock station is just 10 km away. Trains from Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, New Delhi and other places pass either of these stations. There are also trains from Goa to Castle rock which offer spectacular view of Dudhsagar falls. A pick and drop can be easily arranged from the railway station.
If you coming by air then ‘Middle of Nowhere’ is just 2 or 2.5 hour drive from the Goa Airport.

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