Near Rackcham Rackcham Village

Near Rackcham Rackcham Village

The Postcard Village
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A relatively unknown travel destination on the way to Chitkul via Sangla, Rakcham is found at a height of around 2900m. A sparse population of around 800 people inhabit the village. While moving towards Chitkul from Sangla, the village is found on the left side of the main road and the river Baspa flows on the right.
The river is almost at level with the village and thanks to wide expanse, the force of water is not as menacing. At places, we could easily walk across to the other side. Add to that very clean, walkable banks interspersed with loads of snow – and you get the perfect post card location.
The inhabitants of Rakcham are known as Kinnaurs and mostly nomadic. The men in Rakchum normally take care of the herd of sheep and cows whereas women tend to farming and household chores. During winter the village the village remains under thick snow coverings and people move to the lower regions. They move to the village again in April to sow the seeds. The village has two temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Kali.
There are two temples, Kali and Shiva temples. The Kali temple, renovated after a devastating fire in the village few years back which had destroyed the original temple, is a marvellous structure depicting dragons on the façade (typical blend of Hindu and Buddhist ideology, found throughout Kinnaur).

Rakcham Village is the only homestay in this village also maintaining its old world charm with wooden architecture and beautiful balconies with a view. With only two rooms, Rakcham village is small and personal—run by innkeepers who really make it feel like home. All the rooms have view of Baspa river flowing right across the house.
The house would be log-built, rustic as befits its surroundings, yet supremely comfortable. The Homestay is anchored in the local community introducing you to the culture of the region. Outside the Homestay, is there beautiful garden with flowers, local plants and a lot of fog, rejuvenating your soul with freshness.

We at NotOnMap believe in “living like a local” and when you are in Kinnaur, living in one of the rustic stays of the valley, don’t miss the chance to savor their local dishes.
Rakcham just like Sangla produces abundant of Apples, potato and peas. The locals put together variety of regional dishes using crops and vegetables from their farms.
We cook organic food using produce fresh from our garden, promising a healthy local meal. Don’t ask for fancy food as we love our guests who appreciate our host families. Remember; to see the best of a place, live like the local does.

Get to this quaint village on the other side of the Baspa River with an easy hike from Sangla, across a small bridge that connects the village to the larger valley. Basteri village is the stuff old fiction arose from, old buildings in wood and stone, some refurbished but most crumbling, just 8 km from Sangla. Complete with an ancient wooden temple, partially burnt but rebuilt through the years, with the Kinner Kailash peak looming large overhead. Basteri has some interesting local handicrafts and shawls you might want to pick up before you leave.

Delhi - Shimla - Sangla: A roadways bus gets you to Shimla from Delhi in 7.30 hrs (350 kms). Stay the night in Shimla/Narkanda. Then board the afternoon or early morning bus to Sangla and reach there in another 7 hours.

Rakcham Village
Introducing Vinod, a boy, who used to see tourist crossing his remote village everyday, yet none stopped by. He wondered, why! A village, which is filled with greenery, some refreshing drizzling and peace yet people were not coming to his village. He thought of introducing a new unexplored place to tourists and hence joined his hands with NotOnMap, which helped him to start his homestay, a one of his kind community stay in Rakcham Village nestled in between. Which has given him so much satisfaction that whenever a guest is arriving to his place, he himself goes to pick them up and provides them with the best local hospitality which he has learned from no one.

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