The Lost Escape Homestay

The Lost Escape Homestay

Near Jibhi

Recreating the landscape from your childhood drawings
Starts from Rs 1800/ Night

Recreating the landscape from your childhood drawings, ‘The Lost Escape’ is a beautiful NotOnMap House in Jibhi. Enveloped in green folds of nature, on the banks of a river, it is a traditional Himachali mud house. With no other settlement in sight, guests get to escape the chaos of city life and truly enjoy the solitude of the hills.
This nature’s house is near Banjar, what is also popularly known as the “Valley of God”. It is a well-known place among tourists in the area for the many exciting opportunities of exploration it offers. Surprisingly, it is still as untouched and magical as ever. The Lost Escape thus is the optimal bed and breakfast for a perfect getaway.

‘The Lost Escape provides a comfortable and cozy stay to its guests. The lodge has 4 rooms: 2 independent rooms downstairs and a duplex above. Due to its traditional customization, it has two shared bathrooms, with the facility of hot water available. To suit the modern tourists, there is also a provision of putting up three Swiss tents.
There is an open seating area outside as well, where a bonfire can be lit.The dining area has been set up outside as well, for the enjoyment of the pleasant weather.
Although this isolated place is ideal for people to cut off from their regular life, there is still good network for you to be in touch with your friends and family. The guesthouse is surrounded by trees, with an invigorating river gushing by just beside it with a lovely bridge on top of it. It also has a magnificent view of snow-capped mountain peaks. It indeed seems to be a lovely landscape straight out of a children’s storybook.

With the Homestay striving to give an authentic Himachal experience to the guests, even the food it offers is what the locals would eat.
There is a cook present on site who would cook organic food for the visitors.
Breakfast then would have options like paranthas, purisabzi, poha, bread omelette, etc. For lunch and dinner, locally grown vegetables will be served as well as part of the Himachali cuisine. If a special request is made in advance by the guests, such as non-vegetarian food, the hosts would arrange for it.

This Homestay is off the road, which restricts any vehicular disturbance with the guests. The area is sparsely populated, letting the guest have a relaxing time solely in the company of nature. It is the perfect destination for a family vacation.
The Lost Escape provides an authentic Himachali experience. The visitors also themselves partake in organic farming. Additionally, the property is purely engulfed in nature. It is just beside a river in which you could jump and play in.There are a number of trees around which you could climb or pluck fruits from as well. Camping space is also made available. Guests therefore get to sleep to the sound of water and wake up to the sound of chirping birds.
Visitors could travel to Jalaudhi pass, which is only 15 km from the cottage. From there, a day trek and camping expedition to Serolsar Lake (that is frozen during winters) can also be undertaken.
Raghupur Fort is an interesting visit in the area too, as it gives a 360 degree view of the valley. Besides this, the picturesque town of Shojha is about 10 km from the cottage.
The Great Himalayan National Park is at a distance of 10 km from the guesthouse as well. The meadows of Shanghar can also be visited in Banjar. ChehniKothi and Shringa Rishi temple are well-known spots in the vicinity too.

Travelers can deboard at Aut tunnel on the Chandigarh-Manali national highway. From there, the most economical way to reach the guesthouse is to take a bus to Banjar, and then a taxi to Kotlathadar. A direct taxi from Aut tunnel to Kotlathadar can also be taken. Alternately, if a request is made, a vehicle can be arranged by NotOnMap for the guests as well.
From Kotlathadar, the visitors need to walk off the road for about 10 minutes to reach the property.

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