Apple Farm Stay

Apple Farm Stay

Near Shimla

Into the field you go to lose your mind and find your soul
Starts from Rs 3500/ Night

A 100-year-old restored heritage bungalow situated at 6500 feet above sea level and nestled on the edge of the serene Himalayas and orchards of Kothkai known best for its apples and undulating landscape. The Apple Farm Stay is enfolded by lush mountains playing hide and seek with the clouds and with fresh water streams sparkling in the sunlight and flowing down the mountain slopes and around the apple orchards at the farm. Just 60 km drive up the hills from Shimla this is the perfect place to come experience the old world charm of Himachali architecture which isa tribute to the stately home furnishings of a bygone era from the heart of Himachal Pradesh. So come and be a part of a holiday that engages all your senses in the lap of nature as you express your gratitude towards the beauty of nature and mankind. Since its always better to see something once than to hear about it a hundred times.

The structure of The Apple Farm Stay was built in 1920 by the honchos great grand father late Shri Thakur BalaNandwho at that time was the wazir of Ranvirgarh state in Himachal. The present resident of the house MrDigvijayJhina is a gentleman with respectable taste that is reflective duly in all the aesthetic and snug corners of the house. He has beenextremely particular about keeping alive the age old traditions and culture left to him by his ancestors. Which he is following till date by the admirable amalgamation of the olden, golden and the modern elements you can find in his farm stay,a place which is quiteexquisite in its very nature. But that’s not all to this place. The farm stay helps you with a first hand experience and a to connect with this pristine land, the culture, its people and its delectably simple cuisine in a serene environment in an otherwise crowded valley around Shimla with endless mainstream hotel accommodations. The place also has a drive thru access with a secured parking area.

Just how the mountains around the Apple Farm Stay are sure to satisfy your wanderlust soul, the same way the food served here is for sure going to satisfy those taste buds of yours. Serving mostly North Indian dishes with Local Mutton and Himachali delicacies made by your hosts themselves on special request, the food here will hand down be the best homemade organic meals you will get in the region. With most of the vegetables being sourced from the local region or grown in the neighboring farms the fresh and healthy ingredients will surely make you move to the mountains and live a simple, healthy & beautiful lifestyle. How can we talk about food at the Apple Farm Stay and not mention that during season time you can always go plucking walnuts or some of the juiciest and freshest fruit produce like apples, plums, peaches for your breakfast porridge or for a sweet & healthy after meal snack that grows all around the 14 acres of farm land that belongs to the host family at the Apple Farm Stay.

This farm stay is all about doing away with theconventionaltraveling. The Apple Farm Stay is devoted to offer their guests with an environment to have an open and embracing encounter with the paharilife in the villagewhile also getting ample time to unwind being surrounded by those lush green Apple orchards. So live likealocal for a change and experience village life in Himachal, like it should be. Not as a guest, but as a local. You can engage yourself with a host of activities at the farm to get a first hand taste of what it takes to be a true 'KHAADU'. This place offers something comforting and engaging for everyone. From local sightings, nature walks, bonfire,snow drive expedition (in winters) to living the rustic village life as you feedand milk the farm animals or watch the gaddis herd their goats in the neighborhood pasture land or get closer to nature and help the locals with planting and harvesting crop. When all this is done satisfying your soul you can then simply relax and camp under the clear night sky. If some me time is what you are craving for during your stay then we have the perfect spots for you in our delicately carved porch area and plenty space in the garden as well for you to snuggle in and get some sun and afterthoughts with your cup of coffee and a book or with your favourite playlist. Despite all these the best part about the Apple Farm Stay definitely has to be its host who love welcomingtheir guests into their family home with its legacy and history unfolding at every nook and corner which can be a really enriching experience as you get to be a part of their legacy. Being hosts of this lovely homestay allows them to meet people from all around, sharing stories and departing with great memories. So come join this family as they share not just their home but also their history, culture and stories to tell dating as back as 1920s. Their goal being able to make your visit with them as personal and memorable as possible with their love and warm hospitality.

The homestay can be reached through either via Shimla or via Rajgarh route. Via Shimla the place is 60 km away where as the route via Rajgarh is accessible all throughout the year even during extreme winters in Himachal. It is best suggested that on booking you get in touch with us and we can then guide you with the best option to reach us at that time of the year.

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