Desert Coursers

Desert Coursers

Dharani village is a pleasant, comfortable stay with the additional benefit of an amiable, professional and high-spirited host.
Starts from Rs 2000/ Night

Dharani village is a pleasant, comfortable stay with the additional benefit of an amiable, professional and high-spirited host. The property has 5 bhungas, all looked after personally by the host Dhanraj Marvada, ensuring the guests get the best of services. TheseBhungas are traditional kutchi houses build in a circular manner, with gobar and mud, topped with a conical thatched roof. This brilliant design; the oldest type of housing found in Kutch, was in response to its ability to nullify the lateral forces of the earthquake and prevent the house from collapsing. The conical roof gives the guests a feeling of immensity. The village stay enjoys a vast open space right at the doorstep and makes for a perfect spot for a leisurely stroll. The stay employees people from the nearby village of Hodka and provides them a more dignified, fulfilling livelihood.

With an experience of almost 8 years in hospitality, Dhanrajbhai has designed the homestay with utmost attention to comfort. The bathrooms are western style, with a shower and hot water made available through boilers. Just notify the staff and hot water will be at your doorstep in 10 minutes. All the bhungas have double beds are made with organic mud and gobar, in kutchi style, again! As Kutch gets extremely cold, touching single degree temperatures during winter, there is a fan in the room but no air conditioners. The rooms also come with a dedicated place for seating right next to the window so one can get glimpses of the outdoors.

The resort offers a gujarati thali for lunch, comprising of savoury (not sweet) dal, bhaat, 2 sabzis, roti, a sweet and a savoury achar, gud with ghee and another sweet dish. For dinner, we have a kutchi thali with kadi, khichidi, bajre ka rotla, sabzi, locally sourced traditional achar (pickle), papad, with gud and ghee and with either kheer (a dessert made with delicious condensed milk), gajar ka halwa, (grated, sweetened carrot dessert), sheera(sweetened, mildly roasted semolina), or Jalebis. The food is mindfully cooked with minimum oil and the dal is savoury, almost spicy, like the north Indian dal, as the staff recognises that the sweet gujarati dal may not suit everyone’s preferences. The breakfast buffet lasts for two hours, between 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM, and offers a range of dishes like: paratha, thepla, upma, poha, khari khichdi, pakode, purisaag, some fruits with beverages like tea and coffee.
Non vegetarian food could be made available if no other strictly vegetarian travellers are currently staying at the property.

Strike up a deal with the host, who will gladly assemble a group of local artists for you to enjoy a cultural program of garba(local dance) and music, at a nominal cost. You can also optimise your stay by actually talking a village tour where you can witness local artisans toiling away happily, embroidering, making leather artefacts or accessories, practising their local, ethnic craft that they’ve sustained through generations – and which has sustained them through generations, at a nominal cost for the time, effort and hard earned expertise of the local community. The village stay also boasts of a vast open area in the front yard where one can meander for hours, or sit down after a tiring day of travel and soothingly gaze at the stars which will be aplenty in this village sky.
The host also suggests going to Chari Dan, which is home to a range of migrant birds. Or get a peek at Pakistan from bordering Kala Dungar which is often referred to as ‘India Gate’ in Kutch.

By train: The nearest railway station is Bhuj, from where you can take a chakra to the bus station. The 2 hours long bus journey to ‘Khavda’ is the cheapest option, with less than Rs.100 for the fare. The frequency is at 3-4 buses a day, for Khavda, and hourly for a nearby village called Bhirandiyara. Another option is a direct bus to Hodka village (which you’ll have to pre-book), but the frequency of these buses only increases with the peak of the Rann Utsav.From the Bhirandiyara check post to the stay, one can easily find Bolero campers that run on a sharing basis at the price of Rs.70-100 per seat.
You can also request the host for a pickup from either of these village bus stops.
The easiest, most hassle free way to get here is by hiring a chakra or a car, which will drop you at the stay, for a price of Rs.2000-Rs.3500, subjective to the vehicle and the season.
By air: The nearest airport to the village stay is Bhuj. From here you could take an auto or a chakra to the stay or follow the instructions as mentioned above.

It’ll take a mere minute of conversation with the host Dhanraj Marvada to mirror his undying spirit. He’s a young man of 24, who started Dharani Village stay on his own after years of experience in managing his uncle’s resort. It’s a one man show at Dharani Village stay as Dhanrajbhai manages every nitty-gritty job, be it keeping a tab on booking, the cooking, checking guests in and taking them on tours. He is a jovial, highly energetic person who loves his job to the core; says he gets restless and bored when there are no tourists as he loves interacting with people, serving them, making sure they have a great time.

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