Komik House

Komik House

Near Komik

Welcome to World Highest Village
Starts from Rs 1500/ Night

At the height of 15,027 feet above sea-level in the trans-Himalayan region of the Spiti Valley, lies the world's highest village with a road, KOMIK. 'Komik house' is the only guest house in Spiti right next to the main Gompa of the village, 'Tangyud Monastery', which is also the world's highest monastery. This monastery belongs to the Sakya Sect of Spiti Valley.
Komic is a very small village with just 8-10 houses which means you will barely see 50 people in this village. The statute of Mahakal is residing in one of the two monasteries in Komic and has many stories related to it.Females are not allowed in the room where the statue is kept, but they can have a look at the snow leopard effigy outside the room.

'Komik house' provides a comfortable stay in otherwise this very remote area. This house has 3 rooms and each room gives you some spectacular view of this region of trans-Himalayas. The rooms have comfortable beds and attached washrooms.

In 'Komik house', the best authentic local food is served. For lunch and dinner, locally grown vegetables are served as the part of local Spiti cuisine. Also, there is an organic kitchen just outside the 'Komik house' that serves the best food that you will not have anywhere else in Spiti.

This homestay is right in the middle of two monasteries, 'Tangyud Monastery' and the new Gompa. You can sit in the monastery and pray with the monks and be a part of their rituals. Also, you can sit with the monks and have a hot cup of tea and talk about how their experiences of staying in the extreme temperatures.
Also, you can visit the last village of the Spiti region before the Tibetan border, Demul. Demul is 60 minutes drive from Komic and you will be awe-struck by the roads and the route you will take.

Komik is 18km from the main town Kaza. You can either get a shared cab or you can hire your own taxi. The route from Kaza to Komic is via treacherous road and you would not want to miss the views.

Komik house
There are people who believe in guests being their god. This place is being taken care by the monks. It was built by entire use of glass glass to keep the house warm. Guests are offered stays with the lowest fare possible and best hospitality is provided by the monks over there. All the money they earn from this homestay goes for the preservation of the artefact and old journals kept in the monastery. It was started for this purpose only. Monks thought of starting a home stay which can help people getting the best local experience while monks can take care of their monetary and preserve the old books as well.

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