Roshan's House

Roshan's House

Near Jibhi

Roshan’s House is a perfect place to unwind yourself in the lap of nature
Starts from Rs 1800/ Night

Located near the Banjar Tehsil of Tirthan Valley, Roshan’s House is a perfect place to unwind yourself in the lap of nature. Jibhi is a small paradise in Tirthan Valley and Roshan’s House offers a perfect chance to embrace the valley. It is beautiful NotOnMap house in Jibhi where you can truly enjoy the silence and magnitude of the hills.
While there are quite a few things to do around Jibhi, Roshan’s House is an optimal place to stay at to make the most out of your trip to Tirthan Valley.

Roshan’s House provides a comfortable and cozy stay to it guests. The house has a total of 4 rooms out of which 2 rooms are fully ready for guest to accommodate. The rooms are built in a traditional Himachali way with the use of mud and wood, giving it a rustic feel that you feel not forget. Also, the rooms have attached bathroom with the hot water facility.
There is an open seating area, where you can enjoy the beautiful vistas of Jibhi during day time and also sit and enjoy the starlit sky at night with a bonfire. This outside area can also be used for dining to have a different experience.
Roshan’s House is a perfect place to isolate from the crowds while perfectly enjoying the company of a river right beside the house. Also, it offers beautiful views of the snow-clad peaks, small houses and is surrounded by trees and a gorgeous wooden bridge.

As the Homestay offers you a perfect chance of staying in a traditional Himachali house, it even offers the traditional local home-cooked food for guests to eat.
The owner of the house Mr.Roshan Thakur and his wife prepares delicious home-cooked food for you.
Poha, Bread Omlette, Paranthas are ideally served for breakfast along with tea and coffee. For lunch and dinner, locally grown vegetables will be served as well ,as a part of the Himachali cuisine. It ideally includes dal, rice, vegetables and rotis. If a special request is made in advance by the guests, such as non-vegetarian food, the hosts would arrange for it.

The homestay is about a 5 minute walk from Jibhi. It offers the perfect solitude to the guests along with the magnificent views.
Roshan’s House provides quite authentic Himachali experience during your stay. The property is located right next to the river which can let the guests enjoy the river. This means that you will be sleeping and waking up to the sound of the gushing river and chirping of birds. There are numerous trees around the property where in you can sit and laze around during the day. Day activities like fishing or short treks to Chehni Kothi Fort can be arranged by the host.
Also, while you are here, you can visit the famous Jalori Pass which is about 12 kms from the property. Another hidden paradise, the Jibhi Waterfall is in the close vicinity of the property at 20 minutes of walking distance. The meadows of Shangarh can also be visited while you are here along with the Shesh Nag Temple, Serolsar Lake, Balu Temple and Shrina Rishi Temple.

Travelers can deboard at Aut tunnel on the Chandigarh-Manali national highway. From there, the most economical way to reach the guesthouse is to take a bus to Banjar, and then a taxi or a bus to Jibhi. A direct taxi from Aut tunnel to Jibhi can also be taken. Alternately, if a request is made, a vehicle can be arranged by NotOnMap for the guests as well. From Jibhi, the visitors need to walk off the road for about 5 minutes to reach the property.

Your trip will be even more memorable with the company of the host Mr.Roshan Thakur. Born and brought-up in Jibhi, Roshan knows every nook and corner of the valley. He has numerous stories of his ancestors and forefathers to tell the guests. Also, he has been doing this work since past 12 years now and has started the homestay since 6 years now along with NotOnMap.
Mr.Roshan also arranges day treks to numerous places around, camping expeditions around Jibhi along with the opporunitie of angling. He is also quite popular in the valley for the village walks that he conducts for guests.
Also, Roshan’s House has a Gharat system- which is a traditional flour mill. Guests are offered the experience of visiting the Gharat room and witnessing the whole process of organic flour mills.
Thus, the whole experience of staying in a traditional Himachali house with the warm and hospitable Mr.Roshan Thakur is something you must not miss.

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