Sonam’s Home

Sonam’s Home

Near Kaza

Kaza Village
Starts from Rs 1500/ Night

Nestled under the high mountains of Spiti. From the golden sunset of Spiti to the ornate ornament of the night sky - Milky Way, stay with us for amazing views from our rooftop seating area whilst you relax in traditional NotOnMap Spitian homestay
Rudyard Kipling described the Lahaul and Spiti region as ‘a world within a world’.
The beautiful town of Kaza is located at an altitude of about 12, 500 ft.,on the left bank of the Spiti River in the majestic Lahaul and Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh.It is known as the sub - divisional headquarters of Spiti and the largest township in the Lahaul and Spiti Valley, which is one of the most beautiful valleys of Himachal Pradesh.Kaza is surrounded by high mountains, crystal clear river & streams, and barren landscapes interspersed with green landscapes and meadows.
Monasteries and gompas are the repositories of the ancient culture and tradition of Kaza. Tabo Monastery, one of the oldest Buddhism centers in the western Himalaya, is located here. Murals of Tabo Monastery are quite similar to Ajanta paintings. It is also the best place to watch Lama dance and get insights into Tibetan Buddhism.

With the perfect view of Spiti river from every room and a terrace that shows a birds eye view of Kaza town, Sonam’s house is a perfect NotOnMap example. Our homestay is at secluded location in Kaza just across the Spiti River away from the hustle bustle of this newly developed tourist place. We have 3 rooms and a huge terrace area where we have tradition sitting done for your viewing pleasure. Currently we don’t have attached toilets with our rooms but they are just right across the room.

At NotOnMap, we always talk about Live Like Local, hence the food served on the table is local too. Breakfast can be Parantha with curd, Tibetan bread combined with jam or butter and butter tea or Masala tea. Homemade local cuisine like Thupka, Momos, and Indian food can be your dinner. You may also ask for Ark (local wine) and packed apple juice.

Kaza is the center point beyond which you will take your day trips around places but being NotOnMap we suggest experiences which are rustic and remote as the names resonates.
Experience the monk life at the nunneries of Pangmo and Morang, Visit Gue, home to a 550 year old Mummy of a Monk, Experience the miracles of nature in Langza, Savour organic Spitian food, Meditate at the caves of Tabo, Stay at Tashigang, a village in the clouds, Trek from Langza-Hikkim-Komic-Demul, Buchen performance in Pin Valley

Distance wise, Delhi to Kaza is around 740 KM. The total distance remains almost the same irrespective of Shimla or Manali route. But, if you take the Shimla route, you would have covered only 45% of your total distance when you reach Shimla with further 411 KM for Kaza. Compared to that, reaching Manali would help you cover as much as 73% of the total distance with a mere 202 KM further. So, generally, if you don’t spend a night at Manali or Shimla, you can reach Kaza from Delhi in 2 days by opting for the Manali route and 3 days via Shimla. But, we would recommend resting in Manali or Shimla for a day to enjoy the trip better by not rushing it.
The routes will be as mentioned below:
If you are taking an early morning flight to Chandigarh, you can reach Shimla or Manali on the same day!

Manali Route:

Day 1: Delhi/Chandigarh to Manali (Overnight Bus)
Day 2: Stay in Manali or Kullu. If you are opting for the public bus to Kaza, stay in Kullu as when I visited Manali, they had stopped taking advance booking for the bus and you need one for a seat.
Day 3: Kullu/Manali to Kaza. In the evening you will be in Kaza if you leave around 6 AM.

Shimla Route:

Day 1: Delhi/Chandigarh to Shimla (Overnight bus)
Day 2: Stay in Shimla, visit nearby places. You can also go till Narkanda as it is 2 hours from Shimla along the route to Kaza
Day 3: Shimla/Narkanda to Kalpa
Day 4: Kalpa to Kaza
So, if you take the Shimla route, that means one less night in Kaza.

Sonam’s-home, Kaza
Amidst all the crowd and chaos of touristic places in Kaza, there is person by the name of Sonam, who took a plunge of starting a homestay which will be bit secluded, away from noise and which is situated near the bank of Spiti river. The home stay is built using the ancestral architecture of Spiti. He believes in ATITHI DEVO BHAVAH, hence not keeping money making his priority. He craves to provide people with live like local concept.

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