Mystic village

Mystic village

Near Khajjiar

A rustic community stay on the mountain top
Starts from Rs 700/ Night

We at NotOnMap are in gumption to provide travelers a Socio-Cultural Exchange, where we strive to provide travelers with beautiful experiences at remote locations and vice versa. We open doors of local homes, with hosts who extend their warm hospitality to travelers and allow a deeper impact, cultural exchange that benefits both parties.
And this time, we have been able convert an entire village into a Homestay. Yes, the entire village, where you are free to choose in which house to stay and where to eat.
Nestled on a height of 2100 meters and on 2 km trek from Khajjiar, ‘Mystic village’ is crafted in community styled concept where you are free to choose in which house to stay and where to eat where you reach after a 2 km walk through Deodar trees and panoramic views of Khajjiar.
The folk tradition is still alive in this village where members help each other in good and bad times. This community stay tradition is a very crucial element in hosting their guests as this system provides financial support to each household when the guests live at different houses of the village during their stay.
‘Mystic Village’ is deeply infused with the culture of the region—and stand out for the opportunities they offer to get to know the local community. If you plan to spend few days in ‘Mystic village’ stay, don’t expect a luxury treatment, their raw and real life is what they to offer you as a service.
With 12 houses, few temples and a school, ‘Mystic village’ is nature’s best kept secret. ‘Mystic village’ is a personal invitation to live in 200 years old mud houses sitting on a mountain top giving you 360 degree bird’s eye view of Kalatop Wildlife sanctuary on your east and Dalhousie on your west. It is a place where the only thing you see is nature and only nature, where life is rustic and poised away from modernity.
At ‘Mystic Village’, you will witness the real colors and beauty of each season from summers to winters. In winters the whole village is covered with white snow, in monsoons the village is embellished with clouds, fog and a whole spell of green everywhere and summers are completely windy and soothing.

‘Mystic Village’ is not a Homestay in the traditional sense; it is more an extension of the hospitality that stems from the homes of the villagers who built it and run it. Here, you are their treasured guest more than their clients, and your experience is an effortless, enjoyable immersion into a community culture.
From the décor of the common rooms to the welcoming rituals to the way you are seated and served your meals, all speak to the traditions of the area. And everyday life happens all around you. Being on the mountain top, here sun rises at 6 AM and a usual day starts at 5am. Outside your room, you witness the scene of typical village of cow grazing, children going to school, women sitting in groups and chatting and cool breeze kissing your face.
This is a serene and inspirational example of how a simple accommodation can become a living, breathing celebration of culture.
Here at ‘Mystic village’, they do not have any particular one stay for their guests. Instead they offer the whole village to you. You have 12 houses to choose where you want to stay. The houses are rustic, purely made of mud and clay, their roofs being made of old slates which keeps the rooms cool during the summers and warm in the winters. There are two special cottages specially handcrafted for you which add more design elements complementing the interiors of the rooms. From the handcrafted lights to the paintings on the walls everything speaks of rich art and culture of ‘Gaddi” community. And what’s special of all these houses is that each house has a beautiful balcony opening up to pristine natural surroundings where nature's peace flows into you as sunshine flows into trees. The wind blows their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares drops off like autumn leaves. All the rooms have enough of windows for natural light to enter the rooms all day.
And for you to stargaze and embrace the wilderness, we have luxury tents as well, where you can spend the night under sky and for relaxing and chilling we have designed a common room with beautiful lightings and rustic wooden décor where you can enjoy all your meals and enjoy “we” hours with friends.
Since, we at NotOnMap believe in living with the nature, and contributing to it therefore, we have tried utilizing each and every resource we have around us and tried not wasting any of it. Proper dustbins have been placed everywhere in the village to avoid littering around. We have also tried to channelize water so that even dirty water is not wasted and is being utilized in the fields.
At NotOnMap’s community stay we promise you to provide a rustic experience of living like a local and in exchange we expect you to contribute to the community through volunteering which may be teaching the local women of the village or children or just interacting with them making a good environment for eco-tourism.

At ‘Mystic village’ go beyond the great meals and delve into the culinary traditions of the region you’re exploring, discovering age-old traditions of food preparation and savoring the best of local flavors. At this Homestay in Khajjiar, each kitchen has its own culture and specialty. It’s your choice in which kitchen you want to eat in. Like the houses, their utensils are also made of clay adding more authenticity to each meal. The food is served in their kitchen, where you sit on floor with other members of that family and enjoy the hot “roti’s” straight out of their pan. They prepare food on their traditional “chullahs” (stove) and cook it on wood fire which adds more scrumptious flavors to each meal.
Being on a mountain top, they have grown everything on their farm and trust us here you will get to savor the best and rarest of vegetables here with a “Gaddi” touch to it.
In the breakfast, they offer stuffed or sometimes simple paratha with pure ghee, curd and chutneys. Don’t worry they have continental options as well, like butter toast, pancakes and shakes etc. The lunch and dinner has simple and authentic Himachali cuisines like rajma, dal, rice, a vegetable called “kasrod” (a vegetable which grows only in mountain top), ‘saag’, “makki ki roti” (wheat bread) etc. Don’t forget everything is straight from their own farms.

‘Mystic village’ is tucked on mountain top where you reach after a hike of 2 km’s and walking is your only transportation option to reach the village—but you’ll be rewarded with deodar trees on the way, lush valleys, and fresh breeze. Well, spending few days in mysticism of nature on a mountain top where you have 360 degree view of Chamba is like living a dream and an experience in itself.
Since, the region is so isolated, you won’t be able to find much of phone signal or TV towers or internet. No bother though, you’ll be too busy hiking the mossy hills and taking in gorgeous views of the village. Instead of checking your messages, spot many species of birds living on the mountain top or go for a guided village walk. During 1-2 hour of village walk, you experience the local culture, tradition, dresses and language of the locals. The villagers still wear their traditional “Gaddi attires”, which is somewhere lost in towns and cities of Himachal Pradesh and speak the “Gaddi” dialect.
You can even interact with warm and humble villagers, visit the local school of the community which is only school in the area, volunteer and teach the students, share your different experiences with them etc.
Hence, while living few days at ‘Mystic village’ you will definitely not miss your digital life. Start your day with a beautiful sunrise and accompany one of the villagers to a hike for cattle grazing, help in milking the cows, indulge in farming activities or just slow down a bit and just experience the typical village scene you once dreamt of. And how enchanting it would be, to end your day with a beautiful sunset from a mountain top while the strong breeze kissing your face?
Hence, through our community stay we are trying to make a change by providing an experience to both the villagers and you as our guest. Through, the NotOnMap’s community stay we are trying to provide economy to the villagers and converting the skill migration to improve the condition of the village.

Well, one of the best ways to get to know a place is to encounter it on foot. Set out on a nature walk, ‘Mystic village’ requires an average hike of 2 km’s which can be covered easily in 30 minutes. To reach, ‘Mystic village’, first you need to arrive Khajjiar which is at a distance of 23 km’s from Chamba. From Khajjiar, take a road to village “Rota”. From village “Rota”, you need to take a 2 km trek to ‘Mystic village’ where you are rewarded with beautiful deodar trees and birds on the way. As it is one of remote destinations of India, therefore, GPS won’t be of any help in finding the village. Once you reach Khajjiar, NotonMap helps you to reach the best Homestay of Khajjiar.

A community village, which is completely taken care by villagers themselves. Among all of them Mr.Shankar, Mr.Anoop and Mr.Suresh brings out the best out of the best.Shankar Sharma, a graduate who lives with his family of three kids and his wife along with his mother. He knows how it feels when someone lives away from their family, hence, he joined his hands with NotOnMap. Now he doesn't need to go away from his family for bread and butter for his family.

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