Rann Manzil

Rann Manzil

The wide-open courtyard bathes in the light of dusk and dawn, alike as the sky is interrupted in this beautiful, serene Homestay scattered with Babul trees.
Starts from Rs 2000/ Night

Away from the town, in the remote village of Bhirandiyara, tucked away from the road like a well-kept secret, is Rann Manzil. The wide-open courtyard bathes in the light of dusk and dawn, alike as the sky is interrupted in this beautiful, serene Homestay scattered with Babul trees. Everyone in the Uga Family is adept in traditional mud work, ethnic Kutchi embroidery, and leatherwork - and the beautification of this authentic Kutchi Homestay is some entirely by them. Rann Manzil is always echoing with the sweet giggles of children and the women, and there’s never a dearth of stars to see in the night, or calmness to connect with oneself: all with a family that slowly starts feeling like your own.

The Homestay is the first house in a very small hamlet in the village of Bhirandiyara, and thus, has an uninterrupted view of the sky, and the vast fields nearby. The courtyard is scattered with trees.
The entire place is organically made with mud and gobar, as traditional architecture in Kutch goes. The roof of the dining area was hand-stitched by the host and his young sons within 2 hours!
The two Bhungas that accommodate the guests. are circular mud houses with a conical thatched roof that creates the illusion of vastness. The circular shape of the house helps nullify the lateral forces of an earthquake, ensuring the house doesn’t collapse. The mud walls are thick so the room remains well insulated throughout the year: retaining warmth throughout winter and coolness in the summer.
The rooms both come with attached bathrooms, one with an Indian toilet and one with a western toilet. There’s no shower facility. Hot water is provided.
The rooms have both retained their cultural interior with utensils arranged around the ceiling, doubling as decor, with traditional mud or wall painting, pictures on the wall and blankets in a “peti” like in any other kutchi home.

The guests are welcome to eat with the family in the common dining area. The homestay offers authentic “Ghar ka khana” (home food) that’s has a Kutchi and Marwari influence and leans towards spicy. Guests with a low spice tolerance can notify the family in advance and they’ll be happy to prepare the food to your taste.
Break your fast with poha, Khari bhaat or bread, butter with a cup of tea or coffee.
Lunch comprises of dal, rice, roti, 2 Sabzis, homemade chutney, and the refreshing Chaas, with options of Sheera, kheer or suji ka halwa for dessert.
Dinner will have the additional bajre ka rotla, to the lunch menu.
Gud and ghee are always served for dessert and one can’t get tired of this option!

The Uga family is a joint one and full of talented people across 3 generations!
There’s a handicraft workshop on the premise, where guests can not only buy souvenirs, handmade quilts, bedsheets, clothes, purses and such but also learn how to make them.
Arjun Uga’s brother is a local singer who’s traveled across the world! The family will happily arrange for a tabla, flute and singing show for the guests.
A super fun experience is letting the women of the house dress you up in their pretty, traditional Bharat dress and share a dance of Garba with them.
Antakshari under the stars is a highly underrated experience here!
Let the kids read or English books, teach them something as you learn their local games with them!
Apart from this, the White Rann of Kutch is close to the Homestay and a must-visit. Kala Dungar, locally known as India Gate, is a vantage point for the Indo-Pak border.

By train: The nearest railway station is Bhuj, from where you can take chakra to the bus station. The 2 hours long bus journey to 'Khavda' is the cheapest option, with less than Rs.100 for the fare. The frequency is at 3-4 buses a day, for Khavda, and hourly for a Bhirandiyara, where the homestay is located. Another option is a direct bus to Hodka village (which you'll have to pre-book), but the frequency of these buses only increases with the peak of the Rann Utsav. You can request the host for a pickup from either of these village bus stops. The easiest, most hassle-free way to get here is by hiring a chakra or a car, which will drop you at the stay, for a price of Rs.2000-Rs.3500, subjective to the vehicle and the season.
By air: The nearest airport to the village stay is Bhuj. From here you could take an auto or a chakra to the stay or follow the instructions as mentioned above.

The easy-going, ever-smiling Arjun Uga and his cheerful family is your host at Rann Manzil. He’s an artisan whose expertise in mud-work has taken him to places across India. Every member of the family has one talent or the other and is keeping the local tradition of leatherwork, kutchi mud work and embroidery alive. He has two handicraft workshops in the area, with a range of beautiful products you’d love to splurge on. The Uga family is sweet, kind and eager to serve to ensure the guests have a great experience, all with an unwavering smile on their faces!

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