1870 Heritage House

1870 Heritage House

Near Dharamshala

A 200 year old house nestled in a quaint erstwhile royal village.
Starts from Rs 2200/ Night

Heritage House, once the residential palaces of Himachal Pradesh is one of the best holiday destinations near Delhi to relive the royal life. ‘Heritage House’ lies on the foothills of Dharamshala town. The ‘Heritage House’ is built on a hilltop overlooking the splendid Maharana Pratap Sagar Dam (Pong Dam) on one side and thick alpine forests on the other. It is the birthplace of Miniature paintings popularly known as Kangra Kalam. Pong Dam is known for its rich vegetation and multitude of migratory birds that visit in winter. Take a trip to the wetlands to witness peacocks and red jungle fowl. One can also visit other Heritage monuments such as the monolith temples of Masrur and Bathu Temples ( Bathu Ki Ladi ) or have a fun filled day birding like witnessing common Coots, Northern Pintails, Northern Shovellers, Common Teals, cormorants, shelducks, gulls on the shores of Pong lake.
For the times when life needs a splash of lavishness, we at NotOnMap know how to open up a 147 old royal home for a majestic weekend experience.

Heritage house is a massive property and when we say massive it doesn’t mean large in terms of space, we mean in terms of the sheer unique blend of never before experienced history and culture. ‘Heritage House’ has lot of rooms including one luxurious queen size bedroom perfect with a king sized living room perfect for a family.
Back in the days, houses were made in superior style without any space constraints. The house is built in elliptical style, the structure has stood the test of time and the mountain weather for almost 90 years. There is a massive balcony with views of the nearby foothills. The courtyard overlooks the still reflective waters of the Pong Dam.
If you’d like to live amongst the lush forests amidst the peaceful swish of the foliage in the mountain breeze, we also provide Swiss tents opposite the villa for the campers amongst you.
‘Heritage house’ sits quite near Pong dam so be ready to see lots of birds here, some might even invite themselves for breakfast in the living room!
The weather near ‘Heritage House’ is tropical with temperatures reaching up to 45 degree centigrade in the summers. In monsoons, heavy rainfall elevates the water level, increasing the surface area of the nearby Pong Dam lake. The average rainfall measured annually aggregates at around 1207 mm. Each monsoon season lasts between the months of July and September. Winters are mildly cold and temperatures can go down to about 5 degrees on the coldest days.

At ‘Heritage House’ we serve organic food and most of the raw materials come from the nearby farmland that is situated on the alluvial soil of the lake shore. The food is vegetarian and you can opt to eat out in the sitting area or in the drawing room. If you have any special need in terms of local cuisine please let us know beforehand so we can procure them for you.

‘Heritage House’ is a birding paradise. You can witness more than 1000 species there. This lake sanctuary is a big attraction for migratory ducks from the Siberian region during winter.
One can see thousands of ducks in the swamps between Shah Nehar barrage, Pong Dam and the surrounding shallow waters of the lake. Clean blue water all around with panoramic views of Dhauladhar Ranges and Kangra Valley make the visit to Ransar Island an unforgettable experience. The receding waters reveal an island where Black buck and Cheetal along with Surkhab, Cranes, Pintails and a variety of water birds welcome visitors.
A regional water sports center has been established in the Pong dam reservoir which offers adventure sport water activities such as canoeing, rowing, sailing, and water skiing, apart from swimming making it one of the best homestays in Dharamshala.

The best access option is by train. The place is at a distance of:-
170 kilometres from Chandigarh
110 kilometres from Amritsar
55 kilometres from Dharamshala.
The nearest Airports is Chandigarh. The closest railhead is at Pathankot which is 82 kilometres from ‘Heritage House’. The railway stations of Pathankot and Una are connected to Delhi by express trains.
Reaching ‘Heritage House’ might be difficult as there are numerous village roads going towards it. A NotOnMap executive will guide you all the way till this secluded property.
*10km away from ‘Heritage House’ is a beautiful serpentine road which is frequently used by numerous villagers as a way to access nearby villages. One can actually witness local cultural along the route. With the view of Pong dam on your right and the snow dusted peaks of the Dhauladhar range, the journey to the property is an experience in itself.

1870 Heritage house
Mr. Guleria, belonging to the Royalties of Guler, now preserves his art and monuments back home. Residing in Dharamshala, he now manages this heritage community stay. Having worked as a journalist and lecturer, Mr. Raghav has spent more than a decade of his life, acquiring the Haveli of Guler and restoring it to a new life. He is associated to NotOnMap and has a vision to create the lost vibes together. With this association, he envisions to be a provider to some of the families maintaining the heritage.

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