Hodka Rann Stay

Hodka Rann Stay

The village stay begins at the dining area that gets lit up most stunningly, right as the clock inches towards sunset
Starts from Rs 2000/ Night

In the middle of nowhere, with only the host's family house in the visual vicinity, lies Hodka Rann Stay with its thoughtful, expert design. The village stay begins at the dining area that gets lit up most stunningly, right as the clock inches towards sunset; stretches into a large circular outdoor area with the traditional bhungas placed around it like beads on a necklace. It's a brilliant inclusion of eons-old traditions that are architecturally, visually, and healthily beneficial. The stay is the creation of a Designer who, after years of working in metropolitan cities, missed the open sky and the tranquil life so much, that he decided to come back and make a place that offers serenity to those looking for it.

The host being a designer has put in a lot of thought behind every detail in the place. Particularly beautiful is the dining area with unique chairs are each table, with traditional, village inspired seats made of made and gobar, and covered with hand-stitched local sheets that add the most beautiful colors to the whole palette. This area looks especially stunning when the setting sun's rays hit it and bounce off the tables, painting the entire place in a warm hue.
The guests will be staying in traditional bhungas, that are circular mud houses with a conical thatched roof, designed in a way that the lateral forces of a potential earthquake are nullified, thereby securing the house. The thick walls of mud also provide brilliant insulation to the house, thereby keeping it warm during cold Kutch nights and cool during the warm daytime. There's no lack of amenities in this traditional house though. The attached bathrooms are western style with provision for a shower and hot water. There are charging plug points next to the bed. As the village gets very cold during the season, there are no air conditioners in the rooms. The lovely seating next to the window and again, right next to the door, on the porch, looks out onto the inner courtyard – do not forget to catch the sunset from here!

The local villagers are the kitchen staff, who prepare all the delightful local food for you. Breakfast is served between 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM in a buffet, with the options of paratha, thepla, upma, poha, khari khichdi, pakode, puri saag, with beverages and locally sourced fruits. Lunch consists of 2 or 3 sabzis, roti, dal, chawal, papad, local pickles with sweets like toprapak, kheer, gajar ka halwa or sheera in the form of a Gujarati thali. Dinner is a Kutchi thali with the healthier option of bajre ka rotla, and kadi, khichdi.

The stay has a lovely, large open space which makes for an amazing stargazing spot, especially around a bonfire. It has been designed so that the guests, especially the ones arriving from cities, get to reconnect with nature while they're here. The ground also doubles as a stage for cultural programs of local music and Garba that can be arranged for at a nominal cost for the artists' time and efforts. A visit to nearby villages to interact with the local artisans, watch them toil at their embroidery or leather making is a culturally enriching experience. A local craft practice demonstration can be arranged.
For anyone wanting to travel a distance, Kala Dungar is a must-visit to overlook the Indo-Pakistan border from this locally named 'India Gate'.
Chari Dhand, the wetland, is a breeding spot for over 330 species of birds and thus a birder's paradise!

By train: The nearest railway station is Bhuj, from where you can take chakra to the bus station. The 2 hours long bus journey to 'Khavda' is the cheapest option, with less than Rs.100 for the fare. The frequency is at 3-4 buses a day, for Khavda, and hourly for a nearby village called Bhirandiyara. Another option is a direct bus to Hodka village (which you'll have to pre-book), but the frequency of these buses only increases with the peak of the Rann Utsav. You can request the host for a pickup from either of these village bus stops. The easiest, most hassle-free way to get here is by hiring a chakra or a car, which will drop you at the stay, for a price of Rs.2000-Rs.3500, subjective to the vehicle and the season.
By air: The nearest airport to the village stay is Bhuj. From here you could take an auto or a chakra to the stay or follow the instructions as mentioned above.

The host, Mr. BhimjiKhoyla, is a well-educated man who hails from a family of leatherwork artisans and thus got his degree in Designing in Textile from the Indian Institute of Craft and Designing, Jaipur. Post this he spent two years working in Delhi and Pune, as a designer. He never quite liked the hectic city life and recalls missing most of the sunrises and sunsets during his time there. He along with his brothers utilized this infertile family land by turning it into a village stay and he likes to say he decided to come back to the village for his love for sunsets and sunrises. He adores spending time with his family, amidst nature and appreciates his peaceful life here.

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