H2O House

H2O House

Near Chamba

Live to rhythmic sound of water in a 100 years old nature stay.
Starts from Rs 2500/ Night

‘H2O House’ is a very old well maintained ancestral property that is over a hundred years old. It's situated in Chamba, a valley between beautiful green mountains, a rushing stream runs around and under it giving it its name. H20 house is perfect to experience a stay with Indian rural family.
Ages ago this place used to be the prime hub for villagers, who used to come here to get their ‘wheat’. We call them ‘Gharat’ (grinding mill) they used the stream water to turn the mill that made wheat flour. This makes H2O house a place that holds special significance to the entire surrounding community.
The place is a bit secluded and is located in a very quiet and extremely scenic location away from the noise of any crowded town nearby.
The setting is natural, pristine, absolutely beautiful and tranquil. H20 House is perfect mixture of homestay & rural stay in India.
Maintained neat and clean with a view of the alpine jungle. You can sit and listen to the sounds of nature; gurgling water and chirping birds for 24x7. Live the LIFE of a local village. It is an ideal place to write a book or transform your imagination into paintings.

As the name suggests, the rooms are built over water and throughout the day you will be soothed with the pleasant sound of rushing water. The sound of water cleanses your soul and calms your mind in a way that will make you cherish your stay at ‘H20 House’ forever..
We have 5 rustic huts at H20 house, each designed beautifully for both comfort and luxury. H20 house is one of the finest homestays in India.
We haven't used any direct light that strains the eyes, instead all light is indirect. We have various sitting areas amidst the woods; from working with your laptop or just reading that long awaited book, our open spaces are perfect for you. We have 2 nice sitting rooms where you can practice meditation, yoga, or eat meals, or simply sit with a book or a kindle and just laze around.
We at NotOnMap believe in preserving culture and in putting our best efforts into conserving nature. Aligning with this thought, we have used locally sourced natural raw materials to make this place from ground up. H20 house is perfect example of Village Stay in India. From the furniture to the wall colours, everything is natural. For example, the chairs, tables, as well as crockery are wooden; we tried to use local discarded wood from the jungle to make them. We haven’t used any plastic toxic paints or cement; only pure mud filling has been used to make ‘H20 House’. Just outside the kitchen is a small dining area where you can sit and watch fields, the village lifestyle and have a cup of tea while enjoying the most amazing himalayan sunsets.You can take the chairs or a hammock to sit near the river if you wish to.

Our food is satvik, means we use the least possible amount of onion & garlic. We serve pure authentic Indian food. Our food is traded first with the gods and then served to the guests. We try using local wheat, dal and organic vegetables for cooking. Even mushrooms and cheese are locally cultivated within the community.
For breakfast we serve various type of traditional food like ‘Channa puri’, ‘Babru’ (Bread with yeast), ‘Khada Prantha’ (Stuffed bread). We serve pure buffalo milk as a complement to your morning breakfast.
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For dinner we serve all types of himachali veg/non veg cuisines. In veg, we serve ‘pure black dal’; ‘madra Kidney beans’(the best); ‘mountain herbal curry’; probiotic curd, various types of mix vegetables served with natural wood fire roti. In Non veg we serve the best mountain chicken; mountain goat; mountain lamb; local (googlie) fish served with stew and cord/wheat bread.
If you wish we can serve you a live dinner near the river where we set up a barbecue and a bonfire with a candlelit romantic setting.
To understand the cultural of this quiet little village you should try their local food. Once you are there at H20, you can discuss the food menu with our chef and Voila! All your food needs will be taken care of. Or you can have a word with us before your arrival at H20 house.

Village Walk

Fishing Trip

Small hikes

Heritage Walk

Community Programme

We take you for village walk, where we interact with the villagers, you can learn about their way of farming, their religion, culture and their livelihood. We take you to the local temple which is almost 80 years old and famous among the local devotees. If you want you can have breakfast with the local villagers in homestay community style where they serve healthy organic (desi)drizzled with ghee and wild honey.
We arrange special heritage walks, where we take a stroll around the city of Chamba with it’s 1000 years of history around every corner.
In the afternoon, we take you on a fishing trip. Don’t worry even if you don’t know angling you can just enjoy the show. We can arrange lunch right across the river, and guess the menu? The fish you just caught by the river.
Nights are reserved for romantic candlelit dinners either in our meditation hall or by the riverside.
If you love meditation then we have special arrangements for you in nearby ashram governed by the famous ’Shri Shri Ravi Shankar’ (Art of living).
And for adventure freaks we can arrange various sorts of treks and other safaris. Camping on a nearby mountain top or jeep safari to the world's most dangerous road ‘Sach Pass’, we can make everything happen! Get in touch with us and we will plan your unforgettable trip to H20 House.
‘H2O House’ is one of our prime NotOnMap boutique homestays that means we cater the best of possible experiences to our guests.

H20 house is one of the best holiday destination near Delhi.
Chamba is located at a distance of around 600 km from Delhi. Situated at an altitude of 996 metres above sea level, the town is where rivers Ravi and Sal meet. Chamba is well connected to Delhi by road.However, the best way to reach Chamba from Delhi is by train to Pathankot, the journey takes close to 10 hours.There are various trains that connect Pathankot to Delhi but the best option is the Jammu Mail, which runs daily between the two destinations.
The train leaves from Delhi at 8.20 PM and reaches Pathankot by 6.50 AM in the morning. Pathankot is close to 120 km from Chamba, which will take about 3.5 hours to travel. Tourists can hire a cab that will usually cost close to INR 12-13 per km.
If coming from Dharamshala one can come via road which takes around 5 hours by car or you can opt for buses plying regularly from Gaggal.

A state of the art, a place which is taken care by Mr.Vikas Sharma. He is an art lover himself. Believes in cultural exchange, tries to learn different cultures but amidst all this he is full of himachali culture. One can easily see him humming some beautiful Himachali songs.
He with his team of cooks who belong to Himachal itself are doing some amazing work, by providing so beautiful experience to people who love peace, nature and sound of running water.
Everyone living together like a family and being with each other in all ups and downs of life. They present you some amazing hospitality.

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