Chintan Homestay

Chintan Homestay

The 'ChintanFarmstay' is a complete experience of rejuvenating your physical and mental being. The concept revolves around creating an ancient organic village which is self-sustained and fuelled with all practices leading to a happy and healthy life.
Starts from Rs 2000/ Night

The 'ChintanFarmstay' is a complete experience of rejuvenating your physical and mental being. The concept revolves around creating an ancient organic village which is self-sustained and fuelled with all practices leading to a happy and healthy life. To lead a life of harmony, the activities and practices have been divided into those purifying the body and the mind. 'Heartfulness meditation' and 'JeevanVidyaMadhyasthDarshanShibir' are some initiatives to spread global harmony, and resonate the values we have. The physical being is detoxified and rejuvenated with the use of organic cow made products. The farm also produces organic fertilisers, and natural medicines. The whole community functions like a large family where these activities are supported by a small group of carpenters, blacksmiths and potters. The campus also houses manufacturing of 'Vedic Plaster' and has a natural mini oil mill. There is a soil and water testing lab, and is available for those interested in the procedure. In order to preserve this ancient practice, cow-based natural farming training is also conducted for three days, 12th to 14th of every month. Anybody interested can also join any practical learning training, with the food and stay free of cost.
The accommodation facility in the stay is in the form of 2 bhungas (traditional huts) housing 2-3 people each. Each room is attached to a seperate washroom. The dining area is common, where organic food is served. The 'ChintanFarmstay' has a motto of 'live and let live' and all the activities and the stay experience aims at helping you to lead a peaceful life, with a larger goal of global harmony.

Kutch, owing to its climatic and seismic conditions, has circular shaped homes, with a sloping roofs. These are called 'bhungas'. And the farmstay welcomes you for an authentic stay experience in one of these. Your getaway from the cemented city houses will be well served in these humble abodes built in eco-friendly, locally-procured materials. They are free of cement, built in limestone and plastered in cow-dung. Cow-dung is anti-radiation, anti-bacterial, keeps surroundings dry and is a good human body energy enhancer. The plaster applied on the outside is silica sand and has a property of becoming cool after sunset, keeping the room temperatures maintained. What adorns the earthy walls with a spunk of colour and shine is the mud and mirror work done by the locals. This is a heritage giving identity to the area, and is an art taught in the 'Mother Institute', as a local jokes implying that it is a craft taught by the mother to her daughter.
The place is sure to intrigue you, as the beds are also built of mud and cow-dung, for you to benefit from the innumerable advantages of cow-dung. It can accommodate two people, but an extra mattress can be provided, if necessary. There is also an attached bathroom where we urge you to try the soap made out of 'multanimitti'. The design and interiors of the thebhungas is traditional, but complying with all the modern needs. Each little feature here has been thought through a lens of sustainability and with an intention to purify your senses.

Needless to say everything that you will be eating here would be organic. Starting from the morning tea, which is prepared from the cow's natural breed, to the dinner which is made by hand-plucked vegetables from the farms. The wheat is also grown here, and your rotis slapped with homemade ghee are sure to keep asking for another one! The breakfast is usually something light, like poha along with tea. The meals are simple, resembling that of any Kutchi family meal. They are always accompanied by buttermilk and jaggery. On special occasions, desserts like 'lapsisheera' and 'kheer' is prepared. The food is so wholesome and delicious, you are sure to put on some extra kgs as you head back to your hometown!

The most sustainable model for a healthy life is when organic farming, pure breed cow products, and good human values intersect', says Shailendraji, who has been a crucial part of building the farmstay, and it's value-system. And indeed, a purity like that is experienced only when you live it. The 'ChintanFarmstay' has been a harbinger of organic lifestyle since years. Apart from it's natural practices, it has a vibe of calmness and unaltered ethics. The experience begins as you leave the hustle of Bhuj town towards the quieter village of Kukma - and into the farmstay to reside in the traditional Kutchi circular houses, called 'bhungas'. After soaking in the authenticity in the interiors of your room, head out to witness the Indian Local cow based organic farm. In the Hindu religion, cow is referred to as the mother - and just how a mother takes care of us, all the products of the cow are beneficial for our well-being. These 'panchgavya' products are made from the five cow products - milk, curd, ghee, cow-dung and cow-urine. Collectively, they have the capacity to detoxify your entire system. There are various panchagavya cosmetics available for sale as well. After taking a stroll through the organic vegetable farm, and being greeted by about a three hundred local cows, indulge in some natural retail therapy. The shop owners will be enthusiastic to tell you all about the product's merits to your well-being. Some other unconventional experiences you can find inside the campus is their multanimitti soap making process, and witnessing the cow-urine distillation process. The farm houses workshops for pottery, metal-work, cow-dung product making etc. All the workers and volunteers are prechers of a healthy lifestyle, and would encourage you to understand the processes of the products they are making. After spending a relaxed day in the lap of nature at the farmstay, do visit places like Ajrakhpur, Bhujodi and Bhuj which are in near vicinity. Ajrakhpur is a heaven for all those who have a weakness for natural block-printed cloth.Fancy the FabIndia fabric and print ? Ajrakhpur is your personal window to unimaginably large options in colours and patterns of block - printed cloth.If requested, you can also get a tour of the entire process of the cloth - making.Bhujodi is a village about 7 kms from here, which is a destination for the embroided cloth.Many families also practice the old method of weaving of shawls in their homes, using elaborate traditional machinery.The families will win your hearts with their skill as well as their humility as they welcome you in, and tell you all about the craft. Other notable place to visit is LLDC.It is a museum dedicated to the preservation and awareness of different tribes on Kutch, and their embroided work. The museum also houses a cafe, and a souvenir shop, all built in a monumental architectural style, giving its traditional contents a contemporary twist. Khamir and Srujan are some other organisations working in a similar field of craft preservation, both of which have it's processes on display, along with an authentic souvenir shop. Last but not the least, the rustic city of Bhuj is half an hour ride from the farmstay. With a heavy influence of ancient Kutchi architectural features, the aura is now of a bustling town. Whilst here, visit the AinaMahal, the old step-well and take a walk in the old market in the heart of the town. This market is famous for silver jewelry. Return at the end of the day to the serenity of the farmstay and absorb the beauty of Kutch with a wholesome organic dinner before you retire for the night - ready for some more exciting ventures in Kutch.

By Air :
The closest airport to the Chintan Farm stay is ‘Bhuj Airport’. From the airport, you could either hire a direct car/rickshaw to Kukma Village Bus Stop, from where the stay is a few hundred meters. Otherwise you could take a shared rickshaw or ‘chakda’, as it’s locally called, to reach ‘JublieeChowk’ in Bhuj from where you would get shared ‘chakdas’ going to Kukma village. Get down at the bus-stop and walk towards ‘Shree Ram Krushna Trust’, which is a 500 meter walk from the stop.
By Railway :
The closest railway station is ‘Bhuj’ station, and the accessibility to the homestay is the same as mentioned above.
By Road:
The state highways are well connected to the city of Bhuj, from Gandhidham, Mandvi, Ahmedabad. To reach Kukma, take the road from Bhuj, and follow the route as mentioned above.

ManojSolanki is a visionary man who is the founder and manager of the farmstay. Assisted by his elder brother, he started the farmstay after realising the utmost importance of living with all the elements of nature. To pursue the same, he, along with his father and brother bought this farm and started organic farming at a smaller scale. They expanded by adopting a few cows on the farm, and there has been no looking back from that. As the farm expanded, he decided to convert it as a learning unit, so the practice could flourish. He believes in sustainability in it's most encompassing sense, and educating and creating awareness was a part of it. As a personality, he is very knowledgeable and humble,and radiates positivity. Do strike a conversation with him if possible, and he is sure to leave an impression!

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