Royal Swiss Cottage

Royal Swiss Cottage

Tucked into a bird sanctuary, 45 kilometres from Solan, is Royal Swiss Cottage.
Starts from Rs 2500/ Night

Tucked into a bird sanctuary, 45 kilometres from Solan, is Royal Swiss Cottage. Home to Tragopan, state bird of Himachal Pradesh, Host Kanishk describes his home as the perfect definition of an offbeat destination. With over a 100 species of birds accompanying you during the stay, and surrounded by Conifer Hill, Royal Swiss Cottage is definitely a get-to-go.

The stay has three cottage suites, namely, Walnut, Apple, and Maharaja. Walnut Suite is named so because of the wooden interior and lamps lighting. Apple Suite, because it has a clear view of an apple tree. Maharaja Suite has a bigger space designed to accommodate pets. Each cottage suite at Royal Swiss Cottage has been designed keeping in mind the whole aura of Chail Sanctuary.

Royal Swiss Cottage has an open kitchen with a local cook. The food preparation mostly consists of home-grown veggies which grows in the cottage’s backyard. There are plantations of cabbages, tomatoes, onions, capsicums, etcetera. Also, because the family is in good terms with the locals, there is also a barter of veggies which goes around. Interestingly, there is also Guchhi plantation at the stay’s garden farm.

. Bird watching
. Adventure hikes
. Village walks
. Trekking
. Camping

Take a bus to Shimla, get down at Kandaghat. From Kandaghat, take a taxi to the village.

Host Kanishk’s family history goes way back to when Ghaznavids invaded India - a story which will be best narrated by the host himself.The family is a family of four with Kanishk having a helping hand of his parents and a younger brother.Royal Swiss Cottage has been functional since 2018 when it was actually started as the pilot phase,which now has grown and shone.

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