Mulche Village

Mulche Village

Demul Village

Our most remotest destination in India
Starts from Rs 1500/ Night

Far away from civilization, human figures and network zone lies a place of utter isolation and solitude. Presenting Mulche Village, the village with only one house in Spiti is our most rustic space for all you adventure and solitude seekers.
Mulche Village is part of Demul Village in Spiti, known for it’s remoteness. Two years back, there were no existent roads to this village and one has to hike for 3 days from Kaza to reach here. Demul is a small village with around 35-40 houses, and a small school.
The story of Demul village goes like this..
Demul is a village tucked safely between high mountains that might have got its name from a folklore. A resident of a nearby village lost his Demo (Female Yak). He began searching for it in the pastures. He later found the Demo grazing in a place with really long grass. So the soil seemed fertile. Soon, he along with few other villagers moved to this new land and made it their home.
A random Conversation…
Angruup showed us the room and took out a cellphone from his pocket as we all sat in the kitchen for a cup of milk tea. “Do you get signal here ?”, someone asked inquisitively.
“No, I use it to listen to music and take pictures”, he replied while staring at the screen of his phone. An act quite common these days.
Interestingly, there is neither a cell phone signal nor landline connectivity in this village. The only way people connect to the outside world is through a satellite telephone (WLL) installed in the house of the village pradhan.
People live together like a large family and have more real friends then virtual ones. That’s what makes this village special.

With nothing around for miles, Mulche Village is the only house in the entire village. Surrounding the house are peas and peas and peas. The entire family been growing peas from past 5 years and some yak heading. That’s the only things near by till your vision goes. We don’t have private rooms here but rather open kitchen which is given to you people on shared basis. Mulche is a cold desert hence the temperature dips to negative Celsius at night. The heating system (Bhukhari) inside the open kitchen helps you to stay warm. The feeling of being the very first travellers to ever live in such remote solitude is the achievement here.
Don’t expect anything modern, not even close to it. This place is kept the way it was from last 210 years since this village with it’s one house setup.

At NotOnMap, we always talk about Live Like Local, hence the food served on the table is local too. Breakfast can be Parantha with curd, Tibetan bread combined with jam or butter and butter tea or Masala tea. Homemade local cuisine like Thupka, Momos, and Indian food can be your dinner. You may also ask for Ark (local wine) and packed apple juice.

There are no experiences here apart from utter solitude! You can hike up near the village while ending up no where, you can experience farm work while helping the family in their daily chores. Learn to cook some local food, or the local language. There are 100 things to do here, and what else would you do with a village with one home and zero connectivity.

The route to Demul is tricky, thus we cant explain it. We will help you post you are in Kaza.
Distance wise, Delhi to Kaza is around 740 KM. The total distance remains almost the same irrespective of Shimla or Manali route. But, if you take the Shimla route, you would have covered only 45% of your total distance when you reach Shimla with further 411 KM for Kaza. Compared to that, reaching Manali would help you cover as much as 73% of the total distance with a mere 202 KM further. So, generally, if you don’t spend a night at Manali or Shimla, you can reach Kaza from Delhi in 2 days by opting for the Manali route and 3 days via Shimla. But, we would recommend resting in Manali or Shimla for a day to enjoy the trip better by not rushing it.
The routes will be as mentioned below:
If you are taking an early morning flight to Chandigarh, you can reach Shimla or Manali on the same day!

Manali Route:

Day 1: Delhi/Chandigarh to Manali (Overnight Bus)
Day 2: Stay in Manali or Kullu. If you are opting for the public bus to Kaza, stay in Kullu as when I visited Manali, they had stopped taking advance booking for the bus and you need one for a seat.
Day 3: Kullu/Manali to Kaza. In the evening you will be in Kaza if you leave around 6 AM.

Shimla Route:

Day 1: Delhi/Chandigarh to Shimla (Overnight bus)
Day 2: Stay in Shimla, visit nearby places. You can also go till Narkanda as it is 2 hours from Shimla along the route to Kaza
Day 3: Shimla/Narkanda to Kalpa
Day 4: Kalpa to Kaza
So, if you take the Shimla route, that means one less night in Kaza.

Mulche has always been a person who has gone through a loads of ups and downs in his life. When his entire family was abandoned by the complete village, they survived on their own by living on a hill alone. Mulche being the youngest among all the brothers, has done his journalism and was offered a job as assistant editor. But he chose to join hands with Not On Map, where he brings you the remotest homestay in entire India. Where their earnings are by farming and selling yalk wool and yalk dairy products. They bring you the most raw Pahadi culture

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