Grandma’s Home

Grandma’s Home

Near Dharamshala

A perfect summer house to spend few hushed days
Starts from Rs 1800/ Night

Do you remember your grandma’s house?
Where you used to visit every summer? The old and rustic house constructed of clay and mud which was claimed to be hundred years old by your granny?
Yes, ‘The Grandma’s Home’ looks and feels very similar. Nestled amidst picturesque Dhauladhar Mountains, lush greenery, mystical rivers, serene weather is what makes it a heaven on earth.
An old architecture with a beautiful blend of old-world charm and modern comfort, devoid of urban noise and hustle, this quaint and veiled paradise is one of the best holiday destinations in Dharamshala to soothe a traveler soul like you.

‘The Grandma’s Home’ has 4 old styled two rooms, where one room is combined with a common library upstairs, the washroom being outside. The washroom is made entirely of bamboo. As the house is an ancestral property, therefore the architecture of the house is like a typical local village sort mostly constructed using clay and forest woods. The common kitchen is open for all where you are free to cook anything. The library is also open for all. You can spend hushed day in an old styled library with a small window opening in front of you, giving you the outside view. The common room is also available for all to chill and spend “we” ours with your friends. They also have some instruments like guitar, harmonium etc for you to enjoy musical evenings.
In the backyard they have small garden, where you are free to lie down on a hammock and enjoy the quaint surroundings. The backyard of the Homestay also offers a clear view of snow clad Dhauladhar ranges and a stream flowing next to it. And the only sound you listen all the time while staying at ‘Grandma’s Home’ is the sound of running stream which soothes and rejuvenates your tired soul to tranquility.

The food they offer is simple home cooked food like bread, butter, omelet, sandwiches and sometimes fresh fruits in the breakfast. In the lunch and dinner they have dal, rice, one dry sabzi with chapatti and if you are non- vegetarian, then some non-veg meal can be prepared specially for you. As “Grandma’s Home’ is like a home away from home, therefore you are free to use the kitchen and cook anything.

Being in the vicinity of Dharamshala town, ‘Grandma’s Home’ is secluded yet accessible to take a day tour of Dharamshala and around. You can go for a day tour to Mecleodganj, Bhagsunag waterfall, Norblingka institute or Indrunag temple and also enjoy paragliding or go for a day trek to Triund top.
And if you have decided to stay back, then a running stream next to the homestay and the lush greenery around is enough to keep you enthralled and calm at the same time for the whole day. Go for a walk to the farms in the backyard which gives a clear view of snow clad Dhauladhar Mountain. The farms take you directly to other side of Dharamshala i.e. to village Khanyara that is another beautiful hamlet of Dharamshala.
Hence ‘The Grandma’s Home’ is perfect for spending few hushed days reading, writing or just lazing around.

Grandma’s Home lies in Dharamshala town. There are a few flights to Dharamsala (DHM) from Delhi (DEL) everyday. From Dharamshala Airport, a taxi to Shilachowk will cost around 1000 Rs. If you are coming by bus, then take an overnight bus from Delhi to Dharamshala. From Dharamshala bus stand, there are ample buses to take you to Shilachowk. After, you reach Shilachowk one of NotOnMap folks will take to the destination.

Grandma's home
Grandma's home is an ancestral property of a journalist who has devoted his entire life to tourism magazines. Maintained by a local family, they offer home-prepared food and also let you use the kitchen if you want to cook some magic yourself. Being an avid reader, they have a small library with a carefully curated collection that you can use to have a quiet day. They are associated with NotOnMap and take visitors from the bus stand to Grandma's Home. With a special treatment to every guest, this is a perfect quiet break to have.

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