Into the Wild

Into the Wild

Near Jot

The climb is tough but the view from the top is worth it
Starts from ₹4200/ Day

Nestled in the second densest forest of Himachal Pradesh, ‘Into the Wild’ is that Homestay in Chamba that eludes most, but captures the imagination and the hearts of all who journey here. ‘Into the Wild’ is located in kainth valley, where you reach after an off-road yet worth it hike of 3 km. This is Chamba, and at the heart of this gorgeous and untamed region is ‘Into the Wild’, the best and unexplored Homestay of Himachal Pradesh.
‘Into the Wild’ is a magnificent base for hiking, trekking, nature walk through the dramatic dense forest of Jot, but it also serves as the prime podium from which to view them.

The high snow clad Pir Panjal ranges from a magnificent backdrop to the hills of Chamba district. Dense pine and deodar forests, numerous streams, cool healthy air, attractive surroundings, serene silence are few out of many things you can expect at ‘Into the Wild’.
Perched on the top of hill, the cottage traditional construction reflect the character of the region, while the simple interiors provide a soothing sanctuary after a day of adventuring.
To reach this Homestay of Notonmap you need to trek a 3 km hike which takes around an hour to reach the property. ‘into the Wild’ is the only cottage located in the lush green forest of Kainth valley, pinewood embraces and reflects its surroundings, with contemporary, clean lines and a natural design that incorporates natural elements.
The property has two cottages with tent accommodation nearby. One out of the two cottages is large with 4 double beds which can easily accommodate a group of -8 people. The small cottage is provided with only one double bed which can easily accommodate a couple. Both cottages have an attached washroom and kitchen. Next to the cottages are their tents perfect for camping. The forest beauty will be bet savored by spending your nights in the camps. Their trout fish farm is also a major attraction of the place.
The property is situated at a height of 7200 ft height and is surrounded by lush forests with deodar and pine trees. Near the property is a freshwater stream where you can dive in the sublimity.
While spending few days at ‘Into the Wild’ you definitely not miss your phone services and would get enchanted by the rich biodiversity of the place.

The food they serve at ‘Into the Wild’ is purely organic food with richness of Himachali culture. The food is simple yet authentic. At ‘Into the Wild’ you will be served local and organic food, with most of the raw material coming from their forest farm. Breakfast comprises of simple home cooked food like paratha, aloo sabzi, bread omelet. In the lunch and dinner, they have simple dal, rice or fresh corn bread that is made from corn with local vegetable called “Saag” freshly plucked from their farm. They also prepare different types of fish dishes which are directly from their fish farm. They also prepare, special “Himachali Dham” sometimes if a big group of guests gather. The local herbs present in the jungle are of great medicinal qualities which are abundantly present in this valley.

One of the best ways to get to know a place is to encounter it on foot. Trekking for 3 km’s to reach ‘into the Wild’ is an experience in itself. On the way you’ll encounter dense pine and deodar forests, numerous streams, cool healthy air, attractive surroundings and the nearby snowline.
The Homestay nestled in the dense pine forest retreat offers the best of all worlds, with abundant opportunities to explore diverse ecosystems of the jungle, as well as easy access to the rich biodiversity making it one of the unexplored Homestays of Himachal Pradesh. The Trek offers panoramic views of lush green forests all round and distant views of Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges of mighty Himalayas.
Guests can set out from the Homestay and explore this untouched area much like the locals have for hundreds of years, accessing mountains and gorges via stone mule paths and streams, and discovering villages that remain mostly unchanged from their trading-post heyday. The surrounding landscapes, including valley crossing provide an ideal setting for ecotourism activities. The streams here are reputed to be among the cleanest in all of Chamba, and nearby forested mountains shelter some of the most rugged spots in the area.
The nearby attractions include Beautiful old Historical temple of Devi Mata Jawala Mukhi which is just at the distance of 1Km from the property. The cottage is situated nearby village Badai, wherein the guest can have an introduction with local Gaddi tribal people of the valley and can experience their agriculture procedure. And if you are adventurous soul, then valley crossing is your type of activity. The valley crossing trek takes you halfway to Chamba which takes almost a full day. And how enchanting it would be to end your day by sitting under a clear pollution free sky with a campfire adding warmth to the cold temperature.
Hence, spending some days at the top of the hill with extraordinary views of forest you will be poised by its solace beauty.

‘Into the Wild’ falls in a village called Marino which is 13 km from Malunda, at jot pass, tehsil Bhattiyat, Chamba. If you are coming from Delhi, then you need to arrive to Pathankot. From Pathankot take a bus or drive to Nurpur. From Nurpur reach Chowadi which is at a distance of 30 Km. From Chowadi you will reach to Malunda by travelling 13 km. And to reach the Homestay, you need to trek 3 km from Malunda, as no vehicle reaches the property.

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