Tashi’s Home

Tashi’s Home

Nako Village

Nako Village is one of Kinnaur’s most picturesque hamlets
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Nako Village (3662m) is one of Kinnaur’s most picturesque hamlets. Nako is slated to be declared a ‘Heritage Village’ gates in the village streets built from stone & wood & painted in the inside with colourful Buddhist religious paintings. This is built around a small lake and has an important Buddhist monastery & a couple of small temples. A footprint-like impression on a rock is ascribed to the Saint Padamasambhava. Nako is also the base to reach the Tashigang Monastery; the area is known for its lake, which forms part of the border of the village.Nako Monastery is located in the village as well as several other Buddhist temples.Nako Monastery allegedly founded by Ringchen Zangpo in 996 ad.Small old temples with old sculptures and frescoes, sadly some of them neglected.There's also a new Temple built in recent years. Nako Lake is a small & beautiful holy lake. Early in morning is the most scenic if water is still you get beautiful reflection of the village. There are some nice day walks around the mountains if you're reasonably fit.In 3 to 4 hours you can reach the village of Tashigang perched high above the Sutlej valley.The only things you'll encounter underway are sheepherders and great views.

Located just in front of famous Nako Lake and 300 m from Nako Monastery. Tashi’s home is a beautiful set up amidst this more breath-taking village. Tashi’s home has 5 rooms all facing the lake and the beautiful Reo Purgyal mountain peak. The terrace opens straight to the Lake. Watching sun set standing in the balcony with a hot cup of tea is always a memorable moment here.

At NotOnMap, we always talk about Live Like Local, hence the food served on the table is local too. Breakfast can be Parantha with curd, Tibetan bread combined with jam or butter and butter tea or Masala tea. Homemade local cuisine like Thupka, Momos, and Indian food can be your dinner. You may also ask for Ark (local wine) and packed apple juice.

The sheer view of barren landscape of Hangrang Valley and the Spiti River cutting through the rocks deserve a visit. Apart from that there is a high altitude lake around which the village has grown. Watch out for Tibetan Buddhist culture and symbols all over the village. There is a new monastery which mostly remains locked, unless you are on time (6 AM and 3PM) for rituals. There are some ruins of the historical monastery and old temples etc.
 In Nako, you can take part in Village walk, where you understand the history of this village, walk by the Lake to know why Guru Padmasambhava meditated here.Hike till the view point to gain a bird’s eye perspective of the valley down.You can also take a jeep trip to other valley in Hangrang like, Leo, Change, etc.

Nako is located on the Hindustan Tibet Highway, somewhere in the middle point between Reckong Peo (Kinnaur) and Kaza (Spiti). There are two buses daily plying from Peo to Nako and beyond. You can also catch a Peo bound bus from Kaza to reach Nako if you are coming from Manali side.

Reckong Peo to Nako Bus

The Reckong Peo-Kaza bus leaves at around 6.30-7 AM in the morning from Peo bus stand and drops you at Nako at around 11 AM, with a brief stop at Spello for food. If you miss that one, you can take the second bus at around 11.30-12.00 noon. This one does not go up to Kaza but stops at Sumdo. But if you just need to reach Nako, this will leave you there at around 4 PM. The first bus tends to be very crowded, while it is comparatively easier to get seats in the 2nd bus.

Kaza to Nako Bus

The Kaza-Peo bus leaves at around 7.30 AM in the morning and you reach Nako by 11.30 AM. Make sure that you reach bus stand at least 30 mins earlier to ensure a decent seat. Otherwise, there can also be some shared cars in the peak season plying between Kaza to Rampur but be careful and ask the locals about them the day before.

Nako to Reckong Peo Bus

The next day, if you want to come back to Reckong Peo, you will have to catch the Kaza bus at around 11.30 AM. The bus stops for lunch in Nako so there will be enough time.

Nako to Kaza Bus

The next day, if you want to go to Tabo or Kaza, you will have to catch the Peo-Kaza morning bus at around 11-11.30 AM. The bus stops for lunch in Nako as usual.

The Hindustan Tibet Road is mostly smooth and comfortable nowadays. It used to be one of the most difficult roads at one point of time but in the last couple of years, a lot of work has been done and I have seen it develop in front of my own eyes. It can still give you a scare at certain sharp turns on the edge of deep gorges but except at one or two points, the road is now easy to drive on.

Sonam Tashi has been a part of NotOnMap from last 22 years and runs a homestay. He is the youngest in family and his other two brothers are government teachers. He was offered the job of a high school teacher but he chose to settle woth tourism because he loves to interact with new people. He has been keenly associated with preserving local art and craft in Nako Village.

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